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Ripped from the pages of The Onion

Seriously, you can’t make this shit up:

One of the reasons the Big East may be holding off on any expansion announcements about potential new members is that it is considering a plan that would create a nation-wide football conference incorporating between 28 and 32 teams in four divisions from Conference USA, the Mountain West Conference as well as the Big East.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

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With six, you get egg roll.

Not to be outdone by the SEC’s awkward struggle with scheduling games for thirteen schools, the Big East has decided to go trolling for new members under every mid-major rock in America.

… According to the New York Post, and citing unnamed sources, the Big East will issue invitations to Boise State, Air Force, Navy and UCF — those first three institutions would join as football-only members – once the exit fees are increased.  The Post reports those invitations could be made as early as this weekend.

The Big East had previously announced it had authorized conference officials to expand membership to an even dozen schools.

The final two spots, the Post reports, would come down to Temple, SMU and Houston…

I think they’ll need to rename the conference.  How about the Big East of the China Sea Conference?  Or the One From Column A, Two From Column B Conference?

Oh, and in somewhat related news, evidently Brigham Young won’t be joining the Big 12 because the TV suits said no.

It’s gotten ridiculous.  At some point, maybe they should just eliminate the middleman and name ESPN the commissioner of college football.


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Somewhere, Penn Wagers sighs in relief.

Sorry, Toledo, no refunds for home cooking.

And, yeah, it was a bad call that the replay official inexplicably upheld.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Tasty morsels from the world of college football:

  • This can’t be good“UT now has just eight scholarship seniors, and more than 70 percent of the roster is freshmen and sophomores.”
  • Gene Chizik blames his higher-ups at Iowa State for the unpleasantness surrounding his departure.  Nice.
  • Paul Westerdawg returns to a subject I’ve harped on here:  accountability.
  • There sure are a lot of factors complicating Big East football expansion.  And the conference turned down a $1 billion TV package from ESPN?  Dayum.
  • Speaking of TV packages, it’s probably a good thing Georgia Tech isn’t in the Big East right now.  The Jackets need every penny of that ACC broadcast revenue.
  • Leather Helmet Blog scouts the South Carolina defense.
  • Is Chip Kelly really this stupid?  Or does he just think the NCAA is?


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A man walks into a bar…

and gets a promotion.

Say what you will about college football – even in the offseason, there’s always something going on.


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“Can you get the word ’scumbag’ tattooed on the front of the sports page?”

West Virginia is setting a new standard for dysfunctional coaching staffs.


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Drinking problem

All this report demonstrates is that either West Virginia’s athletic director did a half-assed job vetting Dana Holgorsen before making him the school’s next head coach, or there isn’t much else to do in West Virginia but get buzzed.

Either way, at the rate Holgorsen’s going, it’s soon to be a moot point, as there won’t be any place left in the state where he can go get a drink.


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Dana Holgorsen wants you to know he isn’t wasting time.

West Virginia’s stats from its spring game:  total yardage for the scrimmage reached 838 yards, 683 in the passing game.

In a 40-minute scrimmage, the Mountaineers managed to run over 100 plays.  (Chris Brown has some of the video here, if you’re interested.)

Have fun, Big East.


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“We’re seeing so much throw, throw, throw that it’s kind of hard to learn.”

Talk about your feature turning into a bug:  the offense and defense they’re now running at West Virginia are both exotic enough to have affected training in spring practice.  Take this quote from the defensive coordinator:

“It’s OK if you’re playing (against) pass, pass, pass,” Casteel said. “Cincinnati and Pitt will be that style of offense in the league, but you’ll see Rutgers and Louisville and South Florida in more of pro style and multiple offenses than what this is. Obviously Maryland and LSU and those people are going to present issues with the tight end and multiple tight end sets.”

It occurs to me that, especially once TCU shows up next season, with the variety of offensive and defensive schemes being deployed around the conference, the Big East could turn out to be a fun bunch to watch.


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Friday morning buffet

Something to tide you over until the Ray Drew announcement -


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