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Jerry Palm’s Playoff Projection

This would cap a pretty good season for Georgia, no?  Or would you feel disappointed that the Dawgs wound up just outside the top four?

As a side note, Palm is projecting that Georgia Tech’s bowl streak comes to an end. (And that’s with ten ACC teams going to the postseason.)  That probably wouldn’t be such a good thing for the genius.

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Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, let’s clean out the pantry.

  • Gus Malzahn promises “clarity” on how he’ll use Nick Marshall in the opener.  Won’t that be dependent on how much of a game Arkansas gives Auburn?
  • Tennessee claims it drew 40,000 to an open scrimmage.  Let’s see how they turn out in November.
  • DJ Shockley is as puzzled by Georgia’s SEC championship drought as anyone:  “It’s beyond amazing, and I can’t even imagine how this has happened,” Shockley said. “It’s almost like a string of bad luck. I look back at all the talent that has been there since I left and the guys that Georgia has put out, and it’s just amazing. It’s one of those things that has baffled me just like it’s baffled the fans.”
  • Can you believe Will Muschamp has had a hard time recruiting élite offensive talent to Gainesville?
  • Brandon Larrabee makes a solid point about how LSU does a good job surviving its NFL departures.  But, man, the Tigers sure have to replace a lot of skill position experience this season.
  • I don’t think it’s a good sign if Ted Roof thinks from watching Tech scrimmages one of the things his defense needs to improve is the pass rush.


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Tulane football is Chantastic.

You may not know this, but Georgia Tech travels to Tulane the second week of the season.  Having a road game against a mid-major is bad enough, but here’s what makes it really special:

It took 14 minutes for Tulane fans to make a statement.

That’s how long single-game tickets to the Green Wave’s home opener against Georgia Tech, in the newly-constructed Yulman Stadium, were available to the general public.

Prior to Friday’s brief public sale, Tulane officials said it already sold all but 2,000 season tickets to the new stadium. Despite a slightly higher price tag – $50 for the opener, as opposed to $35 for the remainder of the season – calls flooded the Green Wave ticket office on Friday morning.

All without a single accompanying hot dog or Coke.  Somehow I doubt the same would have occurred at good ol’ BDS.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and dig in.

  • What do you get if you marry college athletics revenue to player win shares?  A lot of underpaid basketball players.
  • Brice Ramsey feels more comfortable this year.
  • Georgia Tech’s assistant athletic director for communications and public relations thinks Twitter could be great for driving revenue and donations.  Any port in a storm, brother.
  • Speaking of Twitter, in hindsight, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
  • The receivers are too good for this, but there are times when I can’t help but wonder if Georgia should just load up blockers on the line and pound the crap out of other teams this season with the running game.
  • Andy Staples has a good piece on how coaches who don’t land five-stars after five-stars have to project futures for the recruits they do get.
  • And while I think the recruiting services do a decent job evaluating talent overall, it always amuses me when they don’t see kids like Todd Gurley and Amari Cooper coming.
  • And here’s the latest “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” department.  Hey, it’s bipartisan!


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Trading up

Would I enjoy this?  Yeah, I think I might.

Former Georgia Tech B-back Travis Custis, who transferred to Hutchinson (Kansas) Community College after being declared academically ineligible, has crossed the Yellow Jackets off the list of potential landing spots following his junior-college stay.

… Georgia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Miami have made scholarship offers, he said. Georgia, which made an offer in Custis’ recruitment out of Lovejoy High close to signing day well after he had committed to Tech, intrigues him. He said the Bulldogs were among his top five choices in high school.

The possibility of facing his former teammates while playing for the Bulldogs, he said, “would be crazy.”

The possibility is already making the Stingtalk denizens a little crazy.

Between Custis and Brendan Douglas, you’d almost think Richt was deliberately trying to keep Tech from having a decent B-back on the roster.  Not that I have a problem with that.


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Sunday morning buffet

Eh, go get yourself some.


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“The buzz has naturally died down at Georgia Tech.”

CFN’s Georgia Tech preview is a real treat.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that the Yellow Jackets just might have peaked after all in 2009.

Georgia Tech won 11 games and the Atlantic Coast Conference five years ago, helping make head coach Paul Johnson the toast of Atlanta for a brief time. Since then, the school has gone 23-25 versus FBS opponents, making Johnson’s seat, well, toasty. The Jackets are clearly stuck in neutral, with no end to the mediocrity in plain sight. In a decision that was both symbolic and immediately impactful to the current squad, starting QB Vad Lee voluntarily decided in January that his career would benefit from a transfer to FCS James Madison.

The best part of that is Georgia Tech’s peak still included a loss to one of Richt’s weakest squads.  Simply Chantastic.


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