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Survive and advance, Georgia.

I’m telling you, the pundits are starting to come around.  Here’s something from Matt Hinton’s piece surveying the present groundwork for playoff entry:

After surveying the field, I’m almost tempted to jump onboard with Georgia, which has looked solid since its September 13 loss at South Carolina despite its reliance on a pedestrian quarterback and the extended absence of the best player in college football. Then again, UGA is coming off a bye week, and this is the kind of season that can start to make not playing look like a virtue simply because it means not losing.

And this week it’s on to Agent Muschamp, while Auburn and Ole Miss chew on each other.

Patience, grasshoppers.  This team has a chance.

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Let the festivities commence!

If you can’t get up for Cocktail Party week, Jack, you dead.


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Boom goes the point spread.

Florida is now a 13-point Cocktail Party underdog, after opening at +10.

I guess Vegas isn’t as impressed with the quarterback change as I am.


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Day late and a calculation short

It’s just Georgia’s luck.  The year the computers are falling all over themselves loving the Dawgs is the year college football is going totally subjective with a selection committee picking the postseason field.


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An ESPN narrative we should enjoy

You know, I’m really digging this “SEC East’s struggles this year, outside of resurgent Georgia” line the WWL has wrapped its head around lately.

Of course, it would help immensely if the Dawgs would beat Auburn in a few weeks.


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Random panicky thought

Does it concern anyone else that bye week always gives Georgia its best shot?


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Focused on focus

From Marc Weiszer’s mid-season stock taking piece:

1. Turnover margin

No area on the team has seen as dramatic rise than this key category. Georgia leads the nation after ranking 102nd last season. The Bulldogs are plus-13 now and have improved from 12th in the SEC in turnovers gained to second and from 11th in turnovers lost to first (with only four).

2. Kickoff returns/punt returns

From 108th in the nation last year on kickoff returns at 18.6 yards per return to 20th at 24.4. The Bulldogs now rank 34th in the nation in punt returns at 11.05 after a dismal 122nd last year at 2.9.


Bonus: Rush offense/rush defense

Take your pick. The Bulldogs went from 11th in the SEC last year in rushing to first (from 169.9 to 265.9). The Bulldogs improved from 148.2 yards per game in run defense to 105.1 (from 41st nationally to 16th).

Gee, it’s almost as if Richt sat down with his staff and noted the statistical areas that had to be shored up for Georgia to be competing for titles again.  Better yet, everybody’s paid attention.

I’ve long maintained that 2003 was Richt’s coaching masterpiece.  I know that year’s defense was great, but to take a team with the worst offensive line of his tenure (47 sacks!) and a no-name running back group to the SECCG was mighty impressive.  Well, if you think about the areas he had to see fixed and the way they’ve managed the quarterback succession, he’s got a chance to better that effort in 2014.


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