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To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there’s the rub.

With this, it’s time to sell the movie rights to SEC Media Days, 2008 edition.  And we haven’t even heard from Spurrier yet.

By the way, welcome aboard, Mr. Hale.


UPDATE: Speaking of Spurdog, here are a couple of nice shots to wrap up Media Days.

For the media, “It’s like going after girls, I guess. You get the best one you can. Some of you guys have good-looking wives, which is unusual.’’

And for Bobby Petrino:  “He had about as much fun as I did in the NFL,’’ Spurrier said. “When he first went, I said I’ll give him two years. He almost made one.’’

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Harvesting some low-hanging fruit

Don’t take my word for it.  Sly Croom can tell you where it’s a-happening:

“Because of all these tubes (U-Tube) we have on the Internet,” Croom said, “the public has so much access to what goes on so much quicker that a guy in a split second can change the entire course of his life by a decision that he makes.”

So here are a few things worthy of your perusal this fine morning:

  • We all know that David Ching has crossed over to the dark side.  He’s got a few observations about Mark Richt’s performance at SEC Media Days yesterday you might want to read.
  • Kyle’s got questions about Howard Schnellenberger’s mad math skillz.  Although I don’t think HS has ever miscounted downs, he’s never struck me as being the academic type, either.  That being said, I suspect he was looking at this proposal from the perspective of the little guys and neglected to game the whole thing out on his fingers and toes.
  • The guys at RazorBloggers Network score with my favorite preseason prediction of 2008:  Banners Flying Over Ole Miss Game.
  • A Michigan offensive lineman transfers to Ohio State, and Kirk Herbstreit worries about RichRod.  Go figure.


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“I’m gonna have somebody’s ass in muh briefcase.”

It’s become an endearing tradition at SEC Media Days – the legal maneuvering between Philip Fulmer and what seems like the entire Bar of the state of Alabama always comes to a head in Buhmin’ham.

And so they meet again.  LawVol has all the sordid details.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason whenever I hear the words “Phil Fulmer” and “subpoena” together, it always brings to mind one of the greatest scene stealing moments in the history of American cinema…

… Wilford Brimley as US Assistant Attorney General James Wells in Absence of Malice.

James A. Wells, Assistant U.S. Attorney General: Tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna sit right here and talk about it. Now if you get tired of talking here, Mr. Marshal Elving Patrick there will hand you one of them subpoenas he’s got stuck down in his pocket and we’ll go downstairs and talk in front of the grand jury… Elliot? Jim?… Fine. All right, Elving, hand whichever one of these fellas you like a subpoena and we’ll go on downstairs and talk in front of the grand jury.
District Attorney James A. Quinn: Gallagher’s a government witness.
James A. Wells, Assistant U.S. Attorney General: Wonderful thing, a subpoena.

It’s the way he pronounced “subpoena” that really made it special for me.

So we’ll see what happens leading up to the Auburn game


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One more Celebration quote…

from Jeff Owens:

“It was just a one-time thing,” Georgia defensive tackle Jeff Owens. “It wasn’t planned. Guys saw other guys running out so everybody else ran out. I saw everybody else do it, so I did it. I didn’t want to be the last one when the cameras looked on the bench and I was the only one sitting there.

“It fired us up big time. I think we had like six personal fouls that game. That was the most we had all year. Guys were just Gator chomping and everything. I felt we had our swagger back after that.”

It’s always great when a plan comes together.  Even when there’s no plan.


UPDATE: No plan?  The eternally indignant Franz Beard begs to differ.


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Richt on the BCS: “So I’d be careful changing it too much.”

In reviewing what Mark Richt said earlier today at Media Days, I expect that most people will focus on his comments about the You-Know-What, as well as You-Know-Who’s reaction to the You-Know-What, but I was taken by what he had to say about the BCS and a D-1 playoff.

… The BCS as it is, I mean, I’m fine with it. I’m fine with it. Just tell me what the rules are and let’s play by ‘em. That’s kind of how I am about that. But, you know, do I think a four team situation would work with the plus one? I think it would work. I think it would work without really throwing our Bowl system into any you know, throwing it off kilter.

Do I think we could do eight? I think eight would be the maximum number of teams you could have and still keep your Bowl system and have something very close to what you have with the BCS without destroying or damaging the regular season.

Our regular season is the best regular season of any sport in America and maybe in the world because every game is so crucial. You lose one game, you might be out. You might not be out, but you might be out. As you’re playing that game, you’re thinking, If we lose this game, we might be out. But after you lose it, you’re looking around, you’re saying, So we still got to keep fighting because we still might be in.

Then last year you lose two, you’re pretty sure you’re out, and then all of a sudden a team with two losses wins the National Championship. So now if you got two losses, you’re still thinking, I might be in, I got to keep fighting. I don’t have to change my goals.

So I like the way it is. If you have too many teams in a playoff, then a regular season game, you might have two teams that play. I always liken, we had Notre Dame Southern Cal a few years ago where they had that dramatic victory at the end with the quarterback sneak. If those two teams were in an eight team playoff system, when that game was over, they might say, So what, I’ll see you here in a couple weeks, no big deal, we’re still in the playoffs.

Well, the way it was, the way we’re designed now, that was just a gut wrenching, heart breaking moment for one team, and total exhilaration for the other team, ’cause you’re still in the race.

I really like that.


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It’s so not in their heads.

All those Gator fans, telling me, no insisting, that the whole Celebration thing and the Florida-Georgia rivalry was nothin’.

