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Tuesday morning buffet

By all means, help yourselves.

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Friday morning buffet

Get your feed bag on.


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Profiles in chutzpah

Jameis Winston’s attorney is objecting to FSU’s planned disciplinary hearing because the school hasn’t conducted it in a timely manner.

“Winston’s cooperation came with the expectation that the process would be fair,” Cornwell wrote in the letter. “In this regard, I advise FSU that I believe ‘Mr. Winston is entitled to an explanation for FSU’s decision to ignore its own policy with respect to the timeliness of the Title IX process.'”

I think we’d all like to hear that explanation.


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Tuesday morning buffet


  • Arkansas threw the ball 40 times in the Alabama game.
  • Speaking of throwing, broke down Hutson Mason’s game against Mizzou.  (Hint:  he likee.)
  • Jimbo Fisher goes all in on Jameis Winston“. . . There is not a victim because there was no crime. . .”
  • And speaking of Winston, hoo boy.
  • Coach Richt, on his evolution at head coach:  “I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t do as much hands-on coaching as I used to. Mike Bobo and Pruitt are doing most of that now. I deal with more things during the game and in the week preceding the game.”
  • Jerry Palm notes that the selection committee will continue the tradition of not taking margin of victory into account.  Idiots.
  • The descent of Jeff Driskel is a thing:  “Right now, Jeff would probably start, but both will play.”  The “probably” is an especially nice touch.
  • Speaking of Boom, this is still a thing, too.
  • Georgia moves up a whopping twelve spots, to ninth, in the latest F/+ rankings.


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Roll ‘em, Tide.

In Athens, eating a marijuana brownie is grounds for suspension.

In Tuscaloosa, having more than 100 grams of marijuana and almost $5,000 in cash in your room doesn’t even merit an arrest.

Jimmy Williamson is speechless.


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— “due to the fact that it was an F.S.U. football player,” the report said.

When it comes to the dispensation of justice in most college football towns in the South – leaving the obvious local example out of the mix for the moment – I’m as cynical as anybody.  But this New York Times story on police department shenanigans in Tallahassee still managed to make me shake my head.

As far as comparisons between Tallahassee and Athens go, they might as well be on different planets.  Check this story out:

When Jesus (Bobo) Wilson, an up-and-coming wide receiver, was stopped by the Tallahassee police in June while riding a stolen Bintelli Sprint motor scooter, his story was dubious: He claimed he had borrowed it from a student whose last name he did not know. But for Officer Michael Petroczky, it was convincing enough to forestall an arrest.

The officer, noting in his report that Mr. Wilson was a Florida State football player, wrote: “Wilson was not arrested today because he cooperated, showed no signs of guilt and provided a plausible story that needs to be investigated.”

According to the scooter’s owner, Mr. Wilson’s football connections weighed heavily on the case. After letting Mr. Wilson go, the officer arranged to meet the owner, a Florida State student, in a campus parking lot at night and “questioned if I was mentally stable or if I had forgotten that I lent him the scooter,” the student said in an email interview. The officer seemed deeply reluctant to charge Mr. Wilson, saying he did not want his name on the arrest report, according to the student.

“He told me that he had not arrested Wilson because he was a football player, and he did not want to ‘ruin’ his record by arresting him” if there was a chance he might be innocent, the student wrote.

Plus, anyone named Jesus deserves the benefit of the doubt, anyway, right?

At least we know that Jameis Winston wasn’t the recipient of special treatment.

Read the whole thing. You’ll be shaking your head, too.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet.


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