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Wednesday morning buffet

Several dishes are filled for your dining pleasure.

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‘I don’t know if this was a quality call.’

Not that this is going to make any of us feel better…

Georgia received clarification from the SEC on a couple of controversial officiating calls made in this past Saturday’s loss to South Carolina.

The league office essentially confirmed the correct ruling was made when quarterback Hutson Mason was flagged for grounding on a first-and-goal pass play with five minutes left in the game. Georgia coach Mark Richt declined to share the league’s thoughts on a holding call against Brandon Kublanow that negated a 54-yard touchdown run by Todd Gurley late in the first quarter. However, sources familiar with the communications between the two parties indicate that there should have been no penalty on the play.  [Emphasis added.]

Before you wax too indignant, Mark Richt believes the officials are plenty accountable.


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The “loser’s limp”

I’m pretty sure this is a good thing.

LOL.  So how do winners move around?


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It’s still first and goal on the four.

Mark Richt felt the need to defend his offensive coordinator today about a certain play call and his “eyes got a bit watery as he spoke”.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Pruitt wants to know why anybody’s complaining about Mike Bobo, given the way he coached his defense.

Time to move on, fellas.  I am.


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“We figure if we’re going to be down there a lot, let’s work on it more.”

If I’m getting the gist of this correctly, Hutson Mason says that Georgia rarely works on red zone offense in practice.

That explains so much, now that I think about it.


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Somebody’s got my back.

To my loyal South Carolina readership who’s found fault with me for ranking Georgia ahead of South Carolina in this week’s Power Poll despite 35-38, please take note that Bovada still rates the Dawgs’ chances to win a national title better than the Gamecocks’.


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“He said you ran just like this guy we have and he was talking about Todd Gurley.”

Jeremy Pruitt is hard at work on the recruiting trail, chasing one of the best running backs in the 2016 class.  He’s an Alabama kid, so it makes sense that Pruitt would be the one giving chase.  But perhaps there’s an ulterior motive in play, too.

The SEC’s best want the 6-foot, 220-pound junior because he could play multiple different positions in college. Miller prefers to play running back at the next level, but is open to the idea of making the full-time switch to linebacker. He plays outside linebacker now for Madison Academy and a few schools feel he’d fit best on the defensive side of the ball.

So first Pruitt’s gotta recruit him to Athens.  Then he’s got to recruit him to defense.  Look out, Mike Bobo.


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