Willie Meggs and the “quarterback situation”

I need a shower after reading this.

“Anybody, as my daddy would say, with one eye and half-sense knows there are some things that needed to be done that weren’t done,” Meggs said after the luncheon.

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Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate, folks.

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“I absolutely support continuing the Auburn series.”

Yeah?  So how reassuring is that?

Answer:  not very.

Morehead, who will cast one of the 14 presidential votes on the matter, was asked if Georgia fans should be concerned about the rivalry ending. He chose his words carefully.

“The presidents and the athletic directors will meet and resolve the scheduling issue shortly,” he said. “There hasn’t been a resolution on any of those issues at this point. So until a vote is taken by the presidents following that meeting, I can’t predict what that outcome may be. We certainly appreciate that it is an important and longstanding rivalry for the University of Georgia.”

“Choosing his words carefully” is not an observation you want to read about a fellow who presumably has already been in touch with his peers to take their temperature on the subject.


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Salty, bitter Gator tears are salty, bitter and delicious.

By Gawd, if this article doesn’t brighten your Dawgly soul today, you are beyond hope.  This, in particular, is priceless:

“I don’t let small things affect me anymore,” Harrison said. “I don’t let small things faze me. I’ve learned to drown out the nonsense, the clutter. I’ve learned to accept things that only get me better and to completely ignore the negativity, the clutter that can’t help me succeed in life. It’s just made me a lot stronger.”

So over the phone, the 6-foot-3, 304-pound Harrison is asked about “that incident” with another player.


“Which one?” he asks. “Are you talking about the blocking incident?”

No, but that was rough, too. In the 26-20 loss to Georgia Southern, Harrison inexplicably blocked his own teammate, a lowlight that ran as the No. 1 “Not Top Ten” on Sportscenter for several weeks. It’s hard keeping the misery straight.

Wallow in it, baby.  Just wallow.

(h/t Doc Saturday)


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The Britain Project

A Brit intends to visit the states for a week to take in a few college football games with his friends and asks Stewart Mandel to suggest an itinerary for them.  Mandel obliges, starting with a trip… to Athens, Georgia.

To truly experience as many different styles and scenes as possible, I think you need to hit three games in a week. Here’s the itinerary I’ve come up with:

• Sat., Sept. 27: Tennessee at Georgia. Visit the new College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, then make the short drive to Athens, where your friends will get a taste of all things SEC football: the sundresses and the khakis, the Redcoats, Uga, the hedges and Todd Gurley running between the tackles.

I’m finding it extremely difficult to tamp down the snark bubbling up inside me.  So before I burst, let me just say, Mark from London, I hope you’ll visit the Classic City.  Feel free to drop by our tailgate anytime.


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Coach Red Bull

This is pretty funny.

Richt said he makes sure to drop by Ekeler’s office once a day “just to get some positive vibes, you know. Sometimes (Mike) Bobo and (Jeremy) Pruitt, they’re down about something. Ekeler, hopefully it’s not against NCAA rules, but he’s got a refrigerator, he’s got a lifelong deal with Red Bull. He’s got a Red Bull refrigerator. They send him cases of Red Bull whenever he asks for it. I think something happened at Nebraska. They called him Coach Red Bull and they gave him a lifetime supply.”

And remember, last season Ekeler coached with Ed Orgeron.  Talk about your epic quantities of Red Bull consumption.  I wonder how many holes they put in the walls of Southern Cal’s coaches’ offices.


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Hell hath no snark like a genius scorned.

More as a shot towards his team’s fan base than the kid, Paul Johnson refers to the now-departed Vad Lee as “an Internet legend before he ever played a game”.


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