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Reggie Ball puts it up! He’s got CJ deep! Touchdown!

Oops. Maybe in an alternate universe.

Meanwhile, back at reality…

(photo courtesy CNNSI)

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What they said (about playoffs).

Kyle King weighs in eloquently on the subject of playoffs for D-1 football.

IAR is more succinct on the topic, but no less compelling.

To me, this is a classic “better the Devil you know” situation.

For those of you who want college football to be more like the NFL, why?


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Well, this is going to play hell with Notre Dame’s schedule.

It’s not like Weis hasn’t already set his priorities. Of course, the Irish have that open date the weekend of October 27… if he can’t get the trial date rescheduled for that time, maybe he can get one of ND’s opponents to reschedule.

Charlie Weis ponders mortality… or maybe just how the Zooker outrecruited Tom Lemming to obtain Arrelious Benn’s LOI.

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At least they didn’t mention speed.

From today’s College Football News comes a piece rating the conferences for the upcoming season:

6. ACC - Call this a prove-it year for the ACC after a disastrous 2006. Miami and Florida State still aren’t quite up to past snuff making the league look a little more down than it actually is. Georgia Tech, Boston College, Clemson, Maryland, and yes, Wake Forest, are going to be fantastic, while Virginia Tech should be good enough to be in the mix for the national title. If Virginia and North Carolina can improve, the league will move up the overall conference rankings. So why is the league sixth? The others got better, too.
The best team should be … Virginia Tech
5. Big Ten - After one of the league’s worst years in a long, long time, with Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, and a bunch of garbage, things should bounce back. Wisconsin is loaded with one of its best teams since the Rose Bowl years, Michigan’s offense will be unstoppable, and Ohio State’s defense should be phenomenal. Penn State will be in the mix for the Big Ten title if all the holes can be filled and if QB Anthony Morelli can improve. Just about everyone else should be improved with Iowa certain to bounce back, Purdue, Michigan State and Minnesota good enough to go to bowls, and the projected also-rans, Illinois, Indiana and Northwestern, all appearing to be far, far better.
The best team should be … Wisconsin
4. Pac 10 - It’s not just USC and a bunch of other teams. While the Trojans will likely be the preseason No. 1, Cal has its best team yet under Jeff Tedford, UCLA is loaded and has the potential to be a top-ten team, Oregon should be more consistent, Oregon State has its best team since the Fiesta Bowl winner of 2000, Arizona State should be better under Dennis Erickson, and the rest of the league is full of improving, pesky teams, most notably Arizona.
The best team should be … USC
Big East - While the Big East might not be the best conference in the country, it’s loaded with more good teams than ever. West Virginia, Louisville and Rutgers will all be in the national title chase, Pitt, after a few years of great recruiting, should finally be the team Dave Wannstedt wants, South Florida is good enough to shock the top teams and win the conference title, Cincinnati will be more than fine with Brian Kelly at the helm, Connecticut is older and better, and Syracuse, well, Syracuse should be a little better. This should be a fascinating race.
The best team should be … West Virginia
2. Big 12 - Yes, the conference is back as long as the North holds up its end of the bargain. Kansas State, Kansas and Iowa State should be better, and Colorado can’t be any worse, but the real stars will be Missouri and Nebraska with the Huskers possibly in the national title chase. The South should be a killer with Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M each standing a puncher’s chance of knocking off Texas or Oklahoma for the title.
The best team should be … Texas
1. SEC - And it’s not even close. You could flip around the other five BCS conferences in any way and it’d be hard to argue against the order, but there’s no way anyone but the SEC can be named on top. [Emphasis added.] Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas and Auburn would be among the favorites to win any other conference in the country, while South Carolina isn’t far behind. Kentucky is good enough to go back to a bowl, while Vanderbilt has the experience to finally get back to the post-season. Alabama will be a nasty out with Nick Saban coaching. You could do a lot worse than Ole Miss and Mississippi State for the bottom feeders.
The best team should be …

Obviously, CFN didn’t get the letter.

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Who are you? Your worst nightmare…

Ordinarily, I don’t post much about verbal commits (mainly because there are many other sites that do a great job of that), but once in a while, there’s an exception to the rule:

Bacarri Rambo, an option quarterback from Seminole County in south Georgia who will likely play safety in college, committed to Georgia this week.

I hope this kid is ready for four years of Sly Stallone references, because he’s going to get them from every hack sports writer known to man…


UPDATE:  Not so fast, my friend.

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Another great reason for a D-1 football playoff:

It’s good for the economy!

Per Ben Maller at FoxSports:

March madness gambling has been the second biggest betting market in terms of dollars wagered right behind the National Football League. “According to the NCAA, 35% of male college students bet on sports and 7 of 10 adults are reported to have placed some sort of wager in the last year,” said RJ Bell.

Just think what a college football playoff could do for sports books everywhere…

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Lights, camera, action!

According to The Idaho Statesman, Boise State is in some serious negotiations to sell the movie rights to the story of its 2006 football season and Fiesta Bowl win.

Good for them. People do like a good “rags to riches” story.

And I know the perfect place to start with the “rags” part of the tale.

(photos courtesy

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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Envy and jealousy: from the “I wish I’d written that” department

It looks like one way to a sexier blog is to introduce a recurring feature (h/t Dawg Sports).

Here’s mine. Once in a while, I come across something in a post on another blog that grabs me, because the subject matter and author’s style are compelling. I know it when I see it, as inevitably my admiration begins to fade and is replaced by a sense of “why couldn’t I have said that?”.

I figure if I can’t come up with it in the first place, the least I can do is post it here with an acknowledgement. So here goes the first in (I hope) a series called “Envy and jealousy”.

It’s from Tommy Perkins’ blog Apropos de Nada. In a post where he takes a look back at the whole recruiting scene after the parties involved have climaxed and showered, he comes up with a couple of great lines for any Dawg fan to roll around with. I knew after I read them, I wanted to take them home and make them mine :

Miami: From a Bulldog perspective, if you looked at the state of Florida as though it were Afghanistan (and I do), the Gators, obviously, are the Taliban, while Miami is whatever warlord is running things in the Northeast. The Hurricanes don’t occupy anything remotely resembling moral high ground, but they are useful.

Good stuff, Tommy. I hate you for it.


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It’s as good a reason as any.

Mississippi State is looking for a new athletic director.

Ordinarily, I could care less about that, but there’s a quote from Jackie Sherrill in an article about the change in the Memphis Commercial Appeal as to why the MSU president felt the need to remove someone who’s been by all accounts a pretty successful AD that’s worth sharing:

Former Mississippi State football coach Jackie Sherrill, who took the Bulldogs to six bowls in 13 seasons from 1991-2003, said he thought Foglesong simply wanted his own guy as athletic director.

“It’s called territorial turf,” Sherrill said. “It’s like dogs marking trees. How many trees can you mark before you say it’s your territory?

“You have a new president who has changed a lot of people there. He wants his people using his philosophies, his ideas, and his vision. The bottom line is he wants to have somebody indebted to him…”

How many trees can you mark before you say it’s your territory? Sounds positively Dylanesque…

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