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Saturday brunch buffet

Slide up and load a plate.

  • Fans get to vote on where the Goodyear Blimp shows up opening weekend.  Georgia vs. Clemson is one option.
  • Groo has some thoughts about the Star position.
  • Phil Steele, the New York Times and conference predictions.
  • Paul Myerberg has Auburn at #9 on his preseason preview list.  (He thinks Kansas State is more likely to beat the Tigers than Georgia.)
  • It sounds like Ramik Wilson’s coaches are trying to send him a message.
  • John Sununu thinks it’s time to tax college athletics.
  • It’s a sign of what people think of the NCAA that some thought Oklahoma’s request for a waiver for Dorial Green-Beckham to play this season might be approved.  It wasn’t.
  • Think there’s much of a talent gap in the ACC?  One conference coach does: “According to one ACC coach, FSU is so stocked with talent across its depth chart that he believes about half the league’s teams do not have one player who would start for Florida State this year based on what he’s seen on film.”
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All hail Hale!

Those of you who’ve missed David Hale can dial up this episode of the Seth and Gentry Show to the ten minute mark and hear him discuss Jeremy Pruitt and Clemson.


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Can we salvage the Nicholls State experience?

You were alerted to the exciting news in yesterday’s comments:

A home game against FCS team Nicholls State has been added to Georgia’s 2016 schedule, according to an agreement signed between the two schools earlier this month and obtained by Dawgs247 via an open records request.

No date has yet been determined for the game, and UGA is obligated per terms of the deal to pay Nicholls State $525,000 for the contest at Sanford Stadium.

The Colonels of Thibodaux, La., are members of the Southland Conference. They went 4-8 last season, losing their final six games.

When you’re only willing to release scheduling news in response to an open records request, it’s pretty obvious you’re not expecting a classic matchup.  Should make for must see watching on the SEC Network, right?

So, if you’re Greg McGarity, you know what you’ve got – a cheap cupcake game that isn’t going to generate much fan enthusiasm on its face.  But is it possible to make lemonade out of lemons?  I can’t say for sure, but it’s worth the effort, I would think.  So in the spirit of this post, here are a few suggestions to enhance the game day experience:

  • Suspend the tailgating rules.  This game is gonna have an early kickoff time and life is too short as it is.  So why not let people set up like they used to before Michael Adams got a bug up his ass?  While you’re at it, spend some of the money you saved on the guarantee fee by putting out plenty of trash cans, Porta-Potties and people to keep those accessible.
  • Roll back concession prices.  And make a big deal about it.  Another while you’re at it:  train plenty of staff to man the concessions and keep the lines moving efficiently.
  • Create an online portal for ticket exchanges.  No matter what you do, there are plenty of ticket holders who ain’t coming.  So why not come up with a way to get their tickets in the hands of people who would jump at the chance to see a Georgia game?  Create a way for people to transfer their tickets freely to others.  Promote it heavily.  What’s in it for Butts-Mehre if there’s no charge?  Well, if you do it right, you get an online list of people registering for tickets who you can reach out to and promote the program.

Beyond that, work with the city/county and local business to make people feel wanted and appreciated.  Make a big deal out of the efforts you make, too.  Overall, treat us like valued customers instead of wallets and you might be surprised by the response.  What have you got to lose?

Any other suggestions?


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The Montana Project comes home.

I’ve known about something for a while that I’ve kept under my hat in order not to jinx it:  our man Hoppy, star of stage and screen, is coming for the opener against Clemson to take in his first game between the hedges.

I promised the man at the time that if he ever showed up here, he’d never have to buy a beer in this state and I intend to keep up my part of the bargain.  In that spirit, I’ve invited him to my modest tailgate that day.  He’s accepted.  So what the hey, you’re invited, too.

This will be a completely ramshackle affair, befitting me and the blog.  You’re welcome to come, but bring your own consumables – and some beer for the man and his four-person group, all of whom contributed to the making of the video.

We’ll be set up somewhere in the railroad lot just up the street from the stadium (I think it’s Lot 29).  Hoppy, as you might expect of someone who’s making his first pilgrimage to the Classic City, has several stops to make, so he won’t be spending his entire day with us.  But we’ll get some sort of formal time arranged for anyone who’d like to know when to come by and meet.  In other words, there will be a follow-up post or two about this.  Basically I just wanted to get an early word out.

