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If the I-formation and the spread offense had a baby…

Really good piece at Football Study Hall about the rise of the deep threat slot receiver in spread attacks here.

Sometimes I wonder if defenses are ever going to catch up.

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Now, this is dedication.

Missouri blogger posts a piece analyzing every Maty Mauk throw against Georgia.

Well, I appreciated it.


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“I think past Alabama teams would have had just as much trouble as this Alabama team.”

Gary Danielson ain’t backing off his tempo talk.

“I think what was proven in this game right now is all this stuff about tempo is garbage…”

But he finally seems to be coming to terms with what spread, pass-first offenses bring to the table.

“There are a lot of factors here. The willingness of teams to go to the spread and throw the ball on early downs, not having to go toe-to-toe with superior athletes at Alabama at the line of scrimmage has an effect. The fact that the SEC has gotten all this publicity and has recruited so well, top to bottom, the games are just tougher.”  [Emphasis added.]

If he’s right, Saban’s got a few more tough games left to play.  Best brace yourself, Phyllis from Mulga.


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It takes a village to stop a pass rush.

Georgia has only allowed six sacks so far this season.

Missouri’s defensive ends have combined for 18 tackles for losses and 12 sacks so far this season.  As a team, Missouri is first in the SEC with eighteen sacks.

Something’s gotta give.  Will it be Georgia’s offensive tackles?

“Are they ready to just man on man, pass pro these guys down after down without them creating some problems? I doubt it.,” he said. “I don’t know if anybody can just shut them down. They’re just very dynamic rushers, and you’re going to have to find a way to give them some help.”

Help doesn’t come just from double teams and backs chipping those ends.  It’s from playcalling, too.

Starting right tackle Kolton Houston knows a big reason opposing pass rushers have been kept at bay: a bruising running game.

“When you’re slamming the power down people’s throat, it’s really hard for those guys to get off the ball and get vertical,” Houston said. “If they start doing that, they’re just going to open up huge running lanes. Teams have had to honor our running game so if we can establish our running game that will help us.”

Gurley, Gurley and mo’ Gurley.  And when in doubt, Gurley and screen passes.


UPDATE:  Here’s the infographic of Missouri’s defensive production.


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Monday morning buffet

If your appetite is whetted, have you some.


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Friday morning buffet

Mmm, mmm good.


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Let it rip: lather, rinse, repeat?

Seth Emerson, from today’s chat:

The issue right now is confidence. That’s why the “let it rip” mantra is back – something that, by the way, Bobo said to Aaron Murray at a couple points in his career. And one of those was after the Vanderbilt game last year, when there also was no deep game because of the massive run of injuries at receiver.

Nobody is going to confuse Mason’s and Murray’s comparative arm strength.  Still, there was no question that Murray’s hesitancy in last year’s Vandy game allowed Stoop to compress his defense, because there was little concern Georgia was going to try to stretch the field.  That’s no different that what we’re worried about now.

Murray looked like a different quarterback in the first half of the Florida game, too.  Part of that was him getting injured skill position guys back and feeling more confident as a result.  But part of that was Bobo being aggressive with his play calls.  (Which burned Georgia’s offense in the second half due to poor execution.)

So there may be something to that phrase being tossed out.  Just sayin’.


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