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Friday morning buffet

Nourishment to wrap up the working week:

  • Less than eight months into his job, the NCAA enforcement director has decided he’s had enough.
  • Bruce Feldman lists his ten schools with the easiest 2012 nonconference schedules.  Yep, Georgia makes an appearance.
  • The best thing I can say about the composition of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee is that Michael Adams doesn’t serve on it.
  • For all that have complained about the Pac-12’s strength of schedule numbers, Bill Connelly’s got his breakdown of the conference for you right here.
  • Some great double talk from Grant Teaff“This isn’t something that we have happily done,” said Teaff, referring to the poll being part of the BCS formula the previous 14 years. “We’ve done it because the commissioners wanted us to and the coaches wanted to be part of the selection process and that’s the only reason we’ve done it. There’s no other reason.”   So they’ve wanted it, but they’re not happy about it?  They can’t kill the Coaches Poll fast enough.
  • Expect to hear more of this talk as the new postseason regime settles in.
  • Bryan McClendon on this year’s group of running backs:  “Probably as far as pure talent-base, probably the most talented that I’ve had in my room ever.”
  • Randy Edsall defending himself is everything you’d expect it to be.
  • “Jeff Sagarin won’t care,” said Jerry Palm, BCS analyst. “He doesn’t need the BCS, the BCS needs him.”
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Extensions! Get ‘yer contract extentions!

My first thought upon reading the news about Mark Richt’s new deal was it took you people six months to come up with that?  There’s nothing groundbreaking and evidently salary wasn’t an issue.  The press has jumped all over the fact that Richt no longer has a buyout penalty to pay if he chooses to leave Athens before the contract expires, but McGarity was quick to point out it isn’t a provision of much significance.

“I think people are gonna twist it and say whatever they want to about it. But I’m just telling you the truth. I’m telling you how it is between Mark and myself,” McGarity sad. “There’s no monkey business here.”


“I think it’s Greg’s philosophy on the contract,” Richt said. “It’s not something that I was asking for. It was something that he suggested and I said that would be fine. I think the bottom line for me, gosh, I think I’ve been here long enough for everybody to understand … that Georgia’s my home. Georgia’s where I want to be. Georgia’s the only job I want.”

The man’s only been saying that since the ink was drying on the contract he signed with Dooley.  Isn’t it about time we all took him at his word on it?  Time to move on, folks.

No, the more interesting development was the surprise announcement by the High Chancellor that McGarity was also getting a contract extension (and a raise).

“He’s had two years here now,”He’s had two years here now,” UGA president Michael Adams said. “He’s shown extraordinary leadership. He’s widely respected already among the other A.D.s in the conference…”

Wow.  “Extraordinary”.  Who’s the man responsible for bringing this paragon of excellence to the University of Georgia?  Not Vince Dooley, that’s for sure.

This being Michael Adams, a little horn tooting on a pleasant occasion isn’t enough.  There has to be some subtle muscle flexing tossed in the mix.  So if I’m Mark Richt, I’m wondering what I should read from this particular tea leaf:

“I just felt it was important for the benefit of the athletic association and the university that we get him locked in at a time that was slightly longer than the head football coach. And that would well position the university for any changes that might happen in the future.”

Adams departs in 2013, so the impact of this, whatever that might be, is likely to occur long after he’s gone.  But it’s curious that management feels the need to position McGarity in this way with Richt.  And you wonder if this is simply a parting gift that Adams has bestowed on his AD, or if McGarity asked for it.  Either way, it suggests that the school wants an edge with its head football coach.


UPDATE:  Chris Low’s take on Richt’s new deal is worth a look.

McGarity said he didn’t see “anything negative here at all” regarding Richt’s new contract, which now runs through 2016.

I wouldn’t call it negative, either. To me, it’s more reality.

And that reality is that McGarity and the Georgia administration simply aren’t ready to throw a lot of guaranteed money at Richt right now because they don’t want to be stuck with a pricey buyout if they decide two years from now that Richt isn’t the answer long term.

Reasonable minds can differ on whether that’s a good approach or a bad one, but I think Low is on target there.


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And now… here’s Mikey!

If there’s anyone you’d pick to claim that he was for an SEC-owned network all along, it would be Georgia’s illustrious president – and you would be right.

“We’re strong enough in the marketplace that I have long advocated for an arrangement [in which] we look for a media partner where we would own at least 51 percent of the deal and create a network,” Adams said. “I raised that issue when we did the last TV deal [in 2008], but I was a minority view at the time.”

