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Dana Holgorsen ❤ Charlie Weis.

Feel the respect.

Seriously, is there anybody in college football who likes Weis?

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Charlie Weis’ Plan B

When your decided schematic advantage flops, just give up on the season.

The guy probably thinks he’s playing for the number one pick in the next draft, too.

How would you like to be a Kansas season ticket holder after hearing that?


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Friday morning buffet

Nom nom nom…

  • Aaron Murray has a legitimate shot at setting the Georgia career touchdown passing record tomorrow.  (He’d trade that for a win, though.  Duh.)
  • Les Miles, on his big-ass fullback J. C. Copeland“He is a large man. He will continue to be that.”
  • Charlie Weis knows what separates the great coaches from the rest – attention to detail.
  • John Pennington reports that the nine-game conference schedule is back on the table for the SEC, because of the need for product for the SEC Network.  Fine by me.
  • Pat Dye isn’t man enough to pick a winner in the Georgia-South Carolina game.
  • Geno Smith’s numbers are insane.
  • Georgia racks up 544 yards of offense tomorrow… and loses?  I can see that happening, with a few untimely turnovers and whatnot.
  • Despite having more scholarship players on its roster, South Carolina has played the same number of kids on scholarship this season as Georgia has.


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“We’re just not going to talk that much this season.”

Paul Myerberg, in his preseason piece on his No.34, Florida, has a villain for last year’s poor showing by the Gators.  First, the historical context:

You can further encapsulate last season’s offense – the Charlie Weis year, you could say – in two points: Florida went 5-3 when holding opponent to 21 points or less and ranked 111th nationally in third down conversions. From 1990, Steve Spurrier’s first season, through 2010, Urban Meyer’s last, Florida lost only six games when allowing 21 points or less.

Then, there’s the Costanza-like advice for the new guy.

Pease will improve Florida’s offense by taking care of the little things. First, find a quarterback. Next, start running with consistency on first down. Set up play action; Boise’s offense is unstoppable when the run sets up the pass. Convert on third down. Don’t rely on the pass to convert on third down. Run in short yardage situations. Protect the quarterback. Get tougher, please. Don’t call for a six-yard out when you need seven yards. Be flexible. Whatever Weis did, do the opposite. Be the anti-Weis.

Okay, okay.  I think we get the point here.  And Myerberg is fair in pointing out that the change in coordinators isn’t likely to make Florida into an offensive powerhouse overnight for the usual reasons, namely identity issues (Pease is the Gators’ third OC in three years) and personnel ones.  But I wonder about something else:  how do we know that Muschamp has a clue about hiring a decent offensive coordinator?  I mean, Weis was a name hire and nothing else.  This time, it wasn’t about hiring a name.  It was about latching on to a program’s (Boise State) offensive success.

Muschamp knows he wants to run his offense out of a pro set, but other than that, he seems to chase the shiny toy.  Here’s something he has to say about his new offense:

He promised more “imagination” on offense with shifts and motions under new offensive coordinator Brent Pease. He said about 50 percent of the strategy could be out of the shotgun format.

“We don’t see a lot of multiple motions and shifts … it creates issues defensively,” noted Muschamp of how Pease could be a challenge for SEC defensive coordinators.

Maybe he wasn’t paying attention to what Gus Malzahn was doing at Auburn when Florida lost to the Tigers last season.  Motions and shifts, multiple or otherwise, aren’t exactly new to the SEC.  And Malzahn’s own track record should perhaps serve as a warning for Muschamp:  successful the first year with a quarterback who wasn’t the most gifted physically but who grasped the offense quickly and ran it well; off the charts the second year with the incandescent Newton; awful last year because none of Auburn’s quarterbacks could handle the responsibility.  Florida, last time I checked, didn’t exactly display the kind of stuff at the quarterback position from which legends are made.

And if there’s a program that’s shown it doesn’t translate well to other places, it’s Boise State.  College football is littered with former Bronco head coaches who couldn’t duplicate their success away from the blue turf.  And Texas, which hired Pease’s predecessor last season to revamp its offense, didn’t exactly set the world on fire, multiple shifts or not.

Maybe this is the time it works, maybe not.  But if you’re wondering why a team with Florida’s defense and Florida’s special teams isn’t more highly thought of in the preseason, maybe there’s more to it than Charlie Weis.


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Some say… he was the tenth-best* offensive coordinator in the SEC last year.

Matt Hayes says he’s already the sixth-best head coach in the Big 12, which is high praise indeed (“The SEC is the nation’s best conference. The Big 12 has the nation’s best coaches.”).

All we know is… he’s called The Weis!

Matt, allow me to give you a clue here.  If Weis were as good a coach as you describe him to be, he wouldn’t be coaching at a sinkhole like Kansas now.

