One man’s problem is another man’s tasty malt beverage.

From the folks at SweetWater Brewing:

Our sweet, innocent and moral El Dressel lost his way as Brutus led him down a dark alley to recruit tattoos and car loans for the Columbus hops in an effort to stack his on-field Double IPA recipe with the most aggressive hops O-round. Unfortunately El Dressel was discovered, humiliated and banished, leaving a permanent wrinkle in his sweater vest and instantly creating the Browneyed Buckeye!!!

Get it while you can, because just like last year’s Sugar Bowl win, this one will be gone before you know it!

Too bad it’s only available on draft.  This would make a great looking bottle:

Somebody should ship Gordon Gee a keg.

(h/t reader J. Scott Boss)

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6 responses to “One man’s problem is another man’s tasty malt beverage.

  1. NCT

    That do sound tasty.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    One of mankind’s greatest achievements, beer, can be put in service of good old everyday humor. It makes me proud.

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  4. Macallanlover

    Boy, was this ever a disappointing “malt discussion.” However, my son is almost an “activist” against the mainstream/ national breweries. He loves him some IPA’s and wants the big boys fined, or locked up. Apparently some well-funded lobbyists for distributors block the sale of these products in certain states. Who knew? Certainly not those of us hunkered down with a Macallan and a stogie discussing the inevitable crash of our economy.

    • AlphaDawg

      Georgia has some screwed up laws when it comes to microbrews and distribution of those. Its really hard here for a new upstart brewery here.