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How you know it’s a slow news day, example number two.

Nick Saban tells assembled media to kiss his ass for asking a stupid question.

Gee, that’s unusual.

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The further adventures of Tosh, the intern

Or, an analyst is whatever Nick Saban says an analyst is.  Duh.

You’ll have to forgive Saban for his mistake in language. On March 31 he described his role working with cornerbacks in individual drills as that of a “G.A.” under defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. It was a laughable moment, painting the 62-year-old head coach as the highest paid graduate assistant in the world, not to mention the fact he’s likely not pursuing a post-graduate degree on the side.

Hey, he was serious about that.


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Tosh the Intern

Leave it to Nick Saban to describe the job of the guy who was named the 2010 Recruiter of the Year, made $350,000 a year as an assistant coach at Washington and is the latest addition to the multitude in Tuscaloosa as “… an intern that helps us some in recruiting”.


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Thou shalt have no other football gods before me.

I wonder if they use this on the recruiting trail.

Added Thomas, “That’s what my dad calls Coach Saban — the ‘god of college football.’

You gotta admit it’s a step up from being called Satan.


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Monday morning buffet

As you might expect, there’s a little extra union-y seasoning in the chafing dishes this morning.


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Keeping up with the Sabans

Auburn has bumped its salary pool for its nine assistant football coaches by nearly $1 million.  Four assistants will make at least a half million dollars a year and no assistant will be paid less than $325,000, and yet

The Tigers inched closer to Alabama’s figures ($4.463 million) with the latest raises, though the Tide have yet to release updated figures following the season and the arrival of assistant Lane Kiffin.

Nussmeier’s base salary last year was $680,000.  Junior should be well north of that number.

Maybe Auburn can catch up with another SEC title.


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Nick Saban’s just trying to help, y’all.

In a world of college athletics that denies student-athletes access to representation and information so that they could make more fully informed decisions – maybe the most important one of their lives at that point in time – it only seems fair that Nick Saban proposes a little restraint of trade as an educational experience.

That it serves to help Nick Saban is merely an unanticipated coincidence, I’m sure.


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