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Friday morning buffet

Go get ‘em, Tiger.

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Adios, Joker.

So, Joker Phillips is out at Florida, ostensibly for the standard “personal reasons”, although there is a mysterious hint that it has something to do with NCAA recruiting violations.  His replacement to coach the wide receivers is former Gator quarterback Chris Leak.

You can choose to focus on different parts of the story – what Phillips did, how Florida fills the gap on the recruiting front, Leak and Tebow jokes – but the part to me that’s most significant about this is that it marks the second time in three years that Boom has turned to a graduate assistant to coach his receiving corps.

That’s why you can’t have a nice passing game, Gator fans.


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Thursday morning buffet

Okay, here you go.


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Rodney Dangerfield is wearing orange and blue.

Damn it, Robbie Andreu is puzzled.

After being around other members of the media way too much last week at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, I walked away with the distinct feeling that those who cover SEC football think the Gators are basically going to be no factor in the conference race this season.

I’m not really sure why preseason opinions of Florida seem so low. Maybe the other hacks can’t get that Georgia Southern stain off their minds, or maybe they’ve forgotten all those crippling injuries that helped wreck UF’s season in 2013, and the fact most of those guys will be back in 2014, including starting quarterback Jeff Driskel (who really seems to get no respect from the media around the SEC).

That Georgia Southern loss?  Well, yeah.  Blame injuries as much as you want for that disappointing season – well, except for the loss to equally crippled Georgia – but the Gators still should have had enough in the tank to beat a 1-AA team in the Swamp.

Gotta admit “the other hacks” is a nice touch, though.


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Bernie Machen wants those transferring kids to stay out of his yard.

Amid news that the SEC not surprisingly has dropped its resistance to the graduate transfer rules comes some rather muddled thinking from Florida President Bernie Machen (okay, not his first rodeo when it comes to that):

Florida president Bernie Machen opposes the NCAA rule allowing immediate eligibility at a new school if a player graduates. Florida has recently added two high-profile graduate transfers: Virginia football player Jake McGee and Michigan basketball player Jon Horford.

“If they really wanted to transfer somewhere else, they should sit out a year,” Machen said. “Why didn’t Horford stay at Michigan another year? Because he had a free pass.”

When asked why not give athletes the flexibility to transfer once they’ve accomplished the goal of graduating, Machen replied, “Go to grad school at Michigan. They have some pretty good grad schools. … It’s really just a way for a school to fill a void at the very last minute, or a player going to get more playing time without having to sit out.”

Um, dude, do you even talk to your head coaches?  And if you do, why not simply tell them you won’t allow the transfers?


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There’s a reason to have Huntley Johnson on retainer.

If a spilled drink was a sufficient motive for Aaron Hernandez to kill two men in Boston, what in the hell did Corch have to cover up in Gainesville?  It’s not like you become less mature after college, right?

Then again, maybe having Tebow out of his life drove Hernandez to a life of crime.


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Thursday morning buffet

The shipment from Destin has arrived.  Dig in.


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This is how you give a team a pass.

From its The SEC schedule-makers never seem to give the Gators any sort of a break…” through its breezy assertion that best offensive player Jeff Driskel is actually a lot better than you think… to how injuries totally explain a 4-8 season (so why did Boom can most of his offensive staff, then?), Pete Fiutak’s Florida preview is a textbook example of its kind.

Actually, that sells it short.  Here’s what elevates it to masterpiece status.

And it’s not like there were any truly cheap losses, and – don’t scoff – that sort of includes Georgia Southern.


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“If you want to coach at Florida… Criticism comes with the job.”

It’s the offseason in Gainesville, and the natives are getting restless with Agent Muschamp.

One animated gentleman asked Muschamp how he’ll handle a 2014 schedule with Alabama, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina and Florida State.

“All those programs are ahead of you right now,” he exclaimed.

A fourth win in a row this year and we’ll start seeing some Gator heads explode.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are full, so knock yourselves out.


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