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The opposite of the Johnson Doctrine is…

Straight from the lips of the latest commitment to Georgia’s class of 2015, DT Justin Young of Grayson: “Georgia coaches wanted me to go around and look at another schools before I committed,” Young said. “That was another reason why I … Continue reading


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The Johnson Doctrine is dead. Long live the Richt Doctrine.

Aside from attitude and verbosity, is there any difference in how the two coaches respond to Michael Carvell’s question about how each treats a recruit with a longstanding commitment who decides to take a last-minute trip to another school?  I’m … Continue reading


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The early signing shuffle

You may have noticed that Mark Richt jumped into the early signing period debate yesterday with some comments that appeared in the AJ-C.  He wasn’t as strident – or as personal –  about the subject as Stanford’s David Shaw.  Rather, … Continue reading


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“That dude is a beast. If only you would have seen him in camp.”

I love it when the Johnson Doctrine fails.  And this is shaping up as my all time favorite example.


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Old wine in new bottles

This, I am sure, changes everything. Georgia Tech has made a leap forward in its recruiting efforts. It is the hope of coach Paul Johnson that the Yellow Jackets now won’t be playing from behind. The team has expanded the … Continue reading


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Help a genius out.

When the AJ-C throws you a fastball down the middle with a header like this, you’ve got to turn on it. Suggestions are more than welcome in the comments.  Do it for the Johnson Doctrine.


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Knowledge is good.

Malkom Parrish is a south Georgia kid being recruited by the Dawgs and by Georgia Tech.  He’s worth keeping an eye on, simply because of this quote: How do Georgia Tech and UGA compare? “Aww, I can’t really compare them,” … Continue reading


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Paul Johnson haz a euphemism.

The AJ-C pushes him on the Johnson Doctrine, he gets testy – of course he does, bless his heart – and then he caps off the crankiness with an oblique reference to his biggest rival: “Our policies are no different … Continue reading


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Paul Johnson dances with one of James Franklin’s dates.

I’m not sure what I enjoy the most about this story – the blatant “good for me, but not for thee” aspect of Johnson’s poaching on Vanderbilt’s turf in contrast to the vaunted Johnson Doctrine, or anticipation of the inevitable … Continue reading


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Friday morning buffet

You’re about to survive another working week, so dig in. I’m looking forward to seeing Ray Drew at the G-Day game. Georgia is getting better national title odds than any SEC teams not named Alabama or LSU. No Pac-12 team … Continue reading


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