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Tuesday morning buffet

A few tidbits for you to digest…

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Saturday morning buffet

A few things to nosh on while you wait for today’s slate of games:


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Pick your poison.

For those of you bitching about Richt electing to leave some of the upcoming bowl practices on the table, it turns out there’s something of a tough choice facing him of which you probably weren’t aware.

As a result of a recent rule change for FBS programs, many staffs could face a choice in the coming days between time spent recruiting future players or coaching current ones.

Mark Richt(Photo by Philip Williams/UGA Sports Communications)

Georgia has chosen recruiting.

The Bulldogs will not use their full allotment of 15 allowable bowl practices this year, according to UGA coach Mark Richt, and one of the reasons is the NCAA’s move to recently extend the postseason recruiting dead period to a full month.

The upcoming dead period (during which no in-person contact with recruits is allowed) will coincide with winter holidays, bowl season and the AFCA coaches convention, lasting from Dec. 16, 2013 through Jan 15, 2014. (View the NCAA’s full FBS recruiting calendar here)

So after the regular season concluded Saturday, Richt wasted little time, meeting Monday with assistants and “Making sure that we’re going to get everybody in the right spots that they need to be in between now and the dead period.”

UGA coaches have been on the road recruiting this week and it should largely stay that way next week as well, even though the Bulldogs will have learned their bowl opponent by Sunday at the latest.

Basically, new recruiting restrictions in January means Georgia’s staff will spend the coming week making up that time. So formal bowl preparation in Athens will be on hold while that happens.

So, a couple of questions for those of you who previously objected to Richt not utilizing the full number of bowl practices:  (1) which of bowl practice or recruiting would you prioritize and why and (2) if you picked recruiting, why does that have a higher priority for you than the players’ preparation for finals?


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Rice, Stanford, Tulane… and Georgia

If our acknowledgement that the relevance of the academic side of the student-athlete experience in college football is more than lip service, than this news should be treated as a pretty big deal, if you ask me.

University of Georgia, Rice University, Stanford University and Tulane University will share the American Football Coaches Association’s 2013 Academic Achievement Award, which is presented by the Touchdown Club of Memphis.

Georgia, Rice, Stanford and Tulane recorded a 100 percent graduation rate for members of its freshman football student-athlete class of 2006. This is the first time Georgia and Tulane have received this award, and the second honor for Rice and Stanford.

That is some pretty prestigious company there.  Everyone involved in making that happen – coaches, administrators and, most of all, the players themselves – deserve a major round of applause.  I’m proud of every one of those graduates.  I’m proud of being associated with a school that helped bring that about.

Take a bow, folks.  Well done.


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Spurrier thinks Vanderbilt’s dumbing it down.

He’s not exactly pulling any punches here.

For years and years, Vanderbilt didn’t have the talent to compete — much less beat — other SEC teams. Nicknamed the Harvard of the South, the university has long prided itself on stringent academic requirements.

On Tuesday, Spurrier wondered if that had begun to change.

“I don’t know all the academic requirements they have there at Vanderbilt, but if you’re going to play in the SEC you’ve got to recruit very closely to the standards everybody else has,” Spurrier said. “I would think they’ve relaxed them a little bit, but I don’t know exactly.”

“They want to play,” Spurrier said. “They want to play football, and they want to be competitive, and to do that you almost have to have the requirements pretty close to the other schools. Pretty close.”

It’s interesting that Spurrier doesn’t mind giving James Franklin some obvious bulletin board material for this week’s game.  At least he didn’t bring up the suspensions from the rape charges.


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Knowledge is good.

I’m a little jaded after the academic shenanigans that came to light at North Carolina, so what Sports Illustrated turned up at Oklahoma State seems tame by comparison, but I did get a chuckle out of this:

Shortly after Les Miles took over as Oklahoma State’s football coach in December 2000, he introduced an exhortation that he would use often at the end of team meetings during his four years in Stillwater. “Academics first,” Miles would say. “Football second.”

Miles’s words encapsulated one of the central pillars in the mythos of major-college football: that nothing, not even wins and losses, takes precedence over educating young athletes. The reality is that when jobs and money are at stake, priorities quickly skew.

As Miles said, “Academics first,” he would hold up two fingers. And as he said, “Football second,” he would hold up one.

“You heard his words but you saw what he was doing,” says Doug Bond, a Cowboys offensive lineman from 2002 to ’04. “So the thought process was that you’re going to school just so you can play football.”

It was supposed to be funny.

Miles, the coach at LSU since 2005, denies that he deemphasized academics while at Oklahoma State: “I always said, and I always meant, that academics was the most important thing.” Of the one-finger, two-finger gesture, Miles says it happened just once in “a moment of humor.”

Although, considering the source, there’s another possible explanation.


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Sunday morning buffet

We’re getting close and you need to eat.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Mmm, mmm good…


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This time, the NFL is serious.

Yeah, this’ll fix everything.

The NFL is considering not inviting players who are academically ineligible in college to the scouting combine, a league source told

The move is being discussed because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of the prospects entering the NFL, the source said, adding that if this measure was in place in 2013, a sizable group of players would not have been invited to Indianapolis for the combine.

But they still would have been eligible for the draft.  And, presumably, for private workouts for whatever teams wanted to see them beforehand.  Which makes it little more than some ineffective ass covering when the NFL gets asked about the next Hernandez.

Honestly, this sounds like something Mark Emmert would dream up.  Is stupidity contagious?


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“The academic part, it’s like you have to try to fail.”

You only get one guess as to which school that commit is referring.


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