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So it’s come to this.

The downside of Chantastic is revealed in an email sent out yesterday by the athletic department to Georgia season ticket holders:


Sent: Monday, September 8, 2014 8:44 PM

Reply To:

Subject: UGA vs. Georgia Tech Football Tickets



Dear Hartman Fund Contributor,

Georgia Tech has returned a limited quantity of tickets priced at $90 each for the game scheduled for Nov. 29th. We are extending the offer for you to purchase up to 4 tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contractual agreements stipulate that, for home events, schools may charge visiting teams the ticket price our patrons pay at the visiting team’s stadium. The visiting school may return unsold tickets to the home school. Those tickets are to be sold at the face value that is charged to the visiting team.

The returned tickets that are available will be located in the 600 level of Sanford Stadium.

If you are interested in purchasing Georgia Tech tickets at $90 each, please click on the link provided below beginning at 10:00 am Tuesday (Sept.9th) or call the Ticket Office at 1-877-542-1231.

That is sad, folks.  Be prepared for a rash of stories on the Hive and Stingtalk about how they’re so tired of being terrorized in Athens by 75-year old women cussing and throwing bottles of urine at them that they’re no longer willing to make the trip.

It’s a rivalry game, Jackets.  Act like it.



Quite a few ticket returns there.

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What we have here is failure to monitor.

My favorite part of the latest “Georgia Tech lies and cheats” story is this tidbit:

The NCAA decision made public on Thursday noted there were impermissible phone calls made by men’s basketball coaches only three days after Georgia Tech appeared before the NCAA committee for major violations in its football and men’s basketball program in April 2011.

Brian Gregory was named the new basketball coach on March 28, 2011. He replaced Paul Hewitt, who was fired on March 12, 2011.

That’s what you call hitting the ground running.

Georgia Tech had its NCAA probation extended two years.  In this day and age when NCAA rules enforcement seems particularly toothless, you’ve really got to work hard to get the book thrown at you.  Chantastic job, Jackets.

Oh, be sure not to miss the hard-hitting AJ-C coverage on the matter.


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Friday morning buffet

We’re getting closer.  Hungry yet?


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Tennessee decides one meteor game a year isn’t enough.

On the other hand, at least a Jancek-Martinez defense has an even chance against the genius.


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Tuesday morning buffet

It’s getting closer.  So eat.


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There are days when I miss Stingtalk being an open forum.

This is one of them.


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Jerry Palm’s Playoff Projection

This would cap a pretty good season for Georgia, no?  Or would you feel disappointed that the Dawgs wound up just outside the top four?

As a side note, Palm is projecting that Georgia Tech’s bowl streak comes to an end. (And that’s with ten ACC teams going to the postseason.)  That probably wouldn’t be such a good thing for the genius.


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