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Is anybody going to teach the SEC a scheduling lesson?

Allen Kenney thinks the WWL might choose to push the SEC to reconsider its adherence to an eight-game conference schedule.

Now imagine a panel of ESPN talking heads hammering viewers and selection committee members with those talking points on Tuesday nights when the committee’s rankings are unveiled. (Great part about Tuesday night: No NFL game to go up against.) Now imagine Kirk Herbstreit doing that on a Saturday night broadcast from Norman. Now imagine Damon Huard talking that noise on a Wednesday afternoon edition of College Football Live. And on and on…

Does the committee snubbing ‘Bama in favor of one of the power conference champs really seem so unrealistic in that scenario? In fact, how many of the “second” SEC candidates since 2006 actually seem immune to that kind of politicking by the debate embracers?

And since we’re dealing in backstabbing hypotheticals, think of the outcry in SEC country if that went down. If it happened multiple times, Mike Slive would need an armed militia to get around Birmingham. Unless the other conferences agreed to expand the playoff before the term of the four-team joint is up, try to find a better solution than adding another conference game.

Seeing as ESPN already owns the SEC media rights for the next 85 years or something, Mickey might even get those extra conference games for free.

Me, I’m a little skeptical about Mickey moving things.  Not that the talking heads won’t stir the pot, but I don’t think ESPN expects to get something (better broadcast inventory for the SEC Network) for nothing.  If it did, we’d already be hearing about that.  As for the pot stirring, I’m guessing Slive’s already taken that into consideration and isn’t particularly concerned.  And why should he be, when Jeff Long is chairing the selection committee?


There’s another way to skin the cat, one that I suspect most of us would cheer.  Consider the question asked by UCF’s AD as he ponders the scheduling world made by Mike Slive’s word:

“I don’t really have an issue with requiring a ‘Power 5′ game; my question is why do they continue to schedule FCS?” Hansen said. “How is that going to be counted? In basketball a game against a Division II school doesn’t count in the RPI. It’ll be interesting to see how that is (viewed by the committee), but that’s the thing that’s a little more perplexing.”

Yeah, I’d say.  So what happens if the selection committee members were to announce that FCS games wouldn’t be counted in their deliberations?  I bet that would move the scheduling needle in a hurry.

If you’re looking for affection and support from the public, fellas, forcing schools out of the cupcake hosting business would get you a helluva lot more love than a weekly rankings show will.

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Love is a many weekly thing.

Of all the reasons in the world to have the playoff selection committee release results weekly, this is one of them.

Notice Delany doesn’t say whose affection he’s competing for.  But you know, right?

Honestly, fellas, there are times when you make it really hard for me to care about your sport.


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At least he didn’t blame Mark Richt for losing control.

Herbie weighs in.

All on the player.  Crickets on the institution.  Because?


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New meme takes root.

When you’ve got Chris Low asking “When’s the last time the fans really mattered?” in the context of the new SEC schedule rule, I’d say the house line at ESPN indicates your broadcast partner isn’t very impressed with your work, Mike Slive.


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Birth of a new meme?

I know Chris Fowler doesn’t speak for all of ESPN, but, still, I could see this taking hold with the talking heads at the WWL quite easily:

Say that a few times on a national broadcast and see if it doesn’t start sticking with the public… and the selection committee.


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But they said Larry Scott is a genius.

The Pac-12 discovers that broadcast partnership thingy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  What a surprise.

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Mark Richt has lost control over random ESPN lists.

You gotta love it – here’s a list of the fourteen SEC programs, ranked in order of having “the most to accomplish this spring”.  Georgia’s smack dab in the middle, with this description:

Georgia: Jeremy Pruitt should breathe some new life into a struggling Georgia defense. Having Hutson Mason to replace Aaron Murray helps as well. But off-the-field problems continue to plague Mark Richt’s program. With stars such as Todd Gurley, the players are there. The pieces just need to come together. [Emphasis added.]

Guess how many other programs he cites as having off-the-field problems.  You don’t really need to guess, do you?


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Monday morning buffet

As you might expect, there’s a little extra union-y seasoning in the chafing dishes this morning.


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Insufferable? The SEC Network? Well, yeah.

Allen Kenney is a wee bit irritated with Disney’s… er, um… support for its new broadcast partner.

Whatever the case, it struck me as weird to see an ESPN-owned venture unabashedly cheerleading for an entity that its news division claims to cover objectively. (It’s not just one random tweet either – a look down the account’s timeline reads like a pep rally.) Imagine the NFL Countdown Twitter feed openly pulling for one team in the Super Bowl.

The idea that ESPN is in bed with the people and organizations that it covers isn’t exactly earth-shattering. The Worldwide Leader should have changed its tagline to “conflicts of interest” years ago. But if the Embrace Debaters in Bristol really don’t have any objection to acting as propaganda machines for everyone on Team Disney, get ready for the level of toxicity in college football media to kick into overdrive.

That sound you hear is Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave.

Lighten up, Francis.  The SEC Network has its very own 21st century version of Edward R. Murrow.  His name is Paul Finebaum.  How much more objective could it get than that?

And if you think that Twitter feed is obnoxious, let me just say that you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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Maryland thinks it’s suffered enough already.

I tell you what, if Maryland had put as much effort into managing the financial affairs of its athletic department as it is fighting the ACC’s attempt to collect a $52 million exit payment following its announced departure to the Big Ten, the Terps may never have felt the pressure to leave in the first place.  It’s served a number of its former peers (North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Duke, North Carolina State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Virginia) with subpoenas.  It’s also hit the conference with a demand about… scheduling.

Maryland has also requested documents connected to the formation of the Maryland men’s basketball team’s 2013-14 ACC schedule. For the first time since the league was founded, the Terps did not host Duke or North Carolina in College Park. At the league media day in Charlotte, ACC Commissioner John Swofford was asked how a scheduling quirk like that comes about and whether it was connected to Maryland’s pending departure.

“Through the regular scheduling process,” Swofford said then. “That’s not particularly unusual. The great thing we have in this league right now, when you look at the quality of programs, you can’t have a bad home schedule. You’re going to have quality teams and quality brands coming in wherever you are. Obviously one of the things you lose when you get bigger is some people don’t play each other as much. That’s just part of the growth.”

Mike Slive nods in agreement.

Give ‘em credit for being persistent buggers.

According to a motion to stay discovery filed by the ACC on March 4, Maryland served the ACC 94 document requests covering a time span of 12 years in late December. Shortly thereafter, the court filing says, Maryland began serving subpoenas to the ACC schools and eight third-party media entities and subpoenas are currently pending with at least 19 separate entities seeking more than 35 categories of documents from each.

In the example subpoenas filed to Duke and North Carolina State, 47 categories of documents are requested, ranging from documents related to the ACC’s constitution to media talking points after Maryland announced its departure to the evaluation of possible new members.

Third-party media entities?  Not Disney!  Well, yes, now that you mention it.

In addition, Maryland has served subpoenas to ESPN, consistent with its allegation that the television network coaxed the ACC into trying to lure Big Ten schools away.

I assume the irony isn’t escaping anyone there.


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