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Mark Dantonio has a dream of how to settle it on the field.

It’s a dream of an America where only one SEC team is allowed to qualify for college football’s playoff.  Nobly phrased, of course.

“My vision is that you should be the champion of your league before you can be the champion of the country. That would be my vision if I was doing it. It might not happen like that.”

It won’t, Mark.  Be patient, though.  When the playoffs expand to an eight-team field, that’ll probably be large enough to accommodate a Big Ten school.

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The next step past four tickets, four hot dogs, four Cokes

That was dumb enough that Michigan was forced to issue a statement that the promotion was the result of a “miscommunication”.  But the school is still honoring the deal for those folks who bought tickets drinks.

As long as Big Ten Network ratings are good, though…


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Monday morning buffet

Get you a plate and dig in.


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The Big Ten haz a sad.

Playoff math is pretty straightforward:  five power conferences, four spots in the semi-finals.  Somebody’s gonna get left out.

The early leader in the postseason disappointment club house is the Big Ten, which saw an Urban Meyer-coached team lose for the first time at home, a Michigan State team fight hard but eventually fade to No. 3 Oregon and Michigan get shut out by a Notre Dame team still holding out five players due to an academics investigation.  Its only ranked team without a loss, Nebraska, needed the play of the day to pull out a last-minute win against a FCS opponent.

It’s a good thing Jim Delany fancies himself the head of a broadcast network.  A conference commissioner would be a little down in the dumps over that kind of a day.

At least Rutgers and Maryland are undefeated.


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The Big Ten is grumpy, part two.

Proof of an aging fan base:  Ohio State asks its fans to turn in reports to police of people who stand during game play.


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The Big Ten is grumpy, part one.

Northwestern’s head coach partly blames his team’s loss to Cal on local media and bloggers who didn’t report that the backup quarterback could run.

Take a victory lap, fellas.


UPDATE:  Too bad a blogger didn’t give Fitzgerald the lowdown about this.


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Friday morning buffet

We’re getting closer.  Hungry yet?


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