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Tight, tighter, tightest

We haven’t had a reader poll in a while.  Here’s an easy one:  which coach has the tightest sphincter in college football right now?  I’ll give you a choice of three.

  • Mack Brown, who’s in full “remain calm, all is well” mode after firing his defensive coordinator two games into the season;
  • Junior, who announced his latest starting quarterback decision with one of the more awkward videos you’ll see; or
  • Boom, who’s elected after Florida’s embarrassing loss to Miami to keep his coaching staff and players away from the media.

Remember, there are no wrong answers here.

Feel free to explain yourselves in the comments.

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L’offense, c’est moi.

Junior is, ahem, rather full of himself.  Still.

This from a guy who masterminded an offensive attack that scored fewer points against last year’s Georgia Tech defense than any school not named Presbyterian.


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Kiffin watch: Et tu, Barkley?

Shorter Matt Barkley:  the biggest regret about my senior season was not letting my teammates know I thought the head coach was a dick.


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The Evil Genius vs. Mickey

Boy, talk about not having a dog in this fight.  Although I imagine the suits at ESPN had a nice chuckle over Spurrier’s empty Fox Sports threat.

I’m a little disappointed that Spurrier didn’t take a shot at Junior by name, though.


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Sunday morning buffet

Grab a plate and indulge yourself.


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Everybody haz a sad.

Just wondering – who should we feel more sorry for this morning, Manti “Lennay Kekua affected my performance in the BCS National Championship Game against Alabama” Te’o or Lane “my last season made Georgia’s 2008 season seem fulfilling by comparison” Kiffin?


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Thursday morning buffet

Take a plate and keep moving.


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Kiffin watch, math iz harrd edition

In his defense, Junior’s been dealt a hard hand to play with the effect of the NCAA sanctions on USC’s roster numbers.  But he knew the job was difficult when he fell into took it.  So nobody’s going to feel sorry for him if he gets his hand burned from being a little too aggressive massaging the offers.

Which is what’s happened.

Defensive end Kylie Fitts, a four-star recruit Rivals ranked seventh nationally at his position, was committed to USC and took extra high school classes so he could graduate early and enroll at the university in January.

Fitts talked to a couple USC coaches at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 5 and they said they were ready to have him on campus. But the following Monday, he received a call saying his scholarship was no longer available for the spring semester.

Fitts was supposed to be on campus on Jan. 10.

The Trojans didn’t pull his scholarship entirely, but deferred him to the fall because they didn’t have a scholarship freed up from a graduating senior like they thought they would. However, since Fitts had already graduated high school, he had nowhere to go and didn’t want to wait.

There’s something remarkable going on here.  It’s not a case of a coach pulling the plug on a marginal kid – Fitts is highly ranked, isn’t injured and doesn’t have academic concerns.  The Laner just thought Fitts was so awed by the idea of playing for him that he’d put his life on hold for a few months.  Maybe that approach would have more sway if USC was coming off a big bowl win, or an appearance in a BCS game, but unfortunately for Kiffin, a Sun Bowl loss to Georgia Tech lacks a certain cachet.

Fitts’ high school coach is even less enamored of Junior than Fitts is, judging by this:

Hey, when Junior gets canned at USC and jumps back to an NFL head coaching slot a couple of weeks later, he’ll remind us it’s all part of the plan.


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Kiffin watch: stylin’


General roundup here.


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When a pompous force meets a narcissitic object…

You try to put the Laner and the Genius together in the same place, something like this seems almost inevitable.


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