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Oh, sure, blame it on us.

I’m beginning to think that in a few days I’m about to experience the weirdest Cocktail Party vibe ever.

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Love gets you twisted.

It’s funny, but I recognize the place Spencer Hall is at today.  It’s the same place I visited five years ago.

What’s funny is that he’s at least approaching the dumpster fire with the knowledge that Muschamp won’t be coaching in Gainesville in the near future.  I expressed myself while thinking that Richt would stay as Georgia’s head coach in 2010.  Fortunately, the way events played out, patience was the correct call.  But that sure didn’t make me feel any better at the time.  Which is probably why I didn’t have the stomach for gallows humor then.


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Abandon all hope, ye who enter Gainesville.

This is simply sad beyond words.

(Photo by Stranko Montana)

After losing 42-13 to Mizzou on homecoming night in the new new low of lows, only two players came over for the alma mater: punter Kyle Christy, and lineman Trip Thurman. I can’t write anything sadder than that image. I can’t write anything with more hope than that image, either.

This, however, is beyond amazing.

Florida held Maty Mauk to a passer rating of 31.5 – lower than his rating of a week ago against Georgia – and still lost by 29 points.  I honestly have a hard time understanding how something like that is even possible.

Muschamp’s head coaching career looks to be over in Gainesville after that debacle – it wouldn’t have surprised me to have been greeted by news of Foley’s decision when I woke up this morning – but my only question at this point is a selfish one.  How will his status affect the Cocktail Party?

This wouldn’t be the first time Richt’s coached against a lame duck in Jacksonville.  In 2004 he got a win, but what looked like an easy game early got uncomfortably tight before the Dawgs put it away.  Then again, this may be the worst Gator offense I’ve ever seen.

[Insert "but Florida always gives Georgia its best shot" reference here.]

What do you guys think?


UPDATE:  When you’ve lost Pat Dooley


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“There certainly is a path to Atlanta for the Gators.”

Forget it, Matt.  It’s the SEC East.

“We have everything in front of us,” junior tailback Matt Jones said. “We have next up Missouri, Georgia, Vanderbilt and South Carolina. We’ve got to win four games straight. They’re all beatable teams.”

The catch is that so is your team.


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“I coached at Florida, and I remember they wanted to fire Dan Mullen.”

Do Gator fans want to live in a world where desired head coaching candidate speak disparagingly about them?

I could get used to it.


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Battle of the Titans

Saturday’s Florida-Missouri game matches the two starting quarterbacks with the worst passer ratings in the SEC.  Should be epic.


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Jeff Driskel, Florida just can’t quit you, baby.

He’s like a coach on the field!

That explains so much.


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