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Friday morning buffet

Some pre-weekend nibbles for your reading pleasure:

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“In fact he admires Gurley.”

Now he tells us.  I’m sure that will make everything okay now.

Funny how that hindsight stuff works.


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“To me, it’s a depth thing. That’s what separates the South.”

UT athletic director Steve Patterson may be the biggest jerk working in college athletics, but he’s not stupid.  His announcement this week that, should things play out in the legal arena such that O’Bannon is the law of the land, Texas is prepared to pay its student-athletes $10,000 a year is a clever shot across the bow.  It doesn’t cost him anything now to say it, it’s nothing he could avoid paying in the future if the courts rule against him, and in the meantime his athletic department will reap the benefits of his planting the first flag with a dollar sign on it in the minds of recruits.  That’s well-played in my book, especially from a guy who’s been dismissive of the entire effort to compensate student-athletes more fairly.

But I doubt it’s the end of the matter.  Not even close.  He may be cracking open the door, but I suspect there will be other schools ready to push it far more open.

Long term, let’s face it:  if there’s one thing that can trump demographics, it’s money.  They may not be growing the five-star talent in the Rust Belt at the rate they way they are in the Sun Belt, but Big Ten money spends just as well down here.  Besides, it’s good for BTN ratings.

Can you say bidding wars?  I thought you could.


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Todd Gurley is not a crook.

I realize I run the risk of getting virtually bitch-slapped for what I’m about to post.  And I’m sorry about that.  I have no doubt of the sincerity of the author of this post.  As sincere as she may be, though, she’s way off base with her sentiment.

Todd Gurley hasn’t broken the law.  He hasn’t broken a team rule.  He’s still in good standing with his coaches and his teammates.  He still practices with them.

What he stands accused of is exactly the same thing Mark Richt does every time he gets behind the wheel of that big Ford truck and faces the camera:  getting paid for being himself.  And if Todd Gurley left Georgia tomorrow, he’d be free to pick up where he left off.

That isn’t to excuse Gurley.  The NCAA rule exists and he’s alleged to have violated it.  There are consequences.

But there’s nothing noble about his suspension.  Georgia isn’t taking some brave stand here.  And, with all due respect to Mary Grace Alston Lyon, it’s wrong to romanticize the situation.  All you’re doing is encouraging the greedy bastards who are well on their way to ruining our beloved sport to stay greedy.

College football may have a soul.  But the people forcing Todd Gurley to sit out and be unable to contribute to his team have money market accounts and reserve funds.  Don’t make the mistake of confusing the two.  Gurley and college football deserve better than that.


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Tuesday morning buffet

By all means, help yourselves.


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Friday morning buffet

Get your feed bag on.


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“Some rich white kid”

Stephen Garcia’s biggest regret about player payments is that nobody offered it to him.


UPDATE:  Garcia’s gonna Garcia.


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