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Saturday morning buffet

A pre-game buffet for your dining pleasure.

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Not so fast, my friend.

You could see this one coming a mile away.

But being fast is not as important as being right.

That’s the word this week from Florida coach Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Kurt Roper coming off the 65-0 opening-day win over Eastern Michigan in which the offense was not really all that fast getting lined up and firing off plays.

Execution takes priority over speed in the Gators’ new spread, uptempo offense.

“My ideal is to no-huddle, we’re quick tempo, we’re at the ball, we can play fast whenever we need to play fast,” Roper said Tuesday. “I’ve never been one to really harp on tempo. It’s all about execution, staying on the field and those things.”

“I think we can change tempo based on the game situation and how we want to go about things. That never really presented itself,” Muschamp said. “We felt pretty comfortable in the rhythm we were in.

Boom isn’t a no-huddle, break neck guy.  He’s a defensive guy who wants the pace of a game to favor his defense.  So while he may hire an offensive coordinator who utters devotion to tempo, that’s not the same thing as sticking with a high paced offensive attack game in and game out.  And I’ve seen nothing from him in his stint at Gainesville to suggest he won’t hesitate to have Roper tone it down to a level he’s more comfortable with.

That kind of approach worked so well at Auburn, where it cost two successive head coaches their jobs.  Of course, maybe Muschamp wouldn’t know about that, since he’s never coached at Aub… oh, wait.


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“It’s not false bravado. It’s real.”

Boy, it’s something to see what getting medieval on last season’s third-worst D-1 scoring defense’s ass does for a coach’s confidence.


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Boom don’t need no stinkin’ twelfth game.

Kind of amusing to see the preseason “keep an eye out for the Gators” talk dwindle to “7-5 looks a whole lot better than 6-5.” after the news came out that Florida and Idaho elected not to reschedule their rained out game from last weekend.


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Oh Lord, please don’t let Boom be misunderstood.

It seems that Agent Muschamp is getting some pushback about ending three player suspensions based on a one-play game against Idaho and doesn’t particularly like it.

So what don’t we know, Coach?

While Muschamp criticized his critics for failing to have all of the information, he decided against adding any details that could perhaps cast his reinstatement in a different light.

I guess he could tell us, but then he’d have to kill us.


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Time served.

Florida suspended three players for its opener against Idaho.  You know, the game that was suspended after the kickoff.  One play.  So…

The answer is as obvious as the heat on Boom’s tuchis.


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Joker Phillips and the street people

So word is Florida is pissed that Miami turned in Joker Phillips for violating the bump rule and none of the cool kids will hang out with the ‘Canes these days.  At least that’s what a bunch of unnamed sources claim.  I’m not exactly sure it’s such a bad thing.

“There’s a lot of street people in Miami,” one of the assistants said. “How do you think they feel about what the University of Miami did to Joker Phillips?”

Yeah, because if you’re a college football program trying to shake off the aftermath of the Nevin Shapiro mess, you really don’t want to mess with the street people.

Whoever that assistant is, he’s an idiot.


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