“Before we go out there, Coach Pruitt always stresses for us to get a turnover.”

So far, one of the big stories of Georgia’s 2014 season is the huge reversal of fortunes on the turnover margin front.

… Georgia leads the nation in turnover margin, flipping the script from last season when it ranked a lowly 102nd in FBS in that category.

The Bulldogs are now plus-13 on the season.

“I’m very pleased with that,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “We work hard on it.”

Georgia has 17 turnovers gained and only four lost.

It’s the best they’ve done in the Richt era, but they still have a way to go on the all-time front.

Georgia had a plus-23 turnover margin on its way to the 1980 national championship, with its plus-2.09 ratio ranking among the top five single seasons in NCAA history.

That’s pretty incredible.  I’d almost be willing to bet that stat makes Vince Dooley happier than anything else that happened that season.

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Musical palate cleanser, “la-la-la, I can’t hear you” edition

Mark “There’s not anyone talking about change in that rule right now” Emmert, this one goes out to you, my man.


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Tuesday morning buffet

By all means, help yourselves.


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Mumme Poll, Week 8

Another exciting week of football is reflected in a few changes in the Mumme Poll rankings.

Rank Team Votes
1 Mississippi 81
1 Mississippi State 81
2 Florida State 79
2 Alabama 79
4 Auburn 72
5 Oregon 66
5 Georgia 66
7 Michigan State 35
8 TCU 33
9 Notre Dame 22
10 Kansas State 21
11 Ohio State 4
12 Baylor 3
13 Arizona 2
13 Marshall 2
15 ECU 1
15 Clemson 1

Really, not much to question there. I don’t know about you, but it took me less than ten minutes to put my ballot together this week. Even Archie Manning could handle that, I think.


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One more Arkansas note

It always ticks me off when I forget to mention something I took note of in a game when it’s time to do an Observations post.  Gentry Estes reminded me of just such an event from last Saturday.

Big moment in the game early when Georgia missed on the onside kick, giving Arkansas great field position. But after running it so well on the first drive, the Razorbacks for some reason decided to pass on first down. The RB couldn’t protect against Ray Drew, who flushed the QB into Swann, who blitzed from the backside as no WR lined up on his side of the field. Swann’s hit forced a fumble that Arkansas recovered for a loss of 10 yards. The Bulldogs then went nickel on the next play, and Leonard Floyd whipped the right tackle badly and got another sack, chasing down and slamming the QB to the turf. This was a huge stretch in this game. Not only did it not allow the Razorbacks to take advantage of UGA’s failed gamble in the short term, but it also allowed the defense to get confidence and set a tone of pass protection problems that would plague Arkansas up front for much of the game.

He’s absolutely right about that, both because of the message Richt sent to his team and to Arkansas that Georgia was going to be coached aggressively and because of the way the defense responded when the kick wasn’t executed properly.  Sure, Arkansas’ questionable play calling there didn’t hurt, but it’s not like the Hogs did much on the ground after that first drive, anyway.

I liked it all.  Now if they can get Morgan fixed on those onside kicks…


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Oh, sure, blame it on us.

I’m beginning to think that in a few days I’m about to experience the weirdest Cocktail Party vibe ever.


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First Dawgrade sighting

Interestingly enough, from an article looking down the road at Missouri’s schedule:

Four of the next five opponents looked far more vulnerable this weekend: Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas A&M were outscored collectively 134-6 by LSU, Ole Miss and Alabama. Arkansas, the one remaining opponent Mizzou hasn’t played in SEC action, got thumped by Georgia.  [Emphasis added.]

But they wuz due!


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