Not too shabby.

This year’s SECCG was the fifth-most watched college football regular season game of the past 20 years.  That can’t hurt on the recruiting trail, Dawgs.

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25 responses to “Not too shabby.

  1. Stoopnagle

    Too bad the other team we go head-to-head with on so many recruits was also in the game. And won.

    • Uglydawg

      The fact that it was a very highly regarded Alabama is a factor that made the game so intriguing. If they had beaten Georgia badly, if the game had been one sided, I might agree, but everyone I’ve ever discussed the game with thought it was a great game that could have gone either way. Everyone knew Alabama is a great program, now they know Georgia is right there also. My point…Georgia demonstrated that they can compete with anyone..and do it with integrity. I think it helps Georgia in a great way.

      • Uglydawg

        You can even see it in the renewed respect that the TV talkers now give Georgia. There’s a whole new attitude out there about this program…I just pray Georgia continues the upswing against Nebraska.

    • Macallanlover

      Come on man. That is like winning the lottery and complaining about splitting the money with another winner. Bama is going to get their share of attention anyway, note their position in the other highly rated games. You want to be on the stage and show you belong. We did, the ending was tragic but UGA net won the PR battle on December 1. Plus, I want Alabama to stay up with us, makes for better games down the road. It would suck to get our program up to everyone here’s expectations and not have any great competition to play. I look forward to competitive matchups. With the way TN and AU are going, we need a strong Bama and LSU to look forward to playing.

      The most surprising game in that list of five was the Ohio State/Michigan game being that highly rated. I can understand in past years there were many times I wanted to see it but that was hardly “must see” TV this season. Shows you how much the “casual fan” drives ratings, there is no way the avid fan would cancel normal activities to see that game relative to others that didn’t make the grade. As an avid fan, I didn’t see a single play of it that and I watch games on Thursday night, and from noon till midnight on Saturdays. I don’t know what they were opposite but there had to be at least three games I was more interested in because I didn’t catch it during commercial breaks or halftime. Not sure I trust those rating numbers anyway, the whole Nielson system seemed flawed to me even when I was in marketing and read their reports.

      • Bulldog Joe

        The high rating for Ohio State – Michigan can be credited in part to Georgia Tech falling behind very early and not giving us a competitive game.

      • tbia

        Used to work at a place that sold lottery tickets. One of our regulars would come in and buy his megamillions every drawing and buy 2 tickets with the exact same numbers.

        His theory is he wanted 2/3, not 1/2.

  2. Uglydawg

    Mac writes, “Come on man. That is like winning the lottery and complaining about splitting the money with another winner. Bama is going to get their share of attention anyway, note their position in the other highly rated games. You want to be on the stage and show you belong. We did, the ending was tragic but UGA net won the PR battle on December 1.”
    This is pointed prose at it’s very finest….very well said!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      No offense Ug, but you and Mac are delusional if you think UGA won the PR battle on December 1. The coaching staff got hammered on every network for not spiking the ball. You guys need to get out more and quit believing all the BS you see/write on this blog.

      • Macallanlover

        Sorry Mayor, this blog lost the negatrons (temporarily anyway) but you picked up the slack with your rant after the game, and your continuing insistence there was only one option on the “spike, don’t spike” discussion. I see both sides of it, agree with what the staff die to having their play, having the matchup they wanted, and thinking Bama was on their heels, but clearly there was another viable option. All but you, and many who have never been exposed to the logic of CMR’s decision, understand there were two ways to play it. Only you, who has heard the other position fails to give any chance for that to have succeeded. It is obviously in your blind spot.

        And the discussion of how UGA is currently perceived is much bigger than one play my friend. Bama did what most of the CFB world expected, win. But UGA gained more than Bama, and that is not to make a case for moral victories, just stating the obvious. We are still a top 5 team after a loss in our last game, and we did it with 69 scholarship athletes, or less.

        • Russ

          Great reply. All the talking heads I’ve heard have consistently complained about Georgia being left out of the BCS. One of the ESPN weenies was saying that the new playoff system won’t work with 4 teams, because “what will you do with Georgia?” He said it’s a crying shame that Georgia isn’t in the BCS, and if they were left out of the 4-team playoff, it would be a disgrace. This was Ed Cunningham, who is certainly no Georgia homer but he’s a prime example of the new found respect the Dawgs are getting as a result of the SECCG.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The statement made was “UGA net won the PR battle on December 1.” That is an incorrect statement. Period. I’m glad that the naysayers on ESPN and other media outlets have softened their criticism of late (probably because of the influence behind the scenes of Pollack and Stinchcomb I’d bet, more than anything else) but to say that we came out of the SECCG better off than Bama in the PR/recruiting department is utter nonsense. Plus NOBODY knows UGA only had 69 or fewer scholarship athletes. When I tell people that they to a person look perplexed and ask : “Why?” They do not perceive that as some sort of badge of honor for sure. You guys are getting weirder and weirder by the day. It is best for all concerned (read UGA and its football program) to stop talking about this altogether as these ruminations coming from some of you are approaching lunacy and actually may damage recruiting if they are read by prospects. And it is a crying shame that UGA isn’t in a BCS bowl game. Saban said so himself on his TV show after the SECCG.

  3. What fresh hell is this?

    I know this is off the topic of recruiting, but speaking of the SECCG, what is happening with the NCAA review of the Quinton Dial hit on AM?

    Has there been a decision and I haven’t heard it? Are they hoping it will just go away? If he is not suspended, will they make any announcement? How long does it take to review this hit?

  4. stoopnagle

    Points taken, all around.