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SEC Power Poll, Week 4

The West is pretty damned potent.  The East… not so much.

  1. Texas A & M.  Another week, another 58 points scored.
  2. Alabama.  Inspired by Junior, the Tide gets offensive.
  3. Auburn.  A road win against a gritty power conference opponent is nothing to sneeze at, but you can bet every SEC defensive coordinator will study that game closely to figure out how Kansas State slowed down Malzahn.
  4. Mississippi State.  You’ve established your team as a Western power with a big road win, Dan Mullen, if you can keep it.
  5. Ole Miss.  One more cupcake game, and then Ole Miss gets its chance to prove it belongs with the West’s élite.
  6. South Carolina.  The loss to TAMU doesn’t look any better, but the win over East Carolina does.
  7. Georgia.  Even with that maligned secondary, Georgia held Clemson to 116 fewer yards of offense than Florida State’s vaunted defense did.
  8. LSU.  Tell the truth – you thought Les had a real chance at the end, didn’t you?
  9. Arkansas.  Three in a row.  That’s both in wins and in upcoming ranked conference opponents on the schedule.
  10. Missouri.  Lose to Indiana?  At home?  You’re dead to me, Mizzou.
  11. Florida.  Meet the new offensive coordinator, same as the old offensive coordinator.
  12. Tennessee.  If you’re better than this, Vols, now’s the time to prove it.
  13. Kentucky.  Get excited, ‘Cats.  Vandy’s coming to town!
  14. Vanderbilt.  113th in offensive scoring, 115th in defensive scoring.  At least the ‘Dores are consistent.
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Wednesday morning buffet

Several dishes are filled for your dining pleasure.


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‘I don’t know if this was a quality call.’

Not that this is going to make any of us feel better…

Georgia received clarification from the SEC on a couple of controversial officiating calls made in this past Saturday’s loss to South Carolina.

The league office essentially confirmed the correct ruling was made when quarterback Hutson Mason was flagged for grounding on a first-and-goal pass play with five minutes left in the game. Georgia coach Mark Richt declined to share the league’s thoughts on a holding call against Brandon Kublanow that negated a 54-yard touchdown run by Todd Gurley late in the first quarter. However, sources familiar with the communications between the two parties indicate that there should have been no penalty on the play.  [Emphasis added.]

Before you wax too indignant, Mark Richt believes the officials are plenty accountable.


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Coach Richt, the SEC is on line two.

Richt gets his explanation from Steve Shaw about the intentional grounding penalty.

Meanwhile, Richt said he heard back from the SEC office on the intentional grounding call, which he had expressed concern about. Quarterback Hutson Mason’s pass hit a South Carolina defensive end, according to Richt, so he asked the SEC office why grounding was called.

The answer Richt got, he said, was that there was “no reasonable chance” of Georgia fullback Quayvon Hicks, the intended receiver, to catch the ball. The pass being tipped by a defensive player doesn’t necessary preclude an intentional grounding call, according to the SEC.

If you watch the replay…

… it’s hard to disagree.  That ball is thrown at a spot from where Hicks was long gone.

And, boy, that’s a worthless play fake.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 3

We’re starting to get some better data for evaluation, and this coming week should really start filling in the blanks.  For right now, though, the West looks like it’s way ahead of the East.

  1. Texas A&M.  The Aggies are +122 in scoring margin, still with the most impressive conference win in their pocket, so first they’ll stay this week.
  2. Alabama.  Mississippi State beat Southern Miss worse, so I wouldn’t read much into the result.  The question will be how much to read into the Florida result.
  3. Auburn.  Intriguing trip to Kansas State Thursday night.
  4. LSU.  The Tigers’ defense isn’t giving up any points lately.
  5. Ole Miss.  Sure, they haven’t played anybody decent yet, but they’re pounding their opponents.  Isn’t that what good SEC West teams are supposed to do?
  6. Missouri.  In the second half, Mizzou put away a UCF team that made Penn State struggle.  In the SEC East, that’s good enough for the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Georgia.  Forget it, Mark.  It’s Columbia.
  8. South Carolina.  Spurrier worked his Georgia voodoo again.  But the ‘Cocks remain last in the conference in defensive scoring, and if that doesn’t get fixed soon, there are more losses coming.
  9. Mississippi State.  Yeah, the Bulldogs are undefeated.  But here’s what’s coming up in their next three games:  at LSU, TAMU and Auburn.  I’m just getting a little ahead of the curve here.
  10. Florida.  Hey, the Gators are leading the East this morning.  That’s not gonna last long.
  11. Arkansas.  Back-to-back wins, baby!  The running game was impressive, but the secondary holding Texas Tech to 252 yards passing was even more so.
  12. Tennessee.  Played respectably on the road against a very good Oklahoma squad.  Respectably isn’t the same thing as well, mind you.
  13. Kentucky.  You can’t really have a moral victory without being screwed by SEC officiating, ‘Cats.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Three games into the season, the Commodores have already played four quarterbacks.  Yikes.


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You can ask.

So Mark Richt wants to get some “good, honest feedback” about a couple of calls last night?

Good luck with that, Mark.


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In defense (gulp) of James Franklin

Lord knows I’m no great fan of James Franklin’s behavior and there’s no question that Vanderbilt looks like crap so far this season, but I think John Pennington goes a little too far with this piece.  Sure, Franklin made good use of Bobby Johnson’s recruits, most of whom are long gone now, but it’s worth pointing out that Franklin did a better job of recruiting at Vandy than Johnson did.  Not only that, but Franklin redshirted almost the entire 2013 class.  It’s hard to see how that’s leaving somebody holding the bag.

Pennington is right that it’s too early to judge Mason.  But I’m not really sure how it’s any different for judging the talent that Mason’s been left to work with.


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