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Charlie Weis had twice as good a season as you thought.

On its official website, Kansas football is counting this year’s spring game as a win on its 2012 schedule.  I kid you not.

I’m having a hard time coming up with anything more pathetic than that. Jeebus.


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The downside to a decided schematic advantage

Charlie Weis is a born salesman.

Honestly, the surprise isn’t that the arrogant ass said that.  It’s that somebody keeps paying the arrogant ass to coach.


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High Plains Grifter

What can you say about a guy who managed to parlay the greatest loss in college football history into a deal that’s still paying him more money from Notre Dame than Brian Kelly received from the school after taking the team to the national title game?

Well, all I can say is that’s it’s a long way down from touting yourself as Mr. Decided Schematic Advantage to picking up flotsam and jetsam from the MAC.

Sadly, however things play out at Kansas, there’s likely another sucker waiting to take a shot with Weis.


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Nothing like getting an expert opinion.

At this point, I think there’s a pretty general consensus that the best reaction to Big Game Bob’s assertion that the SEC isn’t all that because, hey, their crappy teams put their pants on one leg at a time just like the Big 12’s crappy teams do is to yawn because it’s a fairly meaningless observation, particularly given that he’s comparing the bottoms of a 14-team conference and a 10-team one.

But you should know somebody’s got Stoops’ back.  Mr. Decided Schematic Advantage has weighed in.  (Is there something about being a former Gator assistant coach that’s conducive to whining about this?)  And let’s face it – Weis at least has the currency of perspective here.

“We were the only team in the whole league that didn’t play in a bowl game. It was us. We were the sole member,” Weis said. “You talk about bottom-feeders, you think Iowa State was a bottom-feeder?”

Now there’s you some conference pride, buddy!

Nobody knows suck like Charlie Weis knows suck.


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Hey, big spender.

Small consolation, Tennessee fans – at least Dave Hart hasn’t gotten taken this badly.

The cost of a football victory keeps climbing for Kansas.This season, the university paid Charlie Weis $2.5 million for one win — the highest cost per victory among schools whose teams won at least one game, according to an annual analysis of football coaches’ compensation. Kansas paid Turner Gill $1.05 million for each of two wins last season, after paying Gill $700,000 for each of three wins in 2010.

The best part of this story is that it’s actually the continuation of a trend at Kansas.

Kansas is the only Bowl Subdivision school among the top five in cost inefficiency in each of the past three seasons.

This season, KU paid over $1 million more per win more than the school that had the lowest rate of return last season.

That is freakin’ awesome, my friends.  If I were an AD who found myself in the market for a new football coach at the same time Kansas was, I’d make sure the Jayhawks hired first, just to get a name off the board.


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Dana Holgorsen ❤ Charlie Weis.

Feel the respect.

Seriously, is there anybody in college football who likes Weis?


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Charlie Weis’ Plan B

When your decided schematic advantage flops, just give up on the season.

The guy probably thinks he’s playing for the number one pick in the next draft, too.

How would you like to be a Kansas season ticket holder after hearing that?


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