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Robbing the cradle

“LSU is a top program, and Zadock has liked LSU for a long time,” Johan Dinkelmann said. “What kid at his age with dreams and aspirations wouldn’t commit to a program like that? It’s a tremendous opportunity. It was an opportunity that we, as his parents, wouldn’t let him pass up if that’s what he wanted.”

Spoken like the proud father of a 14-year old kid who hasn’t played a down of varsity high school football (and won’t this season, either).

Every time I read stories like this, I keep thinking Andy Staples has the right idea.

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Friday morning buffet

There’s always something to grab.

  • Talk about preparation:  Mike Ekeler watched every snap last season of the Bulldogs’ special teams before his interview with Richt.  Talk about being a glutton for punishment, too.
  • Based on recruiting rankings, which teams and coaches were the biggest over and under achievers?
  • ESPN is set to announce that the 2014 college football season will begin at its earliest point in 11 years.
  • Here are some details from the third day of hearings on whether the National Labor Relations Board should certify the Northwestern players’ unionization request.
  • And here is a listing of the spring practice start dates and spring game dates for all 14 SEC schools.
  • Charlie Pierce uses Mark Richt to mock Georgia pols’ attempt to let guns on campus.
  • Arkansas’ plan to modify its school color leads to a post about color scales that probably has more information than you could possibly care about.  But since it also mentions Georgia, what the hell.
  • MaconDawg wonders if Georgia’s 2015 recruiting indicates that future offensive changes are a possibility.


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This recruit ain’t afraid of no scooter.

Safety Rashad Roundtree is a five-star recruit and his father is the sheriff in Augusta.

A skilled player at a need position with intimate knowledge of law enforcement procedure?  Sign that man!


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If you start with this premise

Every BCS champion since recruiting rankings could be accurately tracked (2005, or four classes after Scout joined Rivals in rating players) has met a benchmark: it’s recruited more blue-chips (four- and five-star players) than lesser-rated players over its four previous signing classes.

… then Georgia makes a rather exclusive list.

Georgia also just makes the cut. Mark Richt’s squad could make things interesting with new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, a top recruiter stolen away from Florida State.

Considering the amount of high-quality players the Dawgs bring in, it’s a bit surprising they haven’t won a conference title since 2005…

Yes, it is.  Until you notice that there are four SEC teams on his list ranked higher.  Tough neighborhood.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Grab that plate and fill it up.


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Maybe they need the ticket revenue.

Texas A&M is in the midst of a significant renovation to its stadium.  As a result of that, the school has elected not to have a spring game for the next two years.  The rationale behind the decision is interesting:

“NCAA rules related to an off-campus spring game would include football staff members, as well as current Aggie football players, not being able to interact with prospective student-athletes and their families. Also, the institution would not be able to provide complimentary admission to high school, college-preparatory school or two-year college prospects or their coaches because the event is not a regular-season event and would be taking place outside of a 30-mile radius from campus.”  [Emphasis added.]

Get that?  TAMU doesn’t want to spend the resources to host a spring game elsewhere because it feels it would be a waste without being able to invite recruits.  Meanwhile, Georgia has a special opportunity to do just that every season, but evidently feels it would be a waste to invite recruits.

I can always hope Pruitt’s fresh eyes convince some folks to revisit that policy.


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Baby, baby

Here’s a kid who’s going to take part in FSU’s Junior Day before he plays a snap of high school football.

At least he’s going in with the right attitude:

“I just want to see the field (not a recruiting pun- he wants to see the field they play on at Doak Campbell Stadium),” Rashad said. “I want to meet the players and talk to Jameis Winston. I want to have fun and get the experience.”


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Thursday morning buffet

If you’re facing the same weather conditions I am, it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do right now than to slip into the buffet line.

  • Sorry, Missouri, but you just got the KC Joyner kiss of death.
  • Stewart Mandel throws in the towel on oversigning.
  • Clowney says he might have stayed in Columbia for his senior year if he were paid enough to support his family.  Now he tells ‘em.
  • The NCAA’s Division I Board of Directors hopes to have a new management structure in place by August.
  • Here’s a coach who’s on his eighth job in eight years.
  • It turns out that among all the Vols who were arrested at that wild party last weekend, a man who identified himself as an assistant strength coach for Tennessee’s football team was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car when he tried to intervene.
  • “An online survey by a group of Canadian researchers suggests that Internet trolls are more likely than others to show signs of sadism, psychopathy and “Machiavellianism”: a disregard for morality and tendency to manipulate or exploit others.”
  • The NLRB held its first hearing yesterday on the Northwestern players’ move to be certified as a union.


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You don’t have to do that at Georgia Tech!

You’d think in that rarefied academic atmosphere Georgia Tech inhabits, the Jackets would be regularly fighting off the likes of Duke, Vanderbilt and Stanford for the services of the kids it recruits.

Wrong, insect breath.

Georgia Tech’s signees had a lot of choices. Most often, it appears, Marshall was one of the options. Marshall offered nine Yellow Jackets signees, according to 247 Sports, the most of any team. Marshall was followed by Georgia State with seven and Appalachian State, Middle Tennessee State and South Carolina with six.

Marshall was something of a surprise, given that Marshall is three states away (four if you count South Carolina). You wouldn’t think there’d be so much fishing from the same pond. Marshall only has seven Georgia players on its roster. Of the nine Tech signees that Marshall offered, seven are from either Lamar County (DBs Lance and Lawrence Austin and WR/DB Qua Searcy) or Florida (OL Gary Brown, DB Step Durham, LB Terrell Lewis, OL Jake Stickler). The other two were DE Kenderius Whitehead (Georgia Military College) and C Jake Whitley (South Carolina).

Marshall recruits plenty in Florida, as does Tech. There were at least a few Marshall signees who chose the Thundering Herd over Tech.

Appalachian State, Georgia State and Middle Tennessee State all were often competitors for whom Tech was the top choice, conference-wise.

Marshall, you may recall, was Kendall Gant’s fall back option – his “out” in the words of his coach – when he failed to meet Georgia’s entry requirements.  I’m betting Gant won’t be struggling with calculus at West Virginia next fall.

On the bright side, no Georgia State signees picked the school over an offer from Tech.  So there’s that.


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At the intersection of recruiting and sexting

This ought to be fun.

For those of you who are even bigger social media tyros than I am, here’s what that means:

The photo messaging application allows users to take photos or videos and add text or drawing, then set an expiration for the message once it is opened. The service has been criticized in popular culture as a means to distribute explicit material, particularly for its part in the social phenomenon of sexting.

Can you say plausible deniability?  I thought you could.


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