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Back in the saddle again

Banged up, but back home.

I really appreciated your best wishes, both in the comments and emails I received.  Group hug, everyone.

I was able to follow stuff during the week, so football posts will follow.

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Going on the disabled list

It’s got nothing to do with the pinched nerve I mentioned last week, but I’m going in the hospital today for a surgical procedure.  I’ll probably have about a three-day stay there after which I’ll be sent home to recuperate, which should take about as long as I need to ditch the pain medication.  Obviously, I can’t say you’ll see much blogging production out of me for the next week or so, but I shall return.

Hey, it could be worse.  The surgery was originally scheduled for August 26th. And like weddings, you just don’t schedule major surgery in the fall in the South.  I will be at the opener, by Gawd.


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What a drag it is getting old.

About four weeks ago, I pinched a nerve in my leg.  It hurt like hell but was clearing up… until I did something really stupid in my garage.  I woke up yesterday unable to get out of bed… took something that dampened the pain, but left me not in a blogging mood.

I’m a little better today, so we’ll see how far along I go.


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Housekeeping thread

I’m headed to an out-of-town wedding today, so posting will be light… okay, near non-existent until Sunday evening.

Feel free to talk among yourselves until then.


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Whatever blows your skirt up.

After looking at GTP‘s traffic numbers for the first quarter of this year, one thing’s obvious: changing defensive coordinators sure is good for business.  2013 was a record year for hits, but this year’s numbers are almost 400,000 ahead of last year at the same time.  It’s the offseason and traffic usually declines, so that’s a ridiculous bump.  It’s not like I’m doing anything differently (i.e., recruiting, which usually gets more attention than anything this time of year), either.

And it’s very similar to what I experienced in 2010, when Grantham was hired.  (From a percentage standpoint, the 2010 increase was bigger than 2014.)

I’ll give you guys credit for consistency.


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A grateful blogger thanks you.

I’ve mentioned to you guys before that there’s a pretty predictable pattern to visitor traffic here.  February is typically the month when things drop off and stay that way until fall practice gears up.  And while there was a drop in hits last month from January, it was still by far the strongest February in the history of GTP – up almost 50% from the next best February.  (If that’s a gauge of everyone’s interest in the program, Richt and McGarity ought to be psyched.)

Even better, though, last month generated the most ad revenue I’ve ever earned.  And I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that.  I blog for fun, so in a sense, what I receive feels like found money (although I find it spends the same as any other type of green).  But it’s still nice.  So thanks for visiting and clicking.


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Life intrudes.

Home internet access crash + trip to watch my old alma mater whip Tech in basketball = no posting today.

I’ll see if I can whip something up.  Don’t take it personally.


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