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About the nine-game conference schedule

Welp, he’s right about this.

But that’s just the polls.  What happens if/when the selection committee goes another way and hints or outright states the eight-game conference schedule was a factor in the decision?  Besides Mike Slive’s head exploding, I mean.

I’m not predicting here.  Just wondering.

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Friday morning buffet

Some pre-weekend nibbles for your reading pleasure:


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Bill Connelly’s updated conference projections

As you can imagine, they’re a lot more fun to read after the Arkansas game.

  • Georgia is the only team in the East with better than a 50% chance to go 7-1 in the conference.
  • Bill now has Georgia listed as a favorite in all of its remaining SEC matches, including Auburn.  (He assigns Florida a 2.6% chance of winning in Jax.)

The number that really jumps out at me is that he projects Ole Miss to have better than a 50% chance to run the table.  Out of the SEC West.  Wow.


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It’s easier to keep fighting when you’ve got help.

Now here’s an interesting stat from Saturday:

7 First downs for Arkansas because of Georgia penalties on Saturday. No other SEC has gotten more than four first downs in a game this season via its opponent’s penalties. Georgia was penalized nine times for 101 yards against Arkansas.

No way I’m saying some of those penalties weren’t justified, but, man, that’s a lot of first downs.  Matt Moore’s crew didn’t blatantly affect the outcome of the game in the way they did last year at Vanderbilt.  But perhaps it’s time to add them to the list of officials to keep an eye on.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 8

Quite a few teams got manhandled this week, which made this week’s poll a little easier in some ways and a little harder in others (it’s getting more crowded at the bottom, y’all.)

Also, don’t forget I consider the two Mississippi schools co-leaders for now, and am arbitrarily flipping them back and forth each week until somebody loses.

  1. Mississippi.  Ole Miss’ defense is something else to watch.
  2. Mississippi State.  Handling adversity hasn’t been a problem this season.  How about handling success?
  3. Auburn.  That road win at Kansas State looks more stout.
  4. Georgia.  Hmm.  How much do you think a Nick Chubb autograph is worth now?
  5. Alabama.  Junior makes a comeback.
  6. LSU.  Believe it or not, this is the only other team besides the top five that is positive in net conference scoring.
  7. Missouri.  This is purely a “I’ve got to put some team there” vote.  At least the Tigers have a good defense.
  8. Texas A&M.  Now you don’t talk so loud.  Now you don’t seem so proud.
  9. South Carolina.  A win’s a win.  Hey, didn’t we used to say that about Vanderbilt?
  10. Kentucky.  At least the ‘Cats have a couple of conference wins.
  11. Florida.  So do the Gators, but at this point that’s almost hard to believe.
  12. Arkansas.  Don’t feel too bad, Hogs.  At least you’re still due.
  13. Tennessee.  The Vols’ offense is regressing, which is probably not a good thing when your next opponent is Alabama.
  14. Vanderbilt.  A bye week means never having to get sealclubbed by a good conference opponent.


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The conversion of Jeff Sagarin

Remember when everybody used to complain that Sagarin was biased in favor of the Pac-12?  Not anymore.

College Football 2014 through games of October 18 Saturday                                                                          
                                RATING    W   L  SCHEDL(RANK) VS top 10 | VS top 30 | GOLDEN_MEAN  | PREDICTOR    | ELO_SCORE  
                HOME ADVANTAGE=[  3.23]                                               [  3.16]       [  3.39]       [  3.13]
   1  Mississippi          A  =  97.20    7   0   74.95(  13)    1   0  |    3   0  |   95.44    3 |   96.08    1 |   97.30    1
   2  Alabama              A  =  96.91    6   1   77.11(   9)    0   1  |    3   1  |   96.42    1 |   95.68    2 |   95.62    4
   3  Auburn               A  =  96.55    5   1   79.22(   3)    0   1  |    2   1  |   95.93    2 |   94.43    3 |   96.74    2
   4  Mississippi State    A  =  93.52    6   0   73.84(  20)    1   0  |    3   0  |   93.64    5 |   89.83    7 |   96.26    3
   5  Georgia              A  =  92.44    6   1   74.64(  14)    0   0  |    3   0  |   92.46    6 |   92.60    4 |   89.74    7


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Now, this is dedication.

Missouri blogger posts a piece analyzing every Maty Mauk throw against Georgia.

Well, I appreciated it.


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