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The smoove stylings of Paul Johnson, recruiter

Because nothing sells a program like a slight touch of desperation

Georgia Tech could also get a couple of commitments today: Brad and Scott Morgan, twin offensive linemen from Etowah High School, are considering accepting offers from the Yellow Jackets, according to’s Kelly Quinlan.

The twins got offered personally by Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson on Wednesday under one condition: “We have to commit right away,” per Brad, who was ready to do it but his brother wanted a little time to think about it.

Think?  Shoot, son, don’t you know thinking just gets you in trouble?

In case Johnson’s looking for an even less subtle approach, here’s a golden oldie that should work wonders.

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The hardest working man in Athens, Georgia

Mike Bobo racked himself up some major frequent flyer miles recruiting recent QB commit Jacob Eason.

“They’ve always been the school,” Eason said. “The coaches have been the most involved. Coach Bobo came all the way up to Washington to watch me throw twice. That’s more than any other school and that’s a four-and-a-half-hour flight. That’s a lot of commitment.”

I guess Eason felt the love.

(h/t Bulldog Illustrated)


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“Youthful hijinks”, “second chance” or “he’s a different person since then”?

I’m just trying to figure out the excuse that will be used by his next head coach on national signing day, 2016.


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Question for Kirk Herbstreit

Do we count this person

According to an incident report released to the AJC on Monday, UGA Police were dispatched to Rooker Hall in the East Campus Village area of campus in reference to a burglary that occurred in Busbee Hall early Saturday morning. Two female residents who are also UGA athletes reported they were awakened about 7:30 a.m. Saturday when an unknown black male entered their unlocked residence without permission and stole a wallet containing credit cards and an iPhone5 cell phone.

Williamson said an investigation of the incident and previous night’s activities led to the identification of the suspect. By the time the police contacted UGA football administrators, the suspect had already left campus to return to Florida.

… as a future Auburn player if he’s merely a football recruit who was attending a prospect camp and not actually enrolled at Georgia?


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Our very own man mountain

You guys know I’m loathe to delve into the world of player commitments, but in light of Todd Gurley’s comment that “We don’t get the Alabama, big, country 6-5, 320” offensive linemen types, I can’t help but take note of Ben Cleveland’s announcement last night that intends to take his services to the University of Georgia.  Right now, Ben’s services are somewhere in the neighborhood of… well, 6-5, 320.

That’s scary impressive enough, but then there’s this.

15 years old?  Great googly moogly…


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Monday morning buffet

A light nosh before SEC Media Days kicks off.


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Mamas, let your lacrosse players grow up to be offensive linemen.

Now I know that two kids hardly constitutes a trend, but I still find it interesting that this tidbit pops up on Georgia’s latest commit for the class of 2015:

The big man, who also plays lacrosse, can get to the second level in a hurry and while he needs to improve angles, he can be an effective second-level blocker.  [Emphasis added.]

Along with Greg Pyke, that makes for two big lacrosse players potentially suiting up for Will Friend.  Coincidence, an appreciation for kids who are generally good athletes, or do you think the Georgia coaches see something specifically useful in having a background in that other sport?


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The bell trolls for thee.

I’m pretty sure Carvell is trolling somebody here.  I’m just not quite sure whom.  Are we supposed to be surprised that a wide receiver would turn down an offer from Georgia Tech to take one from Duke?


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Are running backs running away?

Interesting post up at Roll Bama Roll about how the current devolution of reliance on a stud running back in the NFL may be having an effect on the Tide’s recruiting.  It may already be having a ripple effect in college, as these charts indicate:




It’s not that colleges and pro teams don’t need a running game. It’s just that the nature of how those teams construct a running game has changed.  And that’s having an effect on the value of running backs.  We saw evidence of that in this past draft, where the first running back taken wasn’t until pick #54.

As far as recruiting goes, if you’re a running back, you’re a running back and that’s it.  But what if you’re a talented high school player who has the ability to show out at more than one position?  Is that RBs are getting paid less to do their thing on Sundays going to impact your decision on how you want to be recruited?  I don’t know, but I do find it interesting that the current Alabama recruiting class, nineteen commits strong, only has one running back in its numbers.

Now I know that ‘Bama, like Georgia, isn’t the most attractive place to draw running back recruits for 2015, given the depth the school has at the position, so I don’t want to read too much into that.  But I’ll be curious to see if there’s something to this longer term – especially because Georgia has very similar needs on offense to Alabama’s.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  • Did you know that Clemson’s Frank Howard once threatened to sue over a piece Lewis Grizzard wrote about him?
  • I always love it when somebody else does the heavy lifting for me, so, thanks, Tyler, for counting the number of scholarship players currently on Georgia’s roster.
  • Barry Alvarez sez, “To keep fans in the stands, you have to keep up with the technology, so they can continue to use those things in the stadium.” You could always beef up the home schedule, Barry.
  • Hunter Atkinson’s high school coach says the kid’s family has endured a backlash from third parties as a result of his withdrawal from Georgia.  Stay classy, people.
  • Troy’s Larry Blakeney suggests an interesting proposal for paying players – a stipend based on academic performance, paid to student-athletes per hour passed with a C or above.
  • Marc Weiszer talks to Danny Ware about a Knowshon-Gurley comparison.
  • High school quarterback being recruited by Georgia has this to say about his first conversation with the head guy:  “… The SEC is the biggest in college football. I was super excited to talk to Coach Richt. I was a little nervous. I had never talked to a coach that big before. It was awesome.”
  • Amateurism, first half of the 20th century style.


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