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Wednesday morning buffet

I’m leaving tomorrow, so enjoy the buffet while you can get it.

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Don’t cry for me, Columbia.

You know how every preseason the media likes to judge South Carolina’s chances on how smug Spurrier is?  Yeah, well…

Maybe it’s time to find a new tell.


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Now they love ‘em in Montana.

Welcome the latest pundit’s kiss for the Dawgs.

The question mark at the end there is a nice touch.


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Wednesday morning buffet

It’s a Gurley-free buffet, if that helps.

  • This is awkward.
  • Steve Hummer’s assessment of the psyche of Georgia’s fan base is pretty good:  “Georgia people habitually expect the worst. They can never relax. They can never wander the sunflower fields of blind optimism. They just know deep down that around every corner awaits a kick to a most sensitive area.”
  • The advanced box score of the Florida-Missouri game is as amazing to see as the game was.
  • And the advanced box score of the Arkansas-Georgia game is just what you’d expect.
  • Devin Gardner’s comment about the number of racist fans he’s encountered this season puts me in mind of Randy Newman’s “Rednecks”.  Hang in there, Devin.  You’re a classy kid.
  • “We found out that ball is an incredibly important part of the game of football and we didn’t secure it the way we needed to on offense and it paid off for them,” Arkansas offensive coordinator Jim Chaney said.  Better late than never, I guess.
  • When it comes to scoring this season, Georgia is a damned efficient team.


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Tuesday morning buffet

By all means, help yourselves.


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Is the narrative starting to change?

Georgia hasn’t had much respect from the national pundits over the last two weeks.  I mean, how else do you describe a widespread attitude that a top ten team was destined to lose to a team riding a fifteen-game conference losing streak?

Have the Missouri and Arkansas results made for a perceptible change in the media’s opinion of Georgia?  Maybe.  At least I’m seeing a couple of canaries in the coal mine now.

Check out Bruce Feldman’s brief synopsis of where Georgia stands.  Kudos for taking a crack at “everybody’s trendy upset pick”.

And Jerry Hinnen asks a good question in his piece:  “If the absence of Gurley and the UGA secondary aren’t enough to derail the Bulldogs, what holes do they really have?”

I hate to think stuff like this matters, but when the selection committee is going all touchy-feely this year, I don’t want the Dawgs to be perceived as the team that was expected to lose to Missouri and Arkansas.  So, yeah, this is a start, hopefully.


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Jacob Coker? Oh yeah, what happened to him?

Chris Low revisits one of the preseason’s big oversells:

Jake Coker will be the answer at quarterback for Alabama
Not only was Coker not the answer, he’s yet to even start a game and has attempted just 33 passes, most of those coming in a blowout 41-0 win over Florida Atlantic. Fifth-year senior Blake Sims, who played running back as a redshirt freshman, has been the Tide’s starting quarterback the whole way. Sims got off to a hot start, but the entire Alabama offense has bogged down the last two weeks with just three offensive touchdowns in a 14-13 win over Arkansas and 23-17 loss to Ole Miss.

The point here isn’t to belittle Coker, who came in having to battle to overcome a complete lack of experience at a new school breaking in a new offensive coordinator, but instead to remind everyone what a ridiculous rush to judgment we saw from many in the media during the preseason to crown the kid the next greatest thing despite those very issues.  Maybe we’ll learn someday.  Heaven knows some of those folks never will.


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