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That rabbit’s foot looks pretty big from where I’m sitting.

Brandon Larrabee thinks Auburn’s due for “only get so much good fortune in one lifetime”, but the question is how much is too much?

I mean, a Bill Snyder-coached team gets a penalty called on it on the opening kickoff, fumbles one ball to set up a field goal, tosses a crazy interception in the Tigers’ end zone and had more than its share of misses throughout the night.

Speaking of which, three missed field goals?  If I’m coaching against Malzahn, I’m not sure I’d try kicking those anymore.

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“If Auburn hadn’t given him that chance, there’s a good chance Nick would be playing for Kansas State on Thursday night.”

Making tonight’s Auburn-Kansas State tilt the Battle of the Second Chance U’s.

They should come up with a trophy for that.  Other than Nick Marshall, I mean.


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“Of all of our scout team players, Tray is certainly one of them.”

Gus really waxes eloquent about Tray Matthews’ contributions to the team this season.

“I think there’s some value in that, there’s no doubt, just with their ability,” he said Thursday night. “When you’re going scout groups and all that, if you can give a good look up front, I think that’s very critical. And Austin definitely has that ability.”

Tray is probably killing it in their tip drills, though.


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“We just need to do what it takes to win.”

For all of Gus Malzahn’s offseason blathering about balance, it sounds like balanced means whatever works.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But I will say, from what little I’ve seen of Auburn’s offense this season, that Nick Marshall doesn’t look any more polished as a passer than he did last year.  Johnson, his backup, is far better at throwing.  So what does Gus do if he runs into a defense that actually has success slowing Auburn’s running game down?


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Any little birdies out there willing to chirp?

I’ve heard a few rumors that Jonathan Taylor is visiting Auburn today, but nothing concrete… anybody know something definitive about that?

Not that we’ll be surprised if it’s true, or anything.  Second Chance U, to the rescue.


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‘Auburn is the second-chance university.’

Honestly, have two parties fit together better since Tim Tebow played for Corch than Bruce Pearl and Auburn?


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Monday morning buffet

It’s game week.  You know you’ve got an appetite.


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