Looking the part

I know it’s a cheap shot, but doesn’t this kid look like he belongs at Georgia Tech?

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What took you so long, Dabo?

In a move that comes as no surprise, Clemson names Deshaun Watson its starting quarterback.

He impressed the hell out of me when I saw him in the opener.

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Fabris Invitational results, Week 4

Another small logjam at the top this week.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 carpie Adj 8-2 8   28-31**
1 Hobnail_Boot Adj 8-2 8   14-24
1 Valley Dawg Adj 8-2 8   10-17

Congrats to carpie for pulling out the tiebreaker.

And on the season…

Selection Name
1 Valley Dawg 28-12 28
1 Turfman25 28-12 28
3 Scubadawg 26-14 26
3 BR Dawg 26-14 26
3 Second String Secondary 26-14 26
3 Pistol Formation 26-14 26

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SEC Power Poll, Week 4

The West is pretty damned potent.  The East… not so much.

  1. Texas A & M.  Another week, another 58 points scored.
  2. Alabama.  Inspired by Junior, the Tide gets offensive.
  3. Auburn.  A road win against a gritty power conference opponent is nothing to sneeze at, but you can bet every SEC defensive coordinator will study that game closely to figure out how Kansas State slowed down Malzahn.
  4. Mississippi State.  You’ve established your team as a Western power with a big road win, Dan Mullen, if you can keep it.
  5. Ole Miss.  One more cupcake game, and then Ole Miss gets its chance to prove it belongs with the West’s élite.
  6. South Carolina.  The loss to TAMU doesn’t look any better, but the win over East Carolina does.
  7. Georgia.  Even with that maligned secondary, Georgia held Clemson to 116 fewer yards of offense than Florida State’s vaunted defense did.
  8. LSU.  Tell the truth – you thought Les had a real chance at the end, didn’t you?
  9. Arkansas.  Three in a row.  That’s both in wins and in upcoming ranked conference opponents on the schedule.
  10. Missouri.  Lose to Indiana?  At home?  You’re dead to me, Mizzou.
  11. Florida.  Meet the new offensive coordinator, same as the old offensive coordinator.
  12. Tennessee.  If you’re better than this, Vols, now’s the time to prove it.
  13. Kentucky.  Get excited, ‘Cats.  Vandy’s coming to town!
  14. Vanderbilt.  113th in offensive scoring, 115th in defensive scoring.  At least the ‘Dores are consistent.


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Big Urnge Number

Georgia opens as a 19-point favorite over Tennessee.  Too much?


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Fun with Week 4 numbers

Sure, the sample size could be bigger, but there’s still interesting stuff to glean out there.

Also interesting is that the power rating stats in several different places seem to put a higher value on Georgia than the pollsters do right now.

The computers don’t matter any more, of course, so you have to wonder how much the selection committee is going to rely on the human polls in making its calls.


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How do you know you’re on a hot seat?

When they’re writing stuff like this about you, Agent Muschamp.

For Florida, it was a 42-21 loss to Alabama on Saturday. For Gators Coach Will Muschamp, it was a missed opportunity to dig himself out of the Zook Zone.

That’s not a comparison you want to be hearing.


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