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You were serious about that?

Over at Bulldog Illustrated, somebody asks the musical question,

I want you to ask yourself, with an open mind, “what is there to lose if Hutson Mason started the North Texas game?”

Well, certainly not my sense of humor.  And after all, if anything went wrong, “… you would have the best backup quarterback in college football (history?) prepared to take the game over right away”.

The reason this needs to be done?  To satisfy our curiosity (“Would you like to see what Mason can do with the first-team offense, against a first-team defense of a team that may or may not be considered “low-risk?””).

But why think so small?  Why start any senior player?  (Hell, that’s what you’ve got Senior Day for.)  We need to see what all the frisky backups can do against an opponent’s first team.  Artie Lynch, sit your ass down.  Chris Burnette, we’ll call you when we need you.  Garrison Smith, you’re not gonna be here in a few months anyway, so grab some bench.

And you thought coaching was hard.


UPDATE:  By the way,

Georgia’s last game against a Conference USA team didn’t go so well.

UCF beat the Bulldogs 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl in 2010.

The Mean Green defensive coordinator is John Skladany, who was linebackers coach for UCF when it beat the Bulldogs. Georgia receiver Rantavious Wooten learned that when he did research on this week’s opponent.

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Good Bull Hunting, you magnificent bastard.

This is awesome.  How awesome?  Put it this way:  it starts with this…

… and gets better.




Win. Any kind of win. A win is the best case scenario here. Winning. Winning the game against Alabama, to be specific. I do not care if it’s 2-0. Win. The. Game.

Oh, and Saban shuns UT’s money and goes to USC. He forcibly TAKES Lane Kiffin’s job before USC gets a chance to fire him. Distraught, Alabama hires Mack Brown and Texas hires Kiffin. I sleep soundly.


There’s an immovable Bama fan in my seat and they have purchased all of the concessions. I am forced to taze this individual and, in doing so, am forcibly removed from the Hate Barn by security.

The Big 12 doesn’t deserve a fan base this inspired, damn it.


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This could change the Intertubes as we know them.

Now you can turn on your sarcasm meter.

French company Spotter has developed an analytics tool that claims to be able to identify sarcastic comments posted online.

It’s yours if you’re willing to pony up the £1,000 per month for the service.  No word on whether that figure was offered snarkily or not.  I guess you’ll have to rent Spotter to find out.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Come grab a plate.


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The further adventures of “I heard it on the Internet, so it must be true.”

That legitimate reporters spent time, effort and energy running this nonsense down is a sad commentary on our times.  Journalism, ftw!


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If compiling coaches hot seat lists is right, then I wanna be wrong.

I know he meant well, but all cocknfire’s exercise here did was to remind me of how worthless all these coaches hot seat lists really are.

First, unless it’s based on data coming directly from the decision maker(s), a hot seat list is little more than meaningless speculation.  After the ’97 season, Jim Donnan got an under the table raise from Michael Adams; by 2000, he was gone, because Adams was unhappy about a three-game losing streak to Georgia Tech, despite the fact that Donnan kept winning at least eight times a season.  Who saw that coming?  (I’m not even sure Adams did until the very end.)

Second, sometimes there’s more to an evaluation of a coach’s longevity than wins and losses.  The perceived heat on Mark Richt after his two bad seasons was likely mitigated by the football program’s continued financial success.

Third, at its heart, the whole hot seat thing is too damned arbitrary to be useful.  It’s not exactly hard to come up with a standard that could make any coach come up short.  Could anybody in the SEC survive an Edwin Edwards test?  What coach could get away with shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die?  (Well, maybe Saban, if he did it to ease an oversigning logjam… ah, probably not.)  I keed, but the point is, in a conference where a coach got fired two seasons after winning a national title, there’s always something freakish that could happen at any given time.  So why bother worrying about it?  Best keep this stuff where it belongs, in a Bleacher Report slide show.


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When the blogging gets tough, the tough get going.

It’s funny, but I met Kyle King in a professional context within a day or two of reading his blog for the first time.  At some point while we were working on a transaction, the subject of Georgia football came up (that’s not nearly as unusual as you might think in my work) and Kyle let on that he was a blogger.  I told him that I’d read his work and enjoyed it; he seemed pleased by that and in fact mentioned it on his blog a couple of days later.

It turned out that he was one of the inspirations I had in starting a blog of my own.  I figured that if one married, practicing lawyer could start a fan blog centered on Georgia athletics, so could I.  I was right, luckily.

It’s a lot of fun getting a blog like this, or one that’s turned into Dawg Sports, going.  It’s also a lot of hard work.  That’s not what makes fan blogging tough, though.  It’s when what you’re doing feels like hard work that you’ve got a problem.  So even though I’m not there, I certainly understand where Kyle is coming from with his announcement that he intends to withdraw from blogging in the next few weeks.

I just want to take a moment to thank him for what he’s done and wish him the best on where he’s going.


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Thursday lunch buffet

A little later than usual, but still plenty to nosh on:


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Monday morning buffet

College football nourishment to start your week.

  • Reading between the lines, it seems that CBS is less enthused about the SEC’s new TV deals than Mike Slive is.
  • Never give up, Mark Bradley.  Never.
  • Good on ‘ya, Troy Calhoun.  Every coach voting should be doing that.
  • No, this isn’t the header for a Bleacher Report post.  But it feels like one.
  • Some Georgia fans are worried that Missouri fans may be too nice for the SEC.
  • The Big Ten’s bad week is summarized here.
  • Arkansas fans know whom to blame for the disastrous loss to UL-M.
  • A study suggests that any school that sees a jump of five wins or more in a season from its football program reaps big gains in donations and the quality of incoming students.
  • Noted truth teller Chuck Oliver suggests that the Auburn coaches have settled on a strategy of letting Kiehl Frazier take his lumps in hopes of getting better.  Occam’s Razor suggests that Clint Moseley’s shoulder problems are very, very severe.
  • More touchback percentage data.
  • Erk Russell to the big screen.  I wonder how they tell the part about Georgia screwing up his hire after Dooley resigned.


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The least I could do.

After Bill Connelly was so gracious to spend time over here answering your questions about Missouri, I could hardly turn down his request for a few answers, could I?

And if Bill is still having trouble getting used to his new conference digs…

(By the way, it still feels really weird being an official conference rival of UGa. A lot of my favorite bloggers either went to the school or talk about it a lot, and I have read/enjoyed their work for years without ever thinking about how it connected to Mizzou. Every time the Senator talks about Mizzou, my first response is “Why is he talking about us? Oh, right.” I’ll get used to this eventually. Anyway.)

… maybe you should pay Rock M Nation a visit and welcome everyone there to the neighborhood.


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