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“A logical person would say to hell with all this.”

Will Leitch’s post about Todd Gurley and his future is an eloquent rebuttal to every “it’s not what’s on the back of the jersey that matters, but what’s on the front” argument you’ve ever heard.

It would make me, and everyone in my town, and millions of college football fans, sad if Gurley was finished as a Georgia Bulldog. But with all due respect: Why should anybody care about us? We allow this corrupt system to exist. If we want players to put their bodies on the line every Saturday while we scream off all the bourbon we consumed pregame, we should make it worth their while. If we do not change the system, we cannot complain if someone begs out of it because it is not in their best interests.

You know what would make the NCAA and the schools take a hard look at their amateurism model?  If every star player entering his third year like Gurley announced he was leaving school, hiring an agent and spending the year preparing for the NFL draft instead.

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“If the money wasn’t there, would there be litigation? No, of course not. But the money is there.”

While I don’t doubt Vince Dooley’s sincerity in his support for the current NCAA amateurism model – hell, I even give him credit for consistency (“I don’t agree with the fact that you should be selling jerseys with their names on the back of them, the school or NCAA,” he said. “I don’t think that’s right.”) – it’s more than ironic, considering that he was a primary player in the matter that set the wheels in motion for the battle over amateurism.


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“What I’ve read is this guy kind of sucked him in to something.”

So there’s this law that gives Georgia a potential claim against the dude who supposedly stirred the Todd Gurley pot.  I tend to agree with MaconDawg that suing Bryan Allen smacks of your classic throwing good money after bad scenario.  On the other hand, I bet this expenditure really chaps Greg McGarity’s tuchis.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the athletic association has a forensic accountant or two going medieval on Allen’s financials right now.


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William King is about to get busier.

Reddit strikes again.


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“I live [in] Georgia and would be crucified if my name was released.”

There is something I do blame Todd Gurley for… thinking that a guy this stupid would be discreet.


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“If Gurley guilty, blame him, not NCAA”

I was prepared to move on at the blog – really, I’ve vented and there’s not much more to be said – but then Jeff Schultz found it necessary to weigh in with this turd of a column.  So it turns out I’ve got more.

Yeah, he starts out with the obligatory “okay, we all know the NCAA sucks”, but his heart’s not in it.

Here’s the reality.  Todd Gurley is a supremely talented football player. However, his two primary opportunities for being paid for his services both happen to be cartels that operate in a way to depress labor costs, the NFL legally and the NCAA in violation of federal antitrust laws, to make billions and millions in profit.  (Both also receive government subsidies that add handsomely to the bottom line, but that’s a complaint for another post.)

But, If Gurley guilty, blame him, not NCAA.

That’s not all.  Gurley’s astonishing skills have caught the public’s attention.  If he were anywhere other than in college athletics, just like any other American, he’d be able to market his name and likeness for whatever Nike or anyone else was willing to pay him.  Solely because of the NCAA’s atavistic refusal to share income with its student-athletes, something that’s going to be prohibited in the near future, Gurley can’t.  In the meantime, Gurley, just like every other observer of the college sports scene, has seen the half-assed ways the NCAA has chosen to enforce its amateurism rules in the cases of Manziel and Newton.

But, If Gurley guilty, blame him, not NCAA.

That’s not the most absurd part of this farce.  Four hundred dollars.  That’s the amount suggested that Gurley was paid for whatever he delivered.  Four hundred dollars is less than what he would receive if Georgia compensated him for the full cost of attendance, something that’s been promised by the president of the NCAA and the commissioners of all five power conferences.  They’ve got their autonomy; they just haven’t delivered. Be patient, though, Todd. I’m sure that’s coming any day now.

In a fair world… no, check that, in a world in which the NCAA and its member institutions merely avoided behaving in ways that violated federal law as have already been determined in court, Todd Gurley wouldn’t have been tempted to risk his eligibility for four hundred dollars.  Because he would have cashed a check every year from EA Sports and another check from the school or the conference to compensate him for his likeness being used in broadcasts.

But, If Gurley guilty, blame him, not NCAA.

Well, fuck me.  That’s ridiculous.  And shame on any of you who think Schultz is right.


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Chump’s change

For those of you who are wrapping themselves in the cloak of Butts-Mehre righteousness over l’affaire Gurley, before you get too comfortable, ask yourselves a simple question:  who’s being hurt by this?

Todd Gurley?  Hardly.  He was turning pro after this season, come what may.  This won’t affect his NFL draft standing a whit.

The Georgia athletic department?  Surely you jest. The TV money and other revenues rolling in won’t miss a beat.

Nah, it’s just the fan base that suffers.  Again.

If being pure of heart keeps you warm through the night, just consider the point of the rule that you think Gurley is foolish for (presumably) violating.  It’s there for one reason.  The schools don’t want to share with their student-athletes. The odds are pretty good that in the next year or so, they’re going to be told they can’t do that anymore.

So consider your virtue intact as Georgia allows another season to blow up for no good reason.  Me?  It’s a good thing I don’t have a dog to kick right now.


UPDATE:  Or, to put it another way…


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