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Don’t sleep on the Coaches Poll.

There are times when I think Matt Hayes is America’s dumbest CFB opinion writer.

Today, he manages to equate the Coaches Poll with public opinion as a source that could pressure the selection committee.

Let’s say UCLA has one loss and is third in both the coaches and AP polls but doesn’t win the Pac-12 and doesn’t get selected to play in the CFP. Well, suddenly, we have problem with our grand new system.

Because if 60-plus coaches think UCLA is one of the four best teams, and 60 media members think UCLA is one of the four best teams, how in the world can the 13-member committee release its playoff field without UCLA?

Gee, Matt, it isn’t that hard.

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Hopefully, this will be my last post on the subject.

Just a reminder that the one unconditionally excellent thing I can say about the College Football Playoff is that it’s relegated the Coaches Poll to the sidelines.


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‘The coach’s voice needs to be heard.’

I don’t know how I missed the news at the time, but I’ve got to say this may be the most amusing sponsorship in the history of college football.  Is there good money to be made in sponsoring an irrelevancy?

Also, if Auburn wins the fan poll, will Jay Jacobs claim that as a national title?


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The best thing about the new playoff format

… is that I can laugh about this.

I’m sure with the Coaches Poll having no weight in the selection process going forward, coaches’ interest in compiling a weekly top 25 is going to skyrocket.


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Final regular season Coaches Poll: I’m Number Two!

It’s always fun to pour though this.  FSU is a unanimous number one.  What may not be noticed is that Auburn was close to being a unanimous number two pick, with only two coaches voting otherwise – in this case, Michigan State.  The two?  Dana Holgorsen… and Mark Dantonio.

Also, don’t miss where Mike Gundy ranked his team and Oklahoma.


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Monday morning buffet

College football nourishment to start your week.

  • Reading between the lines, it seems that CBS is less enthused about the SEC’s new TV deals than Mike Slive is.
  • Never give up, Mark Bradley.  Never.
  • Good on ‘ya, Troy Calhoun.  Every coach voting should be doing that.
  • No, this isn’t the header for a Bleacher Report post.  But it feels like one.
  • Some Georgia fans are worried that Missouri fans may be too nice for the SEC.
  • The Big Ten’s bad week is summarized here.
  • Arkansas fans know whom to blame for the disastrous loss to UL-M.
  • A study suggests that any school that sees a jump of five wins or more in a season from its football program reaps big gains in donations and the quality of incoming students.
  • Noted truth teller Chuck Oliver suggests that the Auburn coaches have settled on a strategy of letting Kiehl Frazier take his lumps in hopes of getting better.  Occam’s Razor suggests that Clint Moseley’s shoulder problems are very, very severe.
  • More touchback percentage data.
  • Erk Russell to the big screen.  I wonder how they tell the part about Georgia screwing up his hire after Dooley resigned.


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Suddenly, it dawns on Larry Scott.

Five years of public Coaches Poll ballots and the Pac-12 commissioner finally admits to what even Tony Barnhart was willing to say at the time – what a stupid way to run a railroad.

“I think it’s an unfair position to put the coaches in, to supposedly vote objectively when they’ve got a very natural conflict of interest, No. 1, and, No. 2, I think most coaches are focused on their own games — let alone breaking down tape afterwards and all that,” Scott said in an interview with 710-ESPN’s Mason and Ireland Show on Wednesday. “So to expect that coaches could have a good, balanced, well-researched perspective on who the best teams are in any given week is a fallacy.”

Well, duh.

Now, while I think his defense of Kiffin is weak – Junior bagged his role as a voter because he got his shameless ass called out by USA Today, not out of some sense of principle – I’m not arguing with Scott’s conclusion:  “I don’t think any coaches should be in that position, and they won’t be, starting in 2014.”

Of course, that’s not to say that the selection committee won’t be plagued with similar complaints about objectivity, but it’s hard to say it could do any worse.  I can’t help but wonder, though, what the Larry Scotts of the world would have to say about the Coaches Poll today if there weren’t a new postseason format in place yet.


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