Beyond Crompton

No matter what else happens tomorrow, if Aaron Murray walks out of Neyland Stadium with a passer rating that’s not higher than 211.99, I’m gonna be a little disappointed.

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6 responses to “Beyond Crompton

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Only thing on O that worries me is that I’ve seen a couple ut DB’s doing pick 6′s already this year. Seems like their DB’s will gamble if we isolate a WR and throw to the sideline. Otherwise, I don’t see their D as a threat. Hope we score 60+.

  2. Snark McCrudgeon

    I’m more worried about his QBR.

  3. adam

    Maybe we’ll run the naked bootleg all game. We know Martinez doesn’t know how to stop it.

  4. Dawgfan Will

    [clicks link]
    [pours gallon of bleach into eyes]