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This could change the Intertubes as we know them.

Now you can turn on your sarcasm meter.

French company Spotter has developed an analytics tool that claims to be able to identify sarcastic comments posted online.

It’s yours if you’re willing to pony up the £1,000 per month for the service.  No word on whether that figure was offered snarkily or not.  I guess you’ll have to rent Spotter to find out.

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Friday morning buffet

You need nourishment.


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Tuesday morning buffet

The line is open, so grab a plate.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Sidle on up and grab you a plate.


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Monday morning buffet

Go get a plate.

  • What cracks me up about this story isn’t that Tennessee cops can’t tell the difference between a marijuana leaf and the Ohio State symbol.  It’s that they think drug dealers are stupid enough to advertise their wares on their cars.
  • Georgia Tech’s participation in the last ACCCG had the effect on FSU ticket sales you might have guessed.  In other words, Chantastic!
  • Georgia announces a study into the long-term effects of high school football.
  • Bill Connelly kicks off the preseason review field with a look at newly minted D-1 member Georgia State.  Based on his piece, anybody wonder how soon GSU achieves parity with Georgia Tech?
  • “… of the 20 Georgia recruits that were rated as ‘2’ or ‘No’ stars during the last 13 years, EIGHT of them were signed in Richt’s initial season of 2001.”
  • I’d find John Infante’s be-careful-what-you-wish-for take on the O’Bannon suit more persuasive if the NCAA weren’t so stubborn about trying to find some sort of reasonable settlement with the plaintiffs.
  • And in non-football (although I guess you could call it tailgating) news, the Maker’s Mark folks have their New Coke moment.


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Sunday morning buffet

Grab a plate and indulge yourself.


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“You have CTE.”

Obviously, we’re a long way from a five-subject study to a definitive diagnosis, but I do wonder if Ta-Nehisi Coates is accurately seeing football’s future:

… There’s something more; presumably, if they really learn how to diagnose this, they will be able to say exactly how common it is for football players–and maybe athletes at large–to develop CTE.  This is when you start thinking about football and an existential crisis. I don’t know what the adults will do. But you tell a parent that their kid has a five percent chance of developing crippling brain damage through playing a sport, and you will see the end of Pop Warner and probably the end of high school football. Colleges would likely follow.

There’s a part of me that’s skeptical.  But that part will never sit in a doctor’s office with my child being told that a risk of serious brain injury has been diagnosed.  Nor has that part ever been a member of a family that sees a college football career as a means – maybe the only one – to a child getting a degree at least and perhaps to going on to a NFL paycheck.

If this study bears fruit, I suspect that before you’d see football’s death, you’d see an attempt made to take concrete steps to improve player safety, both with equipment changes and with rules changes.  Whether those would work would depend on how good technology would get, how serious the NCAA would be about enforcement – and how fan support would be affected by the changes.  Tough calls all around.


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