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Tosh the Intern

Leave it to Nick Saban to describe the job of the guy who was named the 2010 Recruiter of the Year, made $350,000 a year as an assistant coach at Washington and is the latest addition to the multitude in Tuscaloosa as “… an intern that helps us some in recruiting”.

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Thou shalt have no other football gods before me.

I wonder if they use this on the recruiting trail.

Added Thomas, “That’s what my dad calls Coach Saban — the ‘god of college football.’

You gotta admit it’s a step up from being called Satan.


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Monday morning buffet

As you might expect, there’s a little extra union-y seasoning in the chafing dishes this morning.


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Keeping up with the Sabans

Auburn has bumped its salary pool for its nine assistant football coaches by nearly $1 million.  Four assistants will make at least a half million dollars a year and no assistant will be paid less than $325,000, and yet

The Tigers inched closer to Alabama’s figures ($4.463 million) with the latest raises, though the Tide have yet to release updated figures following the season and the arrival of assistant Lane Kiffin.

Nussmeier’s base salary last year was $680,000.  Junior should be well north of that number.

Maybe Auburn can catch up with another SEC title.


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Nick Saban’s just trying to help, y’all.

In a world of college athletics that denies student-athletes access to representation and information so that they could make more fully informed decisions – maybe the most important one of their lives at that point in time – it only seems fair that Nick Saban proposes a little restraint of trade as an educational experience.

That it serves to help Nick Saban is merely an unanticipated coincidence, I’m sure.


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“I mean, we’re just going to prepare more for fast offenses.”

Alabama’s linebackers seem a lot more sanguine about playing against the HUNH than their head coach is.


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Tuesday morning buffet

I don’t know if there’s enough here to take your mind off this morning’s stupidity, but I’m trying.


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“As the second hour of the show began, Finebaum went to “Kellen” on Line 1.”

Sooner or later, everybody calls PAWWWLLL.

Kellen Williams was on his way to Birmingham for a job interview Monday when he simply couldn’t take it anymore.

The former Alabama offensive lineman was tuned in to the Paul Finebaum Show and heard multiple callers take shots at Nick Saban for his stance on the now-tabled 10-second proposal. So, Williams did something about it.

Yeah, he gave a half-assed defense of his coach.

“I think he’s just lobbying for the no-huddle offense to be kind of cut out but then again he also game-planned for it,” Williams said. “He knows better than anyone in the country how to stop it…”

That’s the kind of incoherent bullshit we’ve all come to know and love from Finebaum’s audience.  Williams fits right in.  Maybe he’ll become a regular with Tammy and the rest of ‘em.


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Sympathy for the devil

See if you can spot the straw man Chris Low builds to better his argument that Nick Saban Will Survive, By Damn.

So regardless of what Saban’s agenda is or isn’t, saying he’s trying to create a competitive advantage for his defense through a rules change is a stretch.

The competitive advantage he has created goes back to the way he has recruited and developed players.

Nobody’s saying Saban’s trying to create a competitive advantage with the 10-second substitution rule proposal.  He’s simply trying to keep the one he’s already got – you know, the one Low references in his second sentence.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But the reality is that Saban’s advantage is hard to construct and expensive to maintain, which is why it’s one that few programs can match.  While that makes it worthy of a strong defense on Saban’s part, it also makes it harder to support if others lacking in Alabama’s resources are able to level the playing field on any given Saturday with greater strategic creativity.


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l’defense, c’est moi.

Hey, assholes, you think Nick Saban’s got selfishly ulterior motives pushing that 10-second substitution rule?  Well, screw you – he’s got proof he doesn’t.  His proof is Nick Saban.

“For all of you out there that know what I’m thinking and the fact that I’m trying to create an advantage for the defense, I’m not trying to create an advantage for the defense,” Saban said Wednesday in a meeting with local reporters. “I don’t even think we need an advantage. Why do we need an advantage? If you look at the statistics, we’ve been playing better than most.”

For a guy coming off two losses to teams running HUNH where his defense gave up an average of 40 points per game, that’s pretty damned awesome.


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