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“They’ve brought this on themselves…”

Playoff selection committee, be forewarned.  Matt Hayes will be yelling bloody murder about the SEC’s non-conference scheduling when crunch time comes.

I’m not really sure why the hard-on, though, based on his own compiled stats.

Keeping score (three of five Power 5 conferences analyzed):

Games against Power 5 teams: Big Ten (30 percent); ACC (30 percent); SEC (20 percent)

Games against Group of 5 teams: SEC (55 percent); Big Ten (52 percent), ACC (45 percent)

Games against FCS teams: ACC (25 percent), SEC (25 percent); Big Ten (18 percent)

That’s not the only puzzler.

Georgia, which recently signed a home-and-home series with Notre Dame (2017 and 2019), is the only SEC team to play two games against Power 5 teams. That distinction brings a brutal September: Clemson, at South Carolina, Troy, Tennessee — the same Tennessee that should have beaten Georgia last season.

Tennessee is the key to Georgia’s brutal September?  I guess if the Dawgs are down their top five skill position players, maybe so.

Hayes makes the best argument against his argument when he cites Auburn.

For those thinking Auburn is a national title contender, consider this: The Tigers haven’t won a road non-con game against a BCS/Power 5 team since 1997, when Terry Bowden’s Auburn team went into Charlottesville and beat Virginia 28-17. Auburn hasn’t won a non-con game against a team west of the Mississippi since a victory over TCU in 1980.

And during that time, Auburn was in the national title conversation in 2004 – and, of course, would have played for a MNC had there not been two other major schools undefeated – won a national title in 2010 and played for another last season.  That non-conference scheduling has really had an impact, Matt.

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The SEC Network’s one sop to tradition

At least we know who will be calling the third-rate games on the network now.

You may remember Dave from such great moments like this:

No word on whether they’re getting the band back together, though.  Just don’t pair him with Andre Ware.  Please.


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Root, root, root for the conference opponent?

Year2 has a good piece about the etiquette of supporting other SEC teams and I agree with him that being a fan means following your heart, not coldly calculating what’s good for the conference may be indirectly good for the team you support.

Where I think I part ways with him is that, with at least some conference rivals, I can’t even get into the intellectual justification as a fall back exercise.

That then changes the question to whether it is good for your team to see other SEC teams do well. In the aggregate, the answer is an easy “yes”.

There is a subjective element to how every NCAA postseason field comes about. The better the league’s reputation is, the more likely it is that its teams will get into those fields ahead of other conferences’ teams. It is especially important in the revenue sports, because more spots means more money to the conference, and the conference divides the loot evenly. The conference’s good reputation has paid off concretely in football…

Was Florida’s loss to Georgia Southern bad for the conference’s reputation?  Certainly.  As a Georgia fan, would I have changed the outcome had I the power to?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?

There are some SEC schools I’m always going to root against… unless they’re playing Georgia Tech.  (Maybe.)  There are some conference schools I may dislike for a time because of a player or coach whom I instinctively pull against.  And there are some teams in the SEC I support.  If that makes me a bad conference fan, so be it.  Besides, outside of Mike Slive, who wants to be a conference fan anyway?


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Georgia keeps its scheduling powder dry.

Lots of understandable excitement about the just-announced Georgia-Notre Dame series.  The AJ-C has gotten some of the details in the contract the schools will sign and while I’m sure most will want to focus on things like buyouts and ticket allotments, here’s the part that struck me as the matter to be watched closely over the next few years:

However, there is a clause that would allow Notre Dame or Georgia to wiggle out of the game without penalty if either team is required by its respective conferences to play more league games. The Irish are currently obligated to play five ACC games a year under its new agreement with that association. The SEC recently decided to stick to eight conference games rather than nine for the foreseeable future.

Now, sure, that may be simply one of those “out of an abundance of caution” things lawyers do with contracts.  But that it’s there means it’s something on McGarity’s mind.  It’s pretty much a tell that the SEC isn’t totally sure how things will work out over the next few seasons with the new playoffs and with its television broadcast partners.  So you wind up hedging a few bets.

But it’s also a subtle way of sending a message:  see what’ll happen if you make us go to a nine-game conference schedule?  Of course, as the now-canceled Oregon series reminds us, it doesn’t have to take the threat of a nine-game schedule for Georgia to cancel.


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What’s an SEC championship worth these days?

It’s Scarbinsky, I know, but, still, there’s a certain truth that resonates at the core of this:

Spurrier still clings to his fondness for the old days, as witnessed by his recent comment pointing out that Nick Saban has three national titles at Alabama but only two SEC championships. Only the Ball Coach could make that sound like a bad thing.

No doubt there are some sour grapes involved, too. For all of his Hall of Fame credentials, despite dominating the SEC in the 1990s, Spurrier has won only a single national championship, way back in the Stone Age in 1996.

Gene Chizik can match that, and Urban Meyer won twice as many at Florida between 2006 and 2008.

If you haven’t won at least one national title as an SEC head coach these days – hello, Mark Richt – what have you really accomplished?

I’m among those still in the Spurrier camp, but our numbers are likely to dwindle as the playoffs slowly suck the oxygen out of the room.


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A conference commissioner’s most important responsibility

I mock Jim Delany now and then for behaving more like the head of programming of a sports network than running a college conference, but the reality is that he’s far from alone in his sense of priorities.

Yeah, you tell me what college presidents care about the most these days.


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Caesar’s wife never served on the playoff selection committee.

Jeff Long posts “SECSECSECSEC!!!” Tweet, then gets into Twitter debate with Team Speed Kills blogger Year2.

Looks like that whole perception thing goes straight over his head.  But at least he’s transparent!

(h/t Eleven Warriors)


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Tuesday morning buffet

Have a bite or two…


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Sunday morning buffet

Eh, what the heck.


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Friday morning buffet

Just because it’s June doesn’t mean I can’t fill a few chafing dishes for you.

  • I’ll go into detail later this summer about it, but perhaps this is the best thing Georgia’s secondary has going for it this season.
  • Bitcoin is going to sponsor a bowl game.  Will it hand out a virtual trophy?
  • The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Aereo case may impact how we watch the NFL, but keep in mind what’s written in this piece could also apply to CBS and its contract with the SEC.
  • Here’s the Post and Courier’s preview of the Clemson-Georgia game.  And here’s the preview of the South Carolina-Georgia game.
  • One reason the schools fear Jeffrey Kessler’s lawsuit:  one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys used to be an associate director of enforcement for the NCAA.
  • Believe it or not, ESPN preseason rankings have Georgia’s secondary as seventh best in the conference.
  • Gene Chizik predicts a 10-2 season for Auburn, with losses to South Carolina and Alabama.
  • Vanderbilt checks in at #74 in Paul Myerberg’s preseason roundup.
  • College coaches try to figure out the best way to utilize the new rules on summer supervision.  (Brian Kelly knows what to do, but if he told you, then he’d have to kill you.)
  • We’re guessing that many people would agree that college president or medical school dean is slightly more beneficial to humanity than being a football coach.”  Depends whom you ask, I suspect.
  • Bill Connelly looks at this year’s Clemson Tigers team and comes away impressed, particularly with that defensive line.


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