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It’s a Southern thing. Y’all wouldn’t understand.

The funniest thing that came out of ACC media days yesterday had to be the national media’s fetish with Jimbo Fisher putting peanuts in his Coke.

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Do tha ‘do.

Damn, son.

Looks more like a dragon than a gator, though.


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Road gear

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think about wearing another school’s paraphernalia to a game, but I have to admit I am sorely tempted to buy one of these bad boys to wear to this year’s game at Arkansas.

Even the color’s good. Maybe that’s karma.

(h/t Tom Fornelli)


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For the Dawg snappy dresser…

If, like me, you’re a guy with a gaping hole in your wardrobe and you need something like this to fill it in…

Dockers can scratch that itch for you.

Even better, if you’re cheap like me and that $55 price tag feels a little rich, use the coupon code DOCKERS2012EMAIL should you choose to buy, and you’ll score a 20% discount and free shipping.  It should make for a timely arrival before G-Day.

(And, no, nobody’s paying me or giving me anything for the mention.  Just thought I’d share.)


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Uncle Verne has a way with the laydeez.

I may have to start referring to him as V-Smoove.

We met in a bar, and I hasten to add it was an upscale bar in Dallas. It was a place called Arthur’s. I walked in after I did the 10 o’clock news (at WFAA-TV in Dallas) and I didn’t want to go home. Nancy and her date were at the bar and her date recognized me from local television and invited me over to have a drink. He introduced me to his date and her name was Nancy Miller. It was their first date, a blind date. So we sat and chatted and her date, Raymond Willie, said to me, “Listen, I know you are single. I’m going to fix you up with a friend of mine and we can all go to dinner.” He looked at Nancy and asked her, “What are you doing Thursday night?” She said, “Nothing.” He said, “Good, you’ll be my date and we’ll fix Verne up with this schoolteacher friend of mine and we’ll go to dinner.” Meanwhile, I’m looking at Nancy thinking she is the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life. So, Raymond finally left to take care of his business and I asked Nancy, “So, how involved are you with Raymond? She said, “Oh, this is our first date and it’s a blind date.” So I said, “Well, forget what he is talking about on Thursday night. What are you doing on Saturday night?” She said, “I think I am doing whatever you are doing.”
– CBS Sports announcer Verne Lundquist, on how he met his wife, Nancy, in 1980.


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Not a great look

I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, but I see what Navy’s wearing for the Army-Navy game

… and my brain immediately says “motorcycle cop”.  Is it just me?


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