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“… an A+ performance in the opener…”

You think you were impressed with Georgia’s game Saturday night?  Bill Connelly really dug it.  And check out this chart:

Before Gurley’s kick return After Gurley’s kick return
Score Clemson 21, Georgia 14 Georgia 31, Clemson 0
Yards Clemson 208, Georgia 117 Georgia 342, Clemson 83
Yards per play Clemson 5.6, Georgia 5.6 Georgia 7.4, Clemson 2.1
Sacks Georgia 1, Clemson 0 Georgia 4, Clemson 1
Turnovers Clemson +1 Georgia +1

I guess that return was kind of a big deal.

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Monday morning buffet

It’s game week.  You know you’ve got an appetite.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Jump right in, peeps.


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I really didn’t feel like taking the time to fisk this absurd post about Grantham because it was such obvious bullshit on its face, but Tyler brings the smack here, if you’re so inclined.

One thing in particular he writes bears repeating:  “On the most obvious of passing downs, Georgia allowed a staggering passer rating of 192.77, a full 25 points higher than Arkansas.”  That’s a stat I’ve taken note of before.

If that’s a situation Jeremy Pruitt can’t improve dramatically this season, then we’ve seriously overestimated the guy’s coaching prowess.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet line.


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“The Gators will forever receive the benefit of the doubt.”

Bill Connelly’s preview of Florida is an honest one, which means he isn’t projecting the Gators to Atlanta.

This is an odd time for Florida. Even in 2012, fan interest in Muschampball seemed to wane at times (it’s certainly not particularly pleasant to the eye), and in 2013, when injuries forced him to get creative to avoid disaster, he couldn’t do it. It’s hard to be too pessimistic about a program that was 11-2 just one full season ago, but it’s hard to be particularly optimistic about a team that looked as bad as Florida did for much of last year.

Thanks to recruiting and 2012, in the Football Outsiders Almanac 2014 the Gators get a faithful No. 30 projection, with a likely record of 7-5 (29 percent chance of 8-4 or better, 38 percent chance of 6-6 or worse). That’s as good a starting point as any for expectations, but the odds of another 2012 are small.

And that leads to the $64000 question for Boom.

And will 7-5 be enough to earn Muschamp a fifth year in Gainesville?


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“Good luck figuring them out.”

That’s the last sentence in Bill Connelly’s intro to his 2014 Georgia preview, and, brother, do I know where he’s coming from.  Here’s the other part of that:

Georgia has incredible skill position talent, one of the best coordinator duos in the country, and a potentially dominant front seven. The Dawgs also have serious question marks at offensive line and defensive back.

That’s about it, plus a little something about special teams.  Well, that and health.

Todd Gurley missed three games. Keith Marshall missed eight. Chris Conley (noted “Star Wars” fan filmmaker) and Michael Bennett missed two. Jay Rome missed five. Justin Scott-Wesley missed eight. Malcolm Mitchell missed 12.9.

That Georgia lost all of these players at one time or another and then lost Murray with two games remaining was incredible. More incredible: Georgia still ranked eighth in Off. F/+ and fifth in Passing S&P+. I’ve said this many times by now, but offensive coordinator Mike Bobo is absurdly underrated. (So was Murray, really, but that’s another story.)

The upside of injuries is that Georgia returns three running backs (four including CB-turned-RB-turned-CB J.J. Green) and four wideouts who have served as go-to options at one point or another. If Mitchell, Conley, Bennett, and Scott-Wesley can all hit 100 percent health at the same time, then … well, never mind Hutson Mason, I’m pretty sure I could throw for 3,000 yards with that group.

Bill goes on to opine that Georgia has the highest ceiling of any team in the East… but.

… if every East team performs to its maximum capability, Georgia finishes a couple steps ahead of everybody else.

The skill-position players and front seven are just loaded with exciting, experienced athletes. But the other units are somewhere between question marks and outright detriments, which makes Georgia a pretty high-variance team.

Which is why he leans towards South Carolina as the team to win the East.  I can’t say I blame him.  But it’s gonna be a wild ride if the injury bug doesn’t bite like it did in 2013.


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