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Wednesday morning buffet

I’m leaving tomorrow, so enjoy the buffet while you can get it.

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Mark Dantonio expects to have his cake and eat it, too.

When it comes to chastising students for leaving a game early, Michigan State’s head coach has his athletic director’s back (a game that even the AD acknowledged was “a ‘perfect storm’ with a four-hour game, bad weather and a game that appeared to be over entering the fourth quarter”, mind you).

“When you don’t get what you want at the end of the game, you know, you have to at least let people know that that’s not what you want,” Dantonio said. “You have to at least let people know.”

“There’s a lot of things to do out there after 11 o’clock, I guess,” Dantonio said. “So we didn’t have them there at the end of the game. You know, at the end of the game, we needed them there. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking why. Again, we’re 19‑2 (in the last 21 games). We all want a championship. We feed off our fans. Our players feed off our fans. They just do. …If you want to change something, you’ve got to get involved.

“When you look at Mark Hollis and what he asked for, he’s got to make tough decisions sometimes. And I think that we all look at that, sometimes‑‑ how do you change a culture? Sometimes you have to change a culture internally. Sometimes you have to look out externally.”

And sometimes you have to hope folks are glued to their television sets.

But Dantonio surprised many Tuesday afternoon when he suggested that the Spartans might get a boost with the playoff selection committee over something that has nothing to do with its performance on the field — namely, the Big Ten’s continuing television appeal.

Via the Detroit Free-Press, Dantonio’s comments on what the paper termed “the drawing power of the Big Ten as an asset in the playoff system“:

“If we do what we’re supposed to do or what we’re attempting to do and get in the [Big Ten championship game] and win that game, then I think good things are possible. I think we turn on a lot of TV sets, and let’s not be naïve. It’s about who is watching the game, too. And so you’ve got a quarter of the country watching a football game. They want to see a football team from this part of the country in that game.”

If Michigan State students were really supportive of their program, they’d cut on their TVs and then go to the game, damn it.


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Go ahead, make their day.

The Big Ten continues its fan-friendly ways, as Michigan State athletic director threatens students with vow “to make the changes that will fill Spartan Stadium with Spartan fans that want to be there”.

Maybe that means he’s prepared to upgrade the stadium’s Wi-Fi.



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Monday morning buffet

If your appetite is whetted, have you some.


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Master of the PR arts

Wow, Dave Brandon.  Just wow.


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Dave Brandon’s finally found something to energize Michigan students about the football program.

Unfortunately for him, it’s Dave Brandon.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Lots of weirdness in the buffet today.


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