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Slive’s retirement announcement

Due to health issues, Mike Slive has announced he will retire as SEC Commissioner on July 31, 2015.

No matter what you think of Slive, there’s little question that he will leave behind a significant legacy.  And I feel badly for anyone who has to leave a job he loves over issues he can’t control.  So best of luck in beating cancer, Commish.

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Tuesday morning buffet


  • Arkansas threw the ball 40 times in the Alabama game.
  • Speaking of throwing, broke down Hutson Mason’s game against Mizzou.  (Hint:  he likee.)
  • Jimbo Fisher goes all in on Jameis Winston“. . . There is not a victim because there was no crime. . .”
  • And speaking of Winston, hoo boy.
  • Coach Richt, on his evolution at head coach:  “I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t do as much hands-on coaching as I used to. Mike Bobo and Pruitt are doing most of that now. I deal with more things during the game and in the week preceding the game.”
  • Jerry Palm notes that the selection committee will continue the tradition of not taking margin of victory into account.  Idiots.
  • The descent of Jeff Driskel is a thing:  “Right now, Jeff would probably start, but both will play.”  The “probably” is an especially nice touch.
  • Speaking of Boom, this is still a thing, too.
  • Georgia moves up a whopping twelve spots, to ninth, in the latest F/+ rankings.


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“Dunlap declined to say if Wagers would face a reprimand.”

Honestly, would it make any difference to him whether he got one?


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SEC Power Poll, Week 7

The problem this week isn’t ranking a Mississippi school at the top.  It’s which Mississippi school to rank first.  Honestly, at this point, you can make valid arguments for each.  To me, it’s a dead heat.  So I’m going to flip-flop them in the top two spots each week until one of them deserves to drop out.

  1. Mississippi State.  Okay, Bulldogs, okay.   I’m convinced.
  2. Mississippi.  Ole Miss’ defense is so well coached that it’s hard to believe Paul Johnson canned Dave Wommack once upon a time.
  3. Auburn.  If the Tigers hadn’t come out as tight as a tick, that game might have gone differently.  But they did.
  4. Georgia.  Mark Richt gained control.
  5. Alabama.  There were moments during the Arkansas game when Nick Saban looked like he was choking over every nice thing he’d ever said about Lane Kiffin.
  6. Texas A&M.  Second straight week the Aggies couldn’t stay with a team with a good defense.  Maybe they’ll do better this week against Alabama.
  7. LSU.  Never underestimate the power of Les Miles to pull a win out of his ass, my friends.
  8. Arkansas.  The catch to getting your opponent to play down to your level is that you’re still playing down to your level.
  9. Kentucky.  I know.  But the ‘Cats keep winning and sooner or later, you’ve got to respect the process of elimination.
  10. Florida.  So, when does Boom start playing for next year?  Too soon?
  11. Missouri.  Laid a stinker and can’t even blame Todd Gurley for it.
  12. South Carolina.  You lost to Missouri, so don’t even start.
  13. Tennessee.  Looking at the rest of the Vols’ schedule, achieving bowl eligibility isn’t going to be easy.
  14. Vanderbilt.  I can’t think of a more apt way to describe the current state of Vandy’s program than this:  Vanderbilt 21, Charleston Southern 20.


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Third down and whoa

From Pete Roussel, a handy chart of SEC quarterbacks performances on third down:

Two things stand out there that may have some bearing on this Saturday: as long as he’s not throwing for the end zone, getting Mauk in third down situations is a win for the defense and getting Mason in third down situations is not easy.


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Missouri’s X factor

I know a lot of people are impressed with Maty Mauk.  I’m not so much impressed as I am scared.  I’ve watched a fair amount of Missouri football this year and Mauk’s been all over the place.  South Carolina’s a perfect example of that – he did very little until the game was on the line late in the fourth quarter and then he blew the Gamecocks up.

As Missouri’s beat writer puts it,

Maty Mauk came off the bench last year and finished off Missouri’s win at Georgia. This year he’s had some games of big numbers (five touchdowns vs. Toledo), while at South Carolina he didn’t do much until late. How good a season do you think he’s had so far, and how dangerous is his scrambling ability?

Matter: I’d give him a B so far. He was outstanding at Toledo, good enough against UCF, struggled some against Indiana and could barely complete a pass for three quarters at South Carolina. Outside of Bud Sasser, Mauk was working with the JV receiver corps in Columbia East. He got jumpy in the pocket, struggled with throws on the run – which is usually his specialty – and barely found room to scramble. On the other hand, he made two great throws to ignite the rally. He’s a pretty resilient guy, doesn’t seem to get too rattled by the moment and always wants to push the ball downfield, sometimes to a fault. His scrambling ability can break down a defense, but more so than last year, he’s looking to throw while scrambling — not just using his legs to pick up yards. He still has bouts of wild inconsistency. He can look like the most dangerous QB in the SEC on one drive then throw a mindless pass into coverage on the next.

He’s a real wild card.  What Georgia has to guard against is, if things are going well and there’s a lead in the fourth quarter, defensive complacency.  It doesn’t matter how poorly Mauk’s played up until that point; he’s more than capable of turning things on, especially if the defense is showing some of the same prevent looks it did in the Tennessee game.  This game won’t be over until it’s over.


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Thursday morning buffet

Plenty to enjoy today.


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