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You’ve got your sense of humor and I’ve got mine.

Mike Leach, settling in on the new job, does a pretty good chat with the Seattle Times.  My favorite part:

Comment From Ethel

Tell the truth, Coach: Do you ever get sick of the whole pirates’ thing?

Mike Leach:

I got flags, pins, swords, books, hats, Mickey Mouse ears with Pirates stuff on them. A sterling silver skull and crossbones. Posters and paintings. I got 6-foot skeleton. It’s in storage in Lubbock. I’m still getting it.

As far as nicknames, as a kid, you don’t get to select them. Based on the ones I could have gotten tagged with, I feel very fortunate.

Ba da boom!  I bet a few choice terms were thrown his way in closed-door meetings in Lubbock.

Meanwhile, Leach’s nemesis launched his first campaign ad.

Hitching your wagon to Rick Perry’s star?  Who knew James had a gift for comedic timing?  Kenny Banya approves.  That’s gold, Craig, GOLD!

About these ads


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“I believe that citizens of Texas know the real Craig James, and the truth will put this matter to rest.”

Turns out Craig James is a multi-tasker.  Now that son Adam’s career is done at Texas Tech, dad’s got time to save the country and go after the publisher of Mike Leach’s book.

It’s all about the troof.  Or at least Craig’s version of that.

The legal document filed earlier this month lists 27 grounds James believes the authors used to mislead the general public and make defamatory statements against him.

The document states, “It is believed the publishers … would have conducted a fact-check investigation into the veracity of the allegations concerning Craig James prior to publishing the books. It is also believed that the publishers may have interviewed various witnesses concerning the author’s allegations and statements.”

There are only about two chapters in “Swing Your Sword” addressing James, Liggett said, and the claims are based on deposition testimony and public records.

“Everything in ‘Swing Your Sword’ is true,” he said.

Lanning isn’t surprised either.

All the claims made against James are statements he gave in depositions and sworn testimony, Lanning explained.

Can you think of anybody else who ran for the Senate while pursuing a defamation case?  It’s gonna be fun to watch.


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The Pirate and Pornutopia

Mike Leach’s partner for next month’s Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game is a dude whose current claim to fame is, well, multi-talented:  “As the publisher of titles like Adult Quest, Wildscene, and Risque Business, Gray presides over a regional strip-club-guide empire. His magazines are a quirky mix of raunchy editorials from local lawyers and porn stars, and glossy ads for Houston-area cabarets.”

You may see this as a bug, but I’m not so sure.  Lane Kiffin’s probably wondering why he didn’t think of outsourcing.

(h/t EDSBS)


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Something you’ll never see at a Nick Saban press conference.

Actually, I’m not sure if any coach besides Mike Leach would do something like this:

My roommate was going to ask Leach a question for me
since I couldn’t make it, but instead I got a phone call from The Captain himself! So I got to ask me question directly. I asked, “How do you think Tuel and the receiving corp fit with your Air Raid offense?”
He kind of chuckled and said, “The receiving corp looks great, I’m confident they will do well, there are some things that need to be moved around, but that’s to be expected.”I’m in shock, I called my roommate back right after that to make sure I wasn’t pranked, she said it was really him. She was going to ask the question and he said “why doesn’t he just ask me, call him for me”


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Hope, the experiment

If you want to have some fun, take a little time to visit Washington State message boards and blogs this morning (yes, Virginia, they do exist).  The “pinch me, I’m dreaming” quality to the fan base’s reaction to the news that Mike Leach is the new head coach will bring a smile to your jaded face.  Those folks are coming from a completely different place than the Ohio State people are and it just strikes me that theirs is the more innocent joy.

But that’s not the interesting thing to follow this offseason.  Here’s the thing to watch, instead.  There are many other programs, several with higher profiles than Wazzou, looking for new head coaches now.  As the slots get filled, measure the fans’ enthusiasm for the new hires against that for Leach.  And then watch to see if the fans’ money gets put where their mouths are in the same way, too.  (WSU’s AD has already ponied up with $4 million for coaching salaries; you know he’ll be pushing supporters to do their fair share.)

I bring this up only to show again what cowards many athletic directors are.  Maryland could have had Leach a year ago, but chickened out and brought in Randy Edsall.  After a two-win season and a massive drop off in fan support, that move’s not looking too good now.  I expect it’s going to look a lot worse in the next two or three years.


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Thursday morning buffet

We’re getting closer…

  • Mike Bobo sensed that some of his players felt the Boise State game was over in the third quarter.  That feeling hasn’t surfaced since then.
  • This is ugly, regardless of how much of it you buy.
  • If you’ve missed David Hale, he’s back for a special one-week engagement.  (Hopefully his curse won’t follow him.)
  • Mike Leach on statistics.
  • Frankly, you can look like a complete tool for a lot less than $41.95.
  • This is a great video, but what really sells it for me is tacking on fourth-and-Reggie Ball at the end.  Schwing!
  • cocknfire posts on why divisions are good for rivalries.
  • This sure seems like a lot of work to say Ted Roof’s not a great defensive coordinator.


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Washington State, you’ll never be on Thursday Night Football again.

To quote Spencer Hall:  Suck it, Craig James.  And let me add, you, too, ESPN.

By the way, the Pirate is walking in to a good situation in one big regard.  Washington State is ninth in the country in passing offense.


UPDATE:  Get ready, Ted Roof.

What do you think the odds are that Auburn bails out of that?


UPDATE #2:  This is rich.


UPDATE #3:  Maybe somebody in Montana caught my header.


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Monday morning buffet

Dig in.  Everything tastes good this week.

  • Pat Forde flays Urban Meyer’s credibility.
  • The NCAA is opening a real Pandora’s Box with its Penn State inquiry.  Not that I’d expect anything less from Mark Emmert.
  • Illinois becomes the first team in D-1 history to open the season with six wins and finish with six losses; the Zooker is canned and essentially calls the disastrous end a flesh wound.
  • The Florida Gators are anything but all in right now.
  • Girl, do you eat with that finger?
  • If Mike Leach can’t land a coaching job this offseason, he never will.
  • “If we don’t give away points, there’s no way they can beat us.” – Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones to the Associated Press, about LSU in Saturday’s SEC title game.  (Makes a nice bookend with Tech’s Julian Burnett’s quote a few paragraphs down.)
  • Missouri is about to find out with its move to the SEC that it has to spend money to make money.


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Leach and Holgorsen shoot the breeze.

Just listen. It’s great. (h/t SmartFootball)


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Throwing his sword in the ring

In case you were wondering, yeah, Mike Leach is interested in the Ole Miss opening:

“I haven’t heard from anybody, but I’m not too hard to find,” Leach said. “It’s a great job. I’m sure the (Ole Miss) administration has a certain individual it is looking for, and I’m sure they’ll find the right guy.”

Not that it’ll happen.  I expect that Mississippi winds up doing something just as bold and provocative as Maryland did.  Ask the Terps’ fan base if that’s worked out well so far.


UPDATE:  Nutt thinks Leach is an option worth considering.


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