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Florida in Tuscaloosa, a game of “if”

I don’t want to mock this piece, because it has an excellent depiction of the past, present and future of Nick Saban’s defensive philosophy, but the idea that a Gator offense that appeared constipated scoring points at home against Kentucky is going to have its way in Tuscaloosa today…

All of that is to say: Alabama and Nick Saban still have one of the most talented defensive rosters in college football this year, but it’s not the 2011 vintage — not even close, really. Saban will try to do what he always does because it’s in his DNA, but when you combine the way offenses are being run with the quick snap and Alabama’s current “transition period” of developing more athletic players in the front seven, this is certainly any team in the SEC’s best chance to dictate offense against the Tide. It’s worth noting that Alabama has only forced one turnover so far this season. If Jeff Driskel can turn his missed opportunities against Kentucky into conversions, and not turnovers, this game might be closer than ‘Bama fans would care to see, even in Tuscaloosa.

… strikes me as a tad optimistic.  Even Robbie Andreu tries but can’t buy it.

For Florida to have a real shot today, Boom is going to have to outcoach Junior.  And that’s certainly within the realm of possibility.

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Saturday morning buffet

A pre-game buffet for your dining pleasure.


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“We built our team to beat LSU and power football teams like Georgia.”

Nick Saban discusses his change of approach in building his defense in the HUNH era, and it sounds awfully familiar.

“So when we played Texas A&M, we still had too many big slow guys out there that were good players in a certain type of game.”

Alabama’s recruiting strategy has shifted to finding more athletic defensive linemen who are capable of staying on the field for extended amounts of time. He listed Jonathan Allen, Dalvin Tomlinson and D.J. Pettway as recent examples.

The desire for more athleticism at outside linebacker, which traditionally plays at defensive end when Alabama goes to nickel or dime, is also apparent. Among the examples Saban listed at that position were Xzavier Dickson, Denzel Devall, Tim Williams and freshman Rashaan Evans.

“We need a guy or two like that so when we do play the LSUs of the world, we can really pound you on the line of scrimmage and hold up, but we need a lot of those other guys and that’s changing the recruiting,” Saban said. “You have to have more athletic linebackers who can play in space. You can’t match personnel all the time. You sometimes have got to play a nickel linebacker and you wish you could put six defensive backs in but you can’t get them in the game, and if you get them in the game, you can’t get them out.”

If you think of Todd Grantham as old Saban and Jeremy Pruitt as new Saban, doesn’t that sound like what we’re watching evolve in Athens?


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“I always let the coordinators be where they want to be,” Saban said.

Except in the case of Junior.

Gee, I wonder why.


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Tuesday morning buffet

It’s getting closer.  So eat.


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Monday morning buffet

It’s game week.  You know you’ve got an appetite.


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The greatest trick Nick Saban ever pulled…

… was convincing the world that Alabama didn’t need a great quarterback – or even an experienced one – to exist as a national powerhouse.


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