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Nerds gotta go sometime.

Admittedly, these would probably freak me out.  But I’m thinking strategically locating some of them in the Level 600 bathrooms for the November 24th game with an appropriate message might be adequate payback for this.

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Would it matter if Penn Wagers could communicate better?

Admittedly, this sounds like faint praise, but I always thought Steve Shaw deserved his reputation as one of the SEC’s best officials.  But I’ve just got to chuckle at the idea that outfitting SEC refs with a wireless communication system is going to make a whit of difference out there.

… The NCAA football rules committee allowed the SEC and Big Ten this spring to test the system, which international soccer referees have used for several years. Wearing a small earpiece and microphone, the seven football officials didn’t have to huddle to discuss penalties and could engage in pre-snap conversations to catch possible infractions.

Great.  Penn Wagers and company will be able to discuss whom they want to slap with a penalty even before the play commences.  We are witnessing the birth of true cutting edge officiating.

And I’m sure this stuff works brilliantly.  After all, it’s been tested on the stage of the world’s biggest sporting event.

Vokkero, a European company, initially developed the system called VOK-REF in 2005 based on specifications from the French Professional Football League and French soccer referee committee. The device was used in the 2006 and 2010 World Cup.

Yeah, the 2010 World Cup, a classic example of better officiating through science.

I can’t wait.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Try it, you’ll like it.

  • Sporting News ranks the ACC coaches and Paul Johnson comes in at number two.  I don’t know if that more a reflection on Johnson or the conference.  (Personally speaking, I’d give Jim Grobe a lifetime achievement award for Wake Forest winning the ACC.  Is there another coach on the list who could have pulled that off?)
  • Will Muschamp doesn’t think much of Tennessee’s lack of academic prowess.
  • This is not new, but since they brought mat drills back this offseason, maybe it’s worth another look.
  • Surprise, surprise“College football players suffer knee injuries about 40 percent more often when playing on an artificial turf versus grass, according to a U.S. study.”
  • Jerry Hinnen’s look at the SEC East, post-spring practice is worth a read.  (I’ve thought the same thing he mentions about South Carolina’s pass defense.)
  • This is pretty cool.
  • I’m sure Tommy Tuberville is ecstatic that Kevin Scarbinsky’s let him off the hook for Auburn football.
  • Nick Saban is right about this, even if it is a little self-serving.  (Hell, it’s not as if what Delany and Scott want isn’t, aiight?)


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Thursday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet.

  • Nothing like having to defend the SEC Freshman of the Year to your own fan base.  Mark Richt is a patient man, bless his heart.
  • If you’re looking for the conventional wisdom on Georgia Tech’s 2012 season, here ’tis.
  • SEC coaches look at Missouri’s offense and shrug… a little.  (I’m looking forward to seeing how their defenses handle it.)
  • Another reason why I love the NCAA“Another task force has recommended firming up the scheduling window for major college football’s bowl season, setting a calendar through the 2019 season in which the first game would be no earlier than Dec. 15 and the last game no later than Jan. 13.”  January 13th?  Way to put your foot down there, fellas.
  • The first snarky response to this header is “because it doesn’t have to”.  The second one is “it doesn’t go north or east, either”.  Seriously, though, read it, because it’s probably a good model for where McGarity intends to go with scheduling at Georgia.
  • Clark Howard: “High-definition, flat-screen TVs are driving down the price of tickets to live sports events in an unexpected way.”
  • Mark Richt sees the NFL draft as more of a time to celebrate than as an evaluation of the talent on his roster.


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This explains why every guy in a bar believes he can manage a sports team better than the guy actually doing it.


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One thing I’ll always be grateful for.

Thank Gawd cell phones didn’t exist when I was in college.


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You, too, can be a draft expert, in five easy steps!

This (h/t Chris Brown) is easily the funniest football-related piece you’ll read today.  It wouldn’t be that hard to translate over to recruiting, either.


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And while we’re on the subject of improving the game day experience…

Here’s a little detail Greg McGarity ought to turn his attention to, especially if it doesn’t cost the school anything.

Make it so, hoss.


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Tuesday morning buffet

With just a week to go until the bowl game, the buffet gets a little Sparty.

  • Vince Dooley would consider this news a lot bigger than some:  MSU suspends its long snapper for the Outback Bowl.
  • Can someone explain to me why Chris Petersen would be interested in the Penn State job?
  • LSU’s fullback questions the manhood of Auburn’s defensive players.  (Actually, he doesn’t question it; he comes right out about it.)
  • If I’m a coach thinking of taking a job with Illinois, I’m reading my contract very carefully.
  • One more reason the 2012 SEC schedules haven’t appeared yet:  But we were told by one SEC employee last week that “it may be necessary to break up one pair of rivals for 2012 only.”
  • You wonder about an Outback Bowl letdown when you read stuff like this“The Spartans spelled out their goals entering this season with the four-letter acronym “P4RB” – play for the Rose Bowl by winning a second straight Big Ten title.”
  • This is sort of the interception analogue to the famous Tyrone Prothro TD catch off the defender’s back, except goofier looking.
  • Sad, but true:  Charlie Weis gets commitments from two quarterbacks who lost their starting spots at other schools and it’s hailed as a major step up for the quarterbacking situation at Kansas.  Too bad he can’t fix the defense like that.
  • Here’s a look at Mark Dantonio’s track record at Michigan State.
  • “It doesn’t get more American than whiskey.”


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Whither Uga?

As we wait to see Russ’ replacement, here’s a lengthy New York Times piece (h/t Jim Galloway) on whether the bulldog breed should be modified to make it healthier.  You know who is front and center in the story:

In the first half of Georgia’s football game against South Carolina in 2009, Uga VII, who had been dozing on a bag of ice in his air-conditioned sideline doghouse, was cajoled onto the field to pose for pictures with some cheerleaders and Gov. Sonny Perdue. Uga (pronounced UGH-uh) wore his trademark red Georgia jersey and spiked red leather collar, and he looked bored as an ESPN cameraman shoved a camera in his wrinkly, smooshed bulldog face.

And here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know.

The food also boasts “highly digestible proteins,” because bulldogs are the most relentless farters in the canine world.

GATA, indeed.


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