Now, though, it’s probably full speed ahead with an SEC Network launch.  The money and the ego-stroking to come will be nice benefits, to be sure, but there’s always something extra when you’re Michael Adams.

Adams said he would favor an arrangement where a sports media partner “can do the technical work and let us provide the product. There’s both, I think, more money and more editorial control if you do those things.”  [Emphasis added.]

Of course.


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It’s Michael Adams’ way, or the highway.

This is such a lovely little piece of arrogance, coming from one of the leading lights of the conference putting its foot down and insisting that its postseason proposal is the only one worthy of consideration.

“Everybody every now and then has to give a little to make something work,” Georgia President Michael Adams said. “You’ve got to quit thinking, in my opinion, how the world has been. You have to start thinking about the fact that this is a new day with a new set of rules.”

Well, after you cave to the SEC’s demand, that is.

I’m surprised Adams isn’t thinking about trying his hand at going to Washington.  Thinking like that would fit right in there.


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Why we can’t have nice things

This is how we like to picture ourselves tailgating on North Campus:

This is how Michael Adams pictures us tailgating on North Campus:

You’ve got to admit that gentleman displays a pretty deft touch with the ol’ chainsaw.


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Mark Bradley’s “… and, a pony” moment

Yeah, like this is gonna happen.


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North of objectionable, south of pathetic: Michael Adams’ legacy

There’s something about merely raising this question which illustrates what I find offensive about Georgia’s outgoing president’s tenure.  How many schools out there would even have a president in the mix in a discourse about their athletic programs?  You’d think that’s a discussion which would be directed more appropriately at coaches and athletic directors.

But not at Georgia.

I suppose that’s a legacy in and of itself, and it’s an example of the self-aggrandizement which has marked his time in Athens.  But to answer Chip Towers’ question more directly, I’d have to say that even if Michael Adams had otherwise lived the life of a selfless saint, his actions surrounding the hire and enabling of the Harricks and the contemptuous way he cut the kids on the basketball team loose after he could no longer hide from the fallout of the subsequent academic scandal they all created disqualifies him from being considered a worthy leader of the institution from which I claim a degree.

But of course we know that Adams lived a far from selfless existence as Georgia’s president.  He was, at best, a very successful politician who led a university in a controversial way.  Maybe that’s enough for him on which to rest his laurels.

For the rest of us, though, when it’s all said and done, I expect his legacy will be the eternal consideration of a basic question that many have asked for years:  How does Adams still have a job?


UPDATE:  This isn’t too surprising.

Here’s what Dooley said/read:

“First of all, I commend President Adams on his retirement, his service and his contributions to the University of Georgia. I do believe it is time for a change and I look forward to the Bulldog Nation uniting under new leadership in the near future.”


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Don’t pop the champagne cork just yet.

Before we get too excited about the news that Michael Adams is stepping down, let’s hear who’s the replacement.  Lord knows there are plenty more political hacks where he came from…


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Michael Adams, leading from behind

Shorter King of the Universe:  Aggressive drug testing is both morally correct and necessary, but, like me, you should blame the coaches for implementing it.


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When assholes collide

His Imperious One doesn’t think much of Jim Delany’s proposal to make the Rose Bowl the centerpiece of the new postseason format.

“This is not 1950, or 1960,” Adams said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “There are great schools in the [Atlantic Coast Conference] and the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12. I think it’s time to put everybody on an equal footing. I just reject the notion that the Big Ten and the Pac-12 ought to be treated differently in this process.”

Jim Delany, on the other hand, doesn’t think much of Michael Adams – when he does think of him at all.

Asked for his reaction, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said through a spokesman that he is “glad that Michael Adams and others are fully participating in the conversation…”

Yeah, he sounds thrilled.

About all these guys share right now is the firm desire to Under Armor their own conference turf.

… Arizona State president Michael Crow noted that the Rose Bowl is 110 years old and only recently has been associated with the BCS. He said the Pac-12 holds preservation of the Rose Bowl as its main goal, but that he thinks the bowl and the BCS can coexist.

Oregon State president Ed Ray, chair of the Pac-12’s CEO group, said BCS formats are still being negotiated and that no one in his group was making demands. Of the proposal that called for three semifinal games, Ray said, “we as a group never discussed that option. This is the first time I’m hearing it. But that doesn’t mean that people weren’t in conversations where all these things came up and somebody suggested it.”

“The predominant view seems to be for a four-team playoff of some sort,” Adams said. “I think that’s an improvement, but I think it diminishes the importance of the nation’s strongest athletic conference, the Southeastern Conference.”

It’s enough to make you wonder if the current arrangement survives as a matter of default.


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