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“We’ve got to get lean so we can sustain for a long period of time.”

Georgia isn’t waiting to see if there’s going to be a change in the substitution rules.  Mark Richt is embracing the physical reality of defending the HUNH.

The rise in up-tempo offenses prompted a change in the Bulldogs’ summer conditioning plans that have been in place these recent weeks leading into August and the start of preseason practice.

“One of the big things for us is football is now becoming a very high up-tempo game,” UGA coach Mark Richt explained recently. “It used to be 30, 40 seconds between a play. Now it could be as short as 10-to-18 seconds between plays. So you’re exerting and then resting for a short period of time. So now, even in the weight room, we want to go hard, rest a short time, then go ahead. A quicker recovery time. We’re not going to run the longer distances anymore. We’re going to run the shorter distance.”

During previous summers, the Bulldogs have run 200 yards, 300 yards and other long distance drills. But they planned to do away with that this summer.

“We’re going to train these guys all summer long in exactly the way we think that you have to go,” Richt said. “We’re going to go hard and recover — quickly. So that’s a big change in how we’re going to train everybody.”

Will it work?  I have no clue.  Do I appreciate him being proactive on this front?  Hells, yeah.

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“The concussions I think is the thing that really drove this.”

By now, you’ve  probably seen something about the new NCAA guidelines on contact practices, the key thing about them being guidelines, i.e. suggestions, and not mandated rules.  Read this quote from Ron Courson and you’ll understand why that’s all they could do at this point.

“Common sense would seem to think you would have a decrease, but where do you draw the line?” Courson said. “That’s the debate in coaching circles. For example if you say, we’re only going to do contact once a week, that might translate better in the NFL than in college because in the NFL you have guys that are very experienced and know how to hit. In college, maybe you bring in an 18-year old freshman and they need to have good fundamental work. If you don’t get that in practice, are they more prone to get hurt in a game because they’re going out there and they don’t know how to practice?”

Where do you draw the line between player safety and game preparation?  I suspect Courson would draw it in a different place than, say, George O’Leary would.

The ADs are the ones stuck in the middle.  But I also suspect a couple of bad concussion verdicts and most of them will start siding with the Coursons of the CFB world.


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Sunday morning buffet

Eh, what the heck.


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Proof that West Virginia is in the wrong conference.

This is just awesome.


I’d love to see a Venn diagram of Share of Adults Missing Teeth and Share of Adults Marrying Cousins.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Something for everybody.


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Thursday morning buffet

The shipment from Destin has arrived.  Dig in.


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Remember this comment from the spring?

(Tray) Matthews missed Saturday’s G-Day game after aggravating a hamstring injury, according to head coach Mark Richt. Matthews also missed five games last season because of hamstring problems.

“He’s had some chronic hamstring issues, which we probably need to re-evaluate what we’re doing with him,” Richt said after Saturday’s spring game. “And how we train him. I mean if there’s something going on. And he’s probably gotta take some ownership of it too. If you’ve got a deficit in some areas you might need to spend a little more time with flexibility stuff in the offseason than another guy would have to.”

Tray, help Mark Richt help you.

Partly in response to the injury issues of a year ago, Georgia football this offseason has “just started a program called Fusionetics,” Richt said last week.

It’s a way to perhaps reduce the risk of injuries in the fall with the way a player conditions now.

“What the players will have is a way on their own to work on some of their deficiencies and get them in balance better,” Richt said. “Our strength staff and our training staff are both on the same page on the type of exercises these guys need to do to get them in better balance where they can have less chance of injury. So that’s going to be a big thing.”

Obviously, this is more than just about Matthews.  But it’s interesting to see Richt push some of the responsibility players’ way.


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