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Would you buy a used head coaching position from this man?

The AD in charge of finding a replacement for Mack Brown has quite an interesting history.

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Tuesday morning buffet

A few tidbits for you to digest…


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Thursday morning buffet

Get in line.

  • Only three SEC schools made it through the regular season without an injury to their starting quarterback.
  • Here we go – jumping on Alabama’s defensive woes against spread attacks.
  • My favorite part of Bill Connelly’s advanced box score from the Georgia-Georgia Tech game?  “Projected Pt. Margin: Georgia Tech +3.0 | Actual Pt. Margin: Georgia +7“.  But, coaching!
  • Here’s a shocker“Every public Division I university in Alabama experienced athletic spending per college athlete grow at a faster rate than academic spending per student from 2007 to 2011…”
  • Is an Iron Bowl rematch a feature, or a bug?
  • Great story on Tim Worley, including this quote from Worley about one-time roommate Bill Goldberg:  “He’s one of those people who would give you the shirt off his back. But when you heard he was going into wrestling, you’d say, ‘I figured something like that.’”
  • Even if this isn’t a fair comparison, it’s not helping Boom that it’s being made in the first place.
  • Kliff Kingsbury on his game day attire:  “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”


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Thursday morning buffet

The bits just keep on coming.


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Random afternoon question

Was Oklahoma’s loss to Texas Big Game Bob’s way of proving to the world that the Big 12 is a more balanced, and thus better, conference than the SEC?


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I cried because my team had no pass defense, until I met a blogger whose team had no play caller.

You upset about how the Missouri game played out?  That’s nothing compared to what a pissed off Brian Cook directs at Al Borges’ playcalling in Michigan’s loss at Penn State.


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If at first you don’t succeed…

screw up, screw up again.

And Mack Brown irately complaining about this call goes down in the Annals of Chutzpah.

It’s pretty pathetic that the only thing guaranteed to come out of that mess is that Paul Rhoads will be reprimanded by the conference.  Can’t hurt those officials’ fee-fees.


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Ladies and gentlemen, the proof is right before your very eyes!

The next time somebody tells me I’m using too small a sample size to make a statistical point, I’m going to outsource the response to Big Game Bob.


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Sunday morning buffet

Wakey, wakey, football fans.


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Warning: contains vulgar language.

A junior Sports Media-Multimedia Journalism major at Oklahoma State University manages to come up with something that, if true, is way more damaging to the OSU program than anything Sports Illustrated has managed to piece together so far.  (And far more colorful, language-wise.)


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