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“I always let the coordinators be where they want to be,” Saban said.

Except in the case of Junior.

Gee, I wonder why.

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Wednesday morning buffet

Buffet away.


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The mystery of Nick and Lane

So, I found myself watching a good bit of ESPN coverage of SEC Media Days – Jeebus, are we in for a long year on that front – and listened to a debate between Kanell and Palmer about Lane Kiffin’s future at Alabama.  (Hint:  both think Junior won’t have his bags unpacked in Tuscaloosa all that long.)

All of which made me wonder what Nick Saban was thinking when he hired Kiffin in the first place. I understand why the Laner jumped at the opportunity to burnish his credentials, plus perhaps add “finally, team player” to his resume. But what does the practical Saban get out of the arrangement?  Alabama’s got all the promotional attention it needs.  As Spurrier reminded us this week, Saban recruits like a sumbitch and hardly needs any help on that front. Is Kiffin really the offensive genius he wants us all to believe he is?  Nothing in his history at USC suggests that’s really the case; much of his reputation was the result of having phenomenal talent at his disposal as a coordinator.  Certainly his last two years as head coach presiding over a shrinking talent base don’t indicate that.

So if the man is gone in a year or two, following his ambitions, what will Saban have gained?  No snark intended here. Saban is as sharp as they come, so there must be something he sees.  I just don’t get what that might be.



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Forget it, Jake. It’s Knoxville.

If the world is going to give Corch tons of shit for turning a blind eye to Aaron Hernandez’ behavior in Gainesville, I sure hope somebody in the media has a few questions to direct Junior’s way about Janzen Jackson.


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Freedom isn’t free.

When I was in high school, I had a job at a delicatessen, working afternoons and weekends.  The pay wasn’t great, but one of the perks of the job was that the owners let the employees eat for free.  Most of us didn’t abuse that, but there was this one guy who used to inhale lox like he was addicted to it.  And even back in the ’70s, smoked salmon was an expensive luxury item.  It got so bad that the owners offered him a good raise if he’d start paying for what he ate.  He turned the raise down.

The reason I bring this story up is that, after reading this Kevin Scarbinsky column on Junior’s new contract… well, I wonder what the Laner would do if he were offered more money to keep his yap shut in public.  Tough call, I bet.


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A tale of two contracts

Nick Saban’s new deal:  eight years, $6.5 million per year with a $400,000 completion bonus.

Junior’s new deal:  three years, $680,000 for the first two years and $714,000 for the third year.

Hard to question Saban’s numbers, other than why it took seven months to hash out the contract extension.   But I continue to be amazed at every new SEC offensive coordinator who does better, financially speaking, than Mike Bobo.


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The yin to Saban’s yang

Junior, I mean.

Nick’s the buttoned up, kinda grumpy, don’t have time for this shit dude.  Laner’s the guy who writes checks with his mouth he can’t cash.

“As you guys know extremely well, I think the offense is led by the tailbacks. … There probably aren’t three more talented tailbacks in the NFL on a roster than we’re fortunate to be able to work with at Alabama.”

Well, now.


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