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Al Golden wishes you a happy holiday.

This is real, and it’s spectacular.

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Tuesday morning buffet

A few tidbits for you to digest…


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Saturday morning buffet

A few things to nosh on while you wait for today’s slate of games:


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Still Chantastic

The next time somebody tries to tell you that the ACC is on the rebound, just point him or her to this header.

In related news, Tech fan haz a sad.


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Meteor coach spat

I mean, does anybody really want to get in the middle of a Paul Johnson-David Cutcliffe pissing match?


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Sunday morning buffet

Wakey, wakey, football fans.


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Monday morning buffet

Let’s get the week rolling with a fully stocked buffet.

  • Tramel Terry is using something Dabo Swinney said to him during recruiting as a motivation stone.
  • Jay Bilas on the NCAA:  “NCAA people are terrific. They are in a bind because they are put in a position of trying to justify these bad policies, and they can’t.”
  • Speaking of the NCAA, it has interviewed Mississippi State freshman Chris Jones about Ole Miss’ recruitment of the five-star defensive end.
  • Alabama’s expected pounding of Virginia Tech is looking less and less impressive.
  • Stirling Bailey’s response to playing against Clemson?  “’Jesus, help me,’ Bailey said with a laugh last week.
  • David Ching takes a detailed look at what Daryl Jones is up to in the wake of Rodney Garner’s departure.
  • He also gives us a breakdown on what Georgia spends its $600,000 recruiting budget.
  • If you think the trials and tribulations of Johnny Football are going to be a distraction for Texas A&M this year, what kind of distraction do you think having five players, including the starting quarterback, listed as witnesses for the prosecution in the sexual assault trial of those former Vanderbilt players will be?
  • David Hale (remember him?) writes about FSU trying to keep up with the SEC Joneses.


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Thursday morning buffet

There’s usually something tempting you can find on the ol’ buffet.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Indulge yourselves.


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FSU, they’re just not that into you.

If you’re wondering how FSU, which supposedly looked for a way out of the ACC for a while, signed on to that shiny new grant of media rights, remember that it always takes two to tango:

Since that time, Barron and FSU officials apparently have done just that, including exploring the possibility of joining the likes of Florida, Alabama and LSU in the SEC.

While it’s difficult to confirm how far those talks advanced, FSU officials came away with the understanding that the SEC saw little financial incentive to adding the Seminoles. Bringing on FSU would neither expand television markets nor open recruiting territories.

Just because you’re willing to go to bed with somebody doesn’t mean your partner will accept.  At least not if he or she is sober.  Or, if you prefer it stated in more commercial terms, you’re not offering enough to make it worth somebody’s while.


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