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Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate, folks.

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Hell hath no snark like a genius scorned.

More as a shot towards his team’s fan base than the kid, Paul Johnson refers to the now-departed Vad Lee as “an Internet legend before he ever played a game”.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Eat; you look hungry.

  • StingTalk is always good for a chuckle“We should be getting great press about how there were over 2000 people huddled under the eaves for an off season scrimmage in the middle of a 45 degree torrential downpour, which was the actual truth. That’s a positive trajectory for Tech sports.”  Bless your heart.
  • It occurs to me that it won’t be that hard to figure out the fair market value for college football players’ memorabilia, if it ever comes to that.
  • And here’s a handy guideline to all the major stuff currently on the NCAA’s plate.  Yeah, Mark Emmert can handle that.
  • This is actually a pretty good idea.
  • Mike Slive says nobody’s talked to him about lowering the mandatory number of varsity sports required to be a Division I program.  (Jim Delany punches his speed dial after reading that.)
  • Atlanta wants to host college football’s national championship game in 2018.
  • Good stuff from Jeremy Fowler – anybody tells you they know what the consequences of unionization will turn out to be is making it up right now.
  • Michael Elkon wonders how the mix of special admissions for college athletes, increased athletic demands on those same kids and the “scholarship ought to be compensation enough” concept can be sustained.


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The dark side of Chantastic

This is so sad that I can’t even bring myself to mockery.

Way to go, genius.


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A lead, if you can keep it

You wanna know who’s at fault for Georgia Tech blowing a 20-point lead against the Dawgs last November?  Would you be surprised that the genius would be the first to tell you to look elsewhere for the answer?

… Yes, we’ve got to get better defensively. Last year in the Georgia game, if you break it down, ‘they made adjustments and shut you down after halftime.’ Well, not really. We scored a touchdown, missed a field goal, threw an interception, and got stopped once. We only had the ball four times. The kicker was that they scored every time. You can say that we should have scored more than once on offense, but that wasn’t the problem.

The triple option can never fail you.  Even when it’s missing 75% of the time.  Better step it up, Roof.


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Use of the term “ugay” is optional.

If you’ve got some spare time, they’re looking for a few good bloggers over at From The Rumble Seat.  Qualifications don’t appear to be too daunting:

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has strong knowledge about Georgia Tech, both current and historical.
  • Possesses strong writing skills.
  • Has a nose for news, both in knowing what is important and identifying where to find it.
  • Is able to write in line with our best practices for growing an audience.
  • Is able to write and publish quickly while remaining accurate.
  • Is a self-starter who can work with minimal direction.
  • Possesses solid communication skills.
  • Is comfortable working in a virtual environment.

I don’t see anything there about institutional loyalty, which means YOU CAN DO THAT!

Not willing to make the commitment? Well, at least you can take to the comments section here and suggest a few topics they might want to explore. Just tryin’ to help a blogger out, man.


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“I think we’re back more to the basic stuff.”

If adapting your scheme to the talent at hand instead of the opposite is the sign of an excellent offensive coordinator, what then should we say about the genius?


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“I know they (Georgia Tech) are really going to be up there.”

If this doesn’t immediately bring this to mind…

… somethin’ be wrong with you.

By the way, does it seem like Thompson’s coach is enjoying the visitation process even more than Thompson is?


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Always Chantastic

What sold Georgia Tech’s latest commit on playing for the Jackets?  Why, moral victory.

Ratliffe’s heart was stolen when he attended his first Georgia Tech game, last November’s thriller against archrival UGA. “When I went to the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, I just fell in love that night. To me, the atmosphere was like an SEC game. I fell in love with it. They took it to double overtime. If you can go double overtime with Georgia, you can win against anybody. They were up 20-0 at the end of the third quarter. I fell in love with Georgia Tech that night, and wanted to come back and see the campus this spring.”

I hate to break it to you, kid, but the only reason you sensed an SEC-like atmosphere at that game was because 40% of the stadium was decked out in red and black.  Get back to us after your first home game against Duke.


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The lighter side of unionization

A high schooler can dream, can’t he?

Quarterback Jaylend Ratliff of Laurinburg, N.C., has committed to Georgia Tech, according to multiple reports.

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound Ratliff also had offers from North Carolina, N.C. State and Wofford. He is rated as a 3-star and the state’s No. 28 overall prospect, along with the nation’s No. 76 athlete.

“I want to win a championship,” Ratliffe told’s Ryan Bartow. “I want to make money. I want to be a Yellow Jacket.”

I don’t care how down you are about the prospect of college athletes getting paid.  If the thought of the genius dealing with the aftermath of unions and O’Bannon doesn’t bring a smile to your face, there’s something wrong with you.


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