… I read the message boards and last weekend is already forgotten. Most of us dont really care about Georgia. Sure, many of the really old timers do, but the rest of us dont.

Too bad the head coach isn’t playing along.

… The Gators’ coach did not back off those statements Wednesday during SEC Football Media Days.

“It was uncalled for,” he said. “First of all it’s against the rules. If you really look at it, some players could have been thrown out the game for leaving the bench.

“As for the impact on the game … I understand the motivation of it. It was a big deal. It was just a big deal.”

The GPOOE™ seems to have a different take on the matter, too.

“I think it will definitely intensify it that much more,” Tebow said. “I think it will be a very big game, to say the least. It could be two of the best teams in the country playing for the right to play in the SEC championship and maybe for the national championship. They’re a huge rival of ours, and I think that just increased that much more this past year. I think that will inspire us that much more.”

Listen:  Georgia-Florida will be a big game this year, Gator fans.  Really big.  The biggest, in fact.  Your head coach knows it.  Your star player knows it.  I don’t know if he’ll admit it publicly, but Mark Richt knows it, too.

I can’t wait.


UPDATE: According to Barnhart, it’s a “fact”

… that Florida feels it lost to Georgia (42-30) not because of the motivational lift the Bulldogs got from storming the field, but because Tebow was banged up and nowhere close to 100 percent.

Whatever gets you through the night, folks.  But don’t worry, Gator fans.  Your man’s got the plan.

… Florida coach Urban Meyer told me that his Heisman Trophy winner won’t have to carry the ball 210 times as he did during the 2007 season. Keeping Tebow healthy and fresh will be a priority in 2008.

“The good news is that we now have some options,” Meyer said. “Tim ran the ball as much as he did last season because that is what gave us the best chance to win.”

And now everything’s changed?  He no longer gives Florida the best chance to win?  We’ll see how long that lasts.  Maybe we’ll need to start referring to the GPOOE™ as “Bubble Boy”.


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Ask a dumb question…

At MGoBlog, Brian Cook asks

Is this a good deal? Alabama and Clemson are opening the season in Atlanta. Kudos to them; the trend of moving football games off campus is far less annoying than the one in which no one plays anyone. But I wonder if it’s worth it:

Alabama and Clemson will reportedly earn nearly $2 million apiece for their season-opening matchup in Atlanta.

Quick calculation suggests that $4 million divided by 90k (the approximate capacity of Bryant-Denny) is about 44 bucks, and we know that on average SEC tickets go for well more than that. So why not just have a home-and-home?

Dude.  DudeC’mon.

… And one other thing about that game, which will be televised nationally by ABC. is that beer will be sold at the Georgia Dome concession stands. The beer sales will be cut off at halftime.


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Press corps mancrush at SEC Media Days

Over at Garnet and Black Attack, cocknfire is liveblogging the goings on at SEC Media Days.

Here’s his report of the media fellating the GPOOE™.  At least we learn why Florida lost to Georgia:

3:04 p.m. Tebow: More important to “put a smile on a kid’s face” than to beat Georgia. Man, it’s sad to see how out of whack some players’ priorities are.

3:16 p.m. The end zone celebration by Georgia: That did nothing for me but just fire me up.” Not for Tebow to say if it’s right or wrong, but he acknolwedged [sic] it worked.


UPDATE:  More from Chris Low -

Tebow injured his shoulder prior to the Georgia game last season and didn’t look to run as much in that game. He conceded he was never the same player after that, but refused to use it as an excuse.

“I wouldn’t say I was 100 percent,” he said, “but what player is 100 percent at the end of the SEC season?” Even the quarterbacks that don’t run … I’m sure they’re not 100 percent.”

It’s obvious that Tebow and the entire Florida team are looking forward to the Georgia game, especially after the way the Bulldogs celebrated and danced in the Gators’ end zone following the first touchdown last season.

Asked how many times he’d seen the tape of the Georgia players dancing in the end zone, Tebow shot back, “I’ve seen it enough … enough.”

Still, he doesn’t see what happened last season as insult.

“I see it as a positive,” Tebow said. “That does nothing for us except get us more motivated, more excited and more juiced coming into this year. As far as Coach [Mark] Richt’s decision, he got his team fired up. They changed their demeanor, and it really did probably change the rest of their season. That gave them that drive, a sense of passion. Good call, and it definitely got them fired up.

“But, hopefully, it will do the opposite this year.”

Don’t expect to see the Gators reciprocate if they score first this season. Tebow said Florida coach Urban Meyer would never allow the Gators to stage a pre-arranged celebration like that.

“We wouldn’t do it playing for [Meyer], and we’d try to handle it a little differently,” Tebow said.


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Public service announcement

I forgot to mention this the other day, but Jerry Hinnen, at his very fine Auburn blog, The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, has done yeoman’s work in setting up links to every online preview of all the D-1 college football teams he could find.  He calls it the “Paperless Preview Project”. Handy and useful, for which the man deserves much praise.

I’ll be linking to it – and using it.

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A housekeeping note

As you can see if you look above Mssrs. Brown and Dooley, I’ve created a page at the blog for the Mumme Poll.

I think it will be a good idea to try a practice run after the fourth or fifth week of the season, both as a reminder of what’s to come (there you go, Ally!) and also to make sure that everyone is on the same page about how to fill out the ballot.

Again, I’m very gratified by your response to this.  I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us.


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