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Saturday morning buffet

Hey, you get hungry on the weekends, too.

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Not your father’s UT

I think everyone knows Tennessee is in the midst of a dry spell, but until you see it spelled out, it’s hard to understand exactly how parched the last few years have been for the Vols.

  • Tennessee has not scored more than 17 points against Alabama since 2003. In that time, the Crimson Tide have won the SEC’s most famous cross-division rivalry eight out of 10 times.

  • Tennessee has not defeated Florida since 2004, losing the last seven by double digits.

  • Tennessee has lost its last two games to Vanderbilt.

These three opponents are essentially the signposts of a typical Tennessee season. For much of college football history, Alabama has served as a national measuring stick for Tennessee. For the last two decades, Florida has served as an SEC East measuring stick. And beating Vanderbilt has always been a foregone conclusion that emphasizes in-state superiority. The Vols have failed against all three lately, encapsulating the worst era in program history.

The paradigm has shifted, and a program that is in the top 10 in all-time wins next to Oklahoma, Alabama and USC instead ranks among the likes of Syracuse, Minnesota, California and Maryland over the last six years. Among those top-10 winningest programs, this is already the worst stretch any has had in the last 50 years, with four consecutive losing seasons (counting a 6-7 2010 season that ended with a bowl loss).

Oof.  That’s truly sucking.  And the likelihood that it’s going to turn around in a season when Jones has to rebuild both lines in their entirety?  Not too hot, I’d think.


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Forget it, Jake. It’s Knoxville.

If the world is going to give Corch tons of shit for turning a blind eye to Aaron Hernandez’ behavior in Gainesville, I sure hope somebody in the media has a few questions to direct Junior’s way about Janzen Jackson.


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Friday morning buffet

Enjoy the morning’s offerings.


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Sunday morning buffet

There’s always something to fill the chafing dishes.

  • Mark Richt thinks Malcolm Mitchell is growing up.
  • The Notre Dame bloggers are really getting into Brian VanGorder‘s tactics.
  • Has QB guru George Whitfield, Jr. fudged his résumé?  And if so, will anyone care?
  • If you wonder why the Big Five don’t just take their footballs home and start a new organization outside of the NCAA, Andy Staples offers one good reason:  “The cynical among us might also mention they like being tax-exempt; an organization made up solely of those five conferences might not be.”
  • Behold the awesomeness that is the early schedule of the SEC Network.  Gotta have it!
  • Tennessee sure is going through walk-ons like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Does one of the proposals adopted this week in Destin mean what I think it means? “Increase bowl revenue distribution in football and require all teams to be financially responsible for all guaranteed ticket purchases” sounds like the conference won’t be pitching in to cover expense shortages due to unsold tickets any more.  Of course the SEC is stepping in on the front end to limit the size of those packages, but in an age when the bowls are being told to pick for rankings over commercial popularity, that’s a change that could bear watching.
  • Mark Richt likes Mike Bobo a lot more as a coach than he did as a recruit.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Lots of specials from Destin today…


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You know you’re facing problems when…

… you’re hoping that a Willie Martinez-coached bunch can pull your fat out of the fire.

With concerns abounding with tremendous frequency along the front seven of the defense, the Volunteers will be forced, for better or worse, to rely upon an experienced secondary for leadership and production, particularly early in the season.


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