*based on last year’s SEC total offense standings


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Sweating the small stuff with Charlie Weis

You have to see this to believe it.  I’m speechless.


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“I’m more selective in my verbal attacks.”

Painless Charlie Weis manages to reflect nostalgically on his coaching career without a single mention of last year in Gainesville.  Funny how that works.


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It takes a big man…

Even when he does the right thing, Charlie Weis can’t help indulging his inner ass.  Because nothing says class like getting in a pissing match with a 19-year old:

“Today, Brock Berglund is released from his scholarship at KU to pursue other opportunities. Brock and his representatives have publicly stated their case without any public response from me to this point. Brock spent the majority of the past calendar year in Colorado taking online courses at KU’s expense, which was nearly $40,000. At no time was Brock an active participant of the football team. Once competition was recruited at the quarterback position, Brock decided he no longer wanted to be a part of the team. He was expected to show up for a mandatory team meeting on Sunday, Jan. 15, but he sent an email less than two hours before the meeting to inform us that he had decided to transfer and would not be attending the meeting. He was dismissed after following through on that promise.

Although Brock has been granted his release, I only wish that he had showed the same courtesy that other players showed and came to talk to me. He decided that he did not have to follow the same protocol as the other departing members of the football team. I believe no individual should be more important than the team. Brock did not see it that way.”

This from a guy who’s been with how many different teams in the past three seasons?

My favorite part:

Although Weis and KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger said they were acting on principle on this one, the delay in releasing Berglund drew criticism from many. When asked if he was concerned about any negative affects this incident might have in dealing with future players, Weis was blunt.

“No,” he said. “As a matter of fact, it has had absolutely no impact on recruiting.”

It hasn’t?  It sure as hell should.  That line about being a jerk on principle ought to go over swimmingly with many recruits and their parents.


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You’re dismissed, kid. Just don’t go anywhere.

Charlie Weis’ bouts of dickishness don’t come as a surprise, but there’s some true chutzpah to the story of former Kansas quarterback Brock Berglund that manages to elevate Weis’ reputation.

… On Dec. 27, Berglund, a freshman quarterback, sent athletic director Sheahon Zenger an email asking permission to speak to other coaches, but made it clear he had not decided whether he was transferring.

Seven days later — the last day Kansas could respond without forfeiting its right to hold Berglund to his scholarship commitment — Berglund’s request was denied and, just to make sure it didn’t have to send a separate letter, Kansas also denied any potential transfer request.

That didn’t stop Berglund from submitting an official transfer request on Jan. 15 as well as a notice that he would not be at a mandatory team meeting on Jan. 16. Berglund said he spoke with his lawyer about the meeting and worried that if he attended the meeting it would lock him into another semester at Kansas.

“We had been talking about that meeting for a week or more and just how we were going to handle it,” Berglund said. “In essence, once you show up on campus that day of that meeting, you would have locked yourself in for the next semester. And if you don’t finish the semester you make yourself academically ineligible to transfer. So, that meeting marked a lot more than just a mandatory team meeting.”

Berglund’s failure to attend the meeting was the reason given for his dismissal…  [Emphasis added.]

Catch 22, sucker.  Now go to class so Weis’ APR problems don’t get any worse.  And on the way, don’t forget to thank the NCAA for enabling coaches like Weis to bully student-athletes they didn’t sign and don’t really want.


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Tuesday morning buffet

With just a week to go until the bowl game, the buffet gets a little Sparty.

  • Vince Dooley would consider this news a lot bigger than some:  MSU suspends its long snapper for the Outback Bowl.
  • Can someone explain to me why Chris Petersen would be interested in the Penn State job?
  • LSU’s fullback questions the manhood of Auburn’s defensive players.  (Actually, he doesn’t question it; he comes right out about it.)
  • If I’m a coach thinking of taking a job with Illinois, I’m reading my contract very carefully.
  • One more reason the 2012 SEC schedules haven’t appeared yet:  But we were told by one SEC employee last week that “it may be necessary to break up one pair of rivals for 2012 only.”
  • You wonder about an Outback Bowl letdown when you read stuff like this“The Spartans spelled out their goals entering this season with the four-letter acronym “P4RB” – play for the Rose Bowl by winning a second straight Big Ten title.”
  • This is sort of the interception analogue to the famous Tyrone Prothro TD catch off the defender’s back, except goofier looking.
  • Sad, but true:  Charlie Weis gets commitments from two quarterbacks who lost their starting spots at other schools and it’s hailed as a major step up for the quarterbacking situation at Kansas.  Too bad he can’t fix the defense like that.
  • Here’s a look at Mark Dantonio’s track record at Michigan State.
  • “It doesn’t get more American than whiskey.”


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