Hope to see some of you there.


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The problem with exercises like this one, aside from coachspeak (Of the 65 coaches, ‘hungry’ was the most common description.”) is the lack of nuance.

Is Richt saying…

  • “Wow, wait ’til people get a load of Isaiah McKenzie”?
  • “Wow, I can’t believe Ray Drew is on the scout team”?
  • “Wow, Todd Gurley”?
  • “Wow, I can’t believe that with a week to go we haven’t settled on the starters in the secondary yet”?

Beats me.

What do you think he’s ginned up about?


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Is it time to fret yet?

Put it this way:  I’m not exactly nestled in my comfort zone with comments like this one from Richt.

“It’s just not a lot settled at a lot of positions, especially on the defensive side of the ball,” Richt said after Wednesday’s mini-scrimmage at Sanford Stadium. “I’m concerned about it. But the dust is gonna settle, and guys are gonna go out there and play ball, and we’ll see what they’re made of.”

I dunno; maybe he’s bs-ing.  Georgia didn’t run a full scrimmage yesterday, electing instead to hit without tackling to the ground.  So if the staff is still up in the air about a number of personnel decisions, it’s hard to see how they’re going about their evaluations.  But this doesn’t sound like smoke blowing to me:

The issue, he said, was “settling a lot of questions” on personnel, starting jobs and rotations.

Richt said there were a couple reasons for that:

- Injuries. The most notable one was Ramik Wilson, the All-SEC inside linebacker who was out about 10 days with a concussion. Richt also pointed to cornerback Devin Bowman, who was making a good move but then suffered a hamstring injury and is out right now.

- The youth and experience, especially in the secondary. Richt granted that was similar to last year, when there were a similar amount of inexperience heading into the season.

“There are so many young guys, so many inexperienced guys, that it will be a trial by fire for a lot of these guys,” Richt said. “And we’ll see how they handle the pressure of it.”

Maybe they’re dedicating this preseason to the memory of Larry Munson.  If so, all I can say is that it’s working.

Seriously, what I do wonder from that last observation is whether Richt felt really burnt by how unprepared last year’s secondary was and is trying to avoid another situation like that at all costs.  If that means waiting until the very last minute to set a rotation in the secondary, I guess that means we’ll wait.


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Let the po’ mouthing begin.

Richt expresses concern for Ramik Wilson’s game readiness as Wilson returns from a concussion.

Spurrier sees Richt’s Wilson concern and raises him Mike Davis worries.


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Loran, whad’ya got?

You know, this is a nice piece and all, but I can’t help but wonder how a post-game radio interview with Jeremy Pruitt would come off after Loran asked him one of his patented off-the-wall questions.


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Herbie ❤ Pruitt.

He’s “a big reason I like Georgia to win the SEC East”.

Anything in particular you like?

“He [Pruitt] has a way of confusing offensive linemen and quarterbacks,” Herbstreit said.

I have to admit that’s an improvement over having a way of confusing your own defensive backs.


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Take your drop.

You guys know me – I’m always interested in stories of how Georgia kickers go about self-correcting flaws in their games.  Today, it’s Collin Barber’s turn.

Barber is just trying to win back his starting job entering his junior season.

That begins, he said, not with his leg, but with his drop.

“I don’t care how strong your leg is, if you have a bad drop the ball is not going to go how you want it to,” Barber said.

… Barber, from Cartersville, worked on drills this offseason with his personal kicking coach, Marc Nolan of Roswell, to make sure the ball was where it needed to be on the drop.

“Right over my right foot and nose a little bit down instead of just kind of tossing it up and swinging at it,” Barber said.

Barber said he’s taking a “jab step,” now before he catches the ball to punt it.

“It’s shortening my steps and my get-off time,” Barber said.

Okay, again it’s with the outside kicking help.  But what’s interesting about Barber’s story is that Richt seems to be on top of what he’s been doing.

“The operation time is a big deal,” Richt said. “The snap to the catch to the kick. There’s a certain time that you’re looking for and if you’re too slow in your operation time, it doesn’t matter how good you block, you’re probably going to be vulnerable to having your punts blocked. I would say Collin and Adam have done a tremendous job of getting their times down to where they’re very quick, almost two step punting instead of three step punting.”

Now if they can just get the punt coverage team to focus on protection.


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