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Wednesday morning buffet

I’m leaving tomorrow, so enjoy the buffet while you can get it.

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Who knows what Condoleezza Rice will be thinking?

When you don’t have computers making decisions, what’s the next move?  Why, marketing, of course.

That being said, I’m pretty sure Condi’s not voting like this:

Five of those six computer formulas that fed into the BCS standings have merged into the College Football Computer Composite and provide a look at how an entity free of the human element would seed the Playoff — and the entirety of the FBS, for that matter.

This week the CFCC would have an all-SEC four-team playoff of 1 seed Mississippi State, 2 seed Alabama, 3 seed Auburn and 4 seed Mississippi.


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Eh, I’m sure Mickey has our best interests at heart.

Why, Andy Staples, I never knew you were such a cynic.

This is why I question the concept of the committee meeting and releasing weekly rankings from this Tuesday until the first week of December. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament selection committee meets at season’s end, when résumés are complete, and then chooses the teams. That should also be what the football committee does, but the elimination of the BCS left a rankings release show-sized hole in ESPN’s programming schedule. ESPN pays the equivalent of the GDP of certain banana republics to televise this playoff. If it wants a weekly rankings show, it’s going to get one. While I understand the business side of this decision, I worry it will force committee members to become too caught up in the week-to-week ebb and flow of the season, and to get too married to notions that may be true in early November but are proven false by early December.

ESPN driving a course of action that college football doesn’t really need because of naked self-interest?  I’m shocked, shocked, you would suggest something like that.


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Day late and a calculation short

It’s just Georgia’s luck.  The year the computers are falling all over themselves loving the Dawgs is the year college football is going totally subjective with a selection committee picking the postseason field.


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About the nine-game conference schedule

Welp, he’s right about this.

But that’s just the polls.  What happens if/when the selection committee goes another way and hints or outright states the eight-game conference schedule was a factor in the decision?  Besides Mike Slive’s head exploding, I mean.

I’m not predicting here.  Just wondering.


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Opaque transparency

Nobody objected to the Coaches Poll being a part of the national title conversation more than me, but I’ll say one thing for it:  at least the coaches made their last individual ballots public.


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Ladies and gentlemen, our long national postseason nightmare isn’t over.

Yeah, this is fun to think about…

The Stephen King scenario is this: undefeated Mississippi (1) and undefeated Mississippi State (2) play an epic Egg Bowl on Nov. 29, with the winner advancing to meet 11-1 Georgia (3) in the SEC championship game Dec. 6. Georgia wins that in another classic, and the SEC is sitting there with three one-loss teams that all would at least theoretically be ranked in every top four heading into Selection Sunday.

… but if you’ve got playoff fever, there’s a way to cure that bad boy.  More brackets, of course.


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