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Thursday morning buffet

Dig in, dig in.

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Wednesday morning buffet

Jump right in, peeps.


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Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, let’s clean out the pantry.

  • Gus Malzahn promises “clarity” on how he’ll use Nick Marshall in the opener.  Won’t that be dependent on how much of a game Arkansas gives Auburn?
  • Tennessee claims it drew 40,000 to an open scrimmage.  Let’s see how they turn out in November.
  • DJ Shockley is as puzzled by Georgia’s SEC championship drought as anyone:  “It’s beyond amazing, and I can’t even imagine how this has happened,” Shockley said. “It’s almost like a string of bad luck. I look back at all the talent that has been there since I left and the guys that Georgia has put out, and it’s just amazing. It’s one of those things that has baffled me just like it’s baffled the fans.”
  • Can you believe Will Muschamp has had a hard time recruiting élite offensive talent to Gainesville?
  • Brandon Larrabee makes a solid point about how LSU does a good job surviving its NFL departures.  But, man, the Tigers sure have to replace a lot of skill position experience this season.
  • I don’t think it’s a good sign if Ted Roof thinks from watching Tech scrimmages one of the things his defense needs to improve is the pass rush.


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Saturday morning buffet

It’s time to eat.


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Bill Connelly’s “SEC balance of power”

Bill’s wrapped up his conference previews with Alabama (don’t worry, still quasi-godlike) and then gone on to power rank the fourteen conference programs.  Here’s how he sees the SEC right now:

Tier 1
1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. South Carolina
4. LSU
5. Georgia

I was tempted to put Alabama in its own tier again, as I do think the Tide start a step ahead of everybody else. But all five of these teams have top-10 potential, and there’s been just enough turnover in Tuscaloosa to hold off.

Tier 2
6. Ole Miss
7. Texas A&M
8. Missouri
9. Florida
10. Mississippi State

Any of these Tier 2 teams could end up playing at a top-15 level … which would make them Tier 1 candidates in any other conference. Instead they’re at least one step behind each of the top five teams.

Tier 3
11. Tennessee

The Vols are too young (and have been too iffy in recent years) to be considered anything more than a top-40 or -50 team this year, but they have too much potential to be stuck with the names below.

Tier 4
12. Arkansas
13. Vanderbilt
14. Kentucky

Arkansas almost belongs with Tennessee, but I think the Hogs are still a year away from top-50 quality. And if you combined Vandy’s defense with Kentucky’s offense, you might have close to a Tier 2 team. So there’s that, at least.

Honestly, I could nitpick a little here and there (especially with Tennessee on its own tier and the order of his Tier 2 teams), but overall it looks like a pretty fair representation of where things currently stand.  What I’m curious about is which team you see winding up playing the farthest above its preseason assessment and which team falls the farther below.

I’ll get the party started with the usual caveat about injuries – not that it worked for Florida or Georgia last year – but the team I think may be most overrated is TAMU.  I know Sumlin recruits like a sumbitch, but you don’t lose all that All-American talent without missing a beat.  And the team I can see making a jump is Mississippi State if Prescott is ready to take his game to the next level.

What say you guys?


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I got ‘yer SEC Network PSA right here.

Confused about where the SEC Network is being shown by your carrier?  Here’s a handy finder you can use to find the channel.

And here’s what the programming looks like for the first two weeks.  (Basically, stay off the SEC Network at 3PM, and it won’t be too bad.)


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Mason and trust in the not-so year of the quarterback

Pat Forde returns to the “SEC, it’s not your quarterbacks’ year” meme in this post.  First, one interesting factual nugget:

Interestingly in a pass-first era, there also were the most rushing yards produced and allowed in 2013, but not the most passing yards produced and allowed. That happened in 2001.

Sounds like that means there might be an entirely different, yet equally valid reason this year’s conference may be more run-oriented.  But Forde may have a good point of his own when he notes,

In an effort to win turnover margin, expect a very conservative September in a lot of SEC locales. Until coaches know they can trust their young quarterbacks, they’re not going to place the weight of the world on their shoulder pads.

In light of that, how much comfort should be taken with Mason’s avoidance of throwing picks in practice in the spring and fall?  Certainly it’s no guarantee of perfection come September, but if it’s an indication of emphasis and Mason’s appreciation of its importance, he may be farther along the trust curve than some of his peers, which should be good news for Georgia’s offense.


UPDATE:  A little more about Mason, from an unnamed coach who faced Georgia last season.

Hutson Mason’s got some game reps under his belt, and that’s an advantage. It’s not like he’s stepping into a role where he’s playing for the first time. The depth in their backfield is phenomenal. That helps for Mason’s transition, because you’re not going to have to lean on his arm to win ball games. Having a strong run game can only open up throwing lanes for the quarterback — and the strength of their offense will be their running…


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