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“I expect our guys to come out every single day, ready to improve.”

Very nice spring practice video…

… except there’s no “c” in Ekeler, guys.

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Friday morning buffet

Pre-G-Day snack time…


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“This is what we’ve been known for for the past couple of years.”

Jon Gruden digs the back shoulder fade.


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“They do it all at Georgia.”

Nice promo from Jon Gruden.

Can’t hurt on the recruiting trail.


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Clap for the Bag Man

Trust me, this is the most epic thing you’ll read all day.

As many of you continue to bask in the warmth of amateurism, here’s reality in a couple of sentences:

“If I told you right now the [team] would win the SEC this fall and go to the Playoff, but only if you gave me 10 grand, would you do it?”

“Shit, man … will you take a check?,” the bartender asks. “But if you could really do that, I’d probably get the cash together in a day or two.”


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“You know what, it’s all of us.”

Well, now, here’s a surprise:  nobody really liked coaching Georgia’s special teams last season.

In previous seasons, the field goal team would have basically just been Friend’s unit and the field goal block team would have been Rocker’s. Other assistants were supposed to help, but it often didn’t work out that way, Lilly admitted.

“I think there was a tendency at times — and I’m just saying this being brutally honest, because I know I fell into it sometimes on the punt team — to where you ended up coaching the whole team,” Lilly said. “You had help, you had guys, but you didn’t use them as well. You know how that is. Guys are all of a sudden (like), ‘Well, he doesn’t need my help.’

“It helps you zero in on more specific things when you know that hey, this guy’s got these specific three guys, this guy’s got those specific three guys. So it’s always been set up that way. But I think everybody trusts their help a lot more now.”

Gee, we couldn’t tell.

It’s nice they’re trying to address the problem, but where the hell was the accountability last year when special teams play was such a hot mess?


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Life on the line

Weiszer draws our attention to a battle to watch at G-Day over the left guard spot on the offensive line, but I’m more interested in the curious incident as to the rest of the o-line Dawgs, because it’s starting to look like the other four positions are stabilizing.  As Weiszer puts it, Theus hasn’t budged at left tackle.  Andrews is the center.  Pyke seems to have grabbed the right guard job.  We’re not hearing much about anyone Houston is having to fight off at right tackle, either.

Given the significant turnover on the line, it would be nice, to say the least, if this season’s bunch emerged from spring practice.  The more time to work with each other building a rapport, the better.


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Gettin’ the band back together

Numerous reports popping up that Josh Harvey-Clemons is headed to Louisville.

I wonder if he can play quarterba… never mind.


UPDATE:  This move’s got Woodrow’s blessing.

“He wants to stick with Coach Grantham and his defensive system,” Woodrow Clemons, the player’s grandfather, told “That Star position that he’s able to play safety and outside linebacker and cover the back coming out or able to rush the quarterback. We kind of like that.”


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This ought to be good.

Ask, and ye shall receive, Coach.  This gets my vote.

On the off-chance that your play isn’t selected, perhaps you might want to share it with us here.


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Random, tasty G-Day bits

First off, Richt tells us the game format on Saturday will be the same as what we saw last year.

The annual G-Day spring intra-squad game will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday in Sanford Stadium. After Tuesday’s practice, Richt outlined the parameters for the game:

The Red team will consist of the No. 1 offense and the No. 2 defense, while the Black team will have the No. 1 defense and the No. 2 offense. Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will coach the Red team, and defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt will coach the Black team.

The game will consist of four 12-minute quarters.

“We’ll try to get everybody some reps,” Richt said. “Some guys may start on one side and switch jerseys in the second half.”

The kicking games will work this way, he said: “We will not kick off; we’ll set the ball on the 25 to start drives. Every punt will result in a 35-yard change of field position. If a punt would land inside the 10, then we’ll just bring it out to the 20. We will kick extra points and field goals, but (the defense) will not rush them.”

Also, Chris Conley gets what we’re doing there.

“We approach it just like it’s a game. We don’t really approach it like a practice,” Conley said. “There are people in the stands, you want to show out.”

Yeah, man.

One thing I want to see showing out is Brice Ramsey’s arm strength.

Bobo has told Ramsey that he has the strongest arm since Matthew Stafford.

“He’s told me that I’ve got a good arm, and it’s about the strongest one he’s seen since Stafford,” Ramsey said. “But he tells me every day that a strong arm’s nothing without the mental aspect of football.”

I was looking forward to seeing Ramsey’s high school teammate, J.J. Green, doing a little hitting on Saturday, but he showed up at the last practice hobbling with an ankle injury.  Is he out Saturday?  Richt thinks Green will play.

Anyone got something else to add?  Have at it in the comments.


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