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Crackin’ wise

Win, lose or draw, I don’t think Spurrier will be making jokes about Jeremy Pruitt’s competency in scheming against the read option the way he did about Grantham’s after the 2010 game.

But I really hope he’s not saying something snarky about this Saturday night.  Because you know he’d like to.

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Rivalry? Depends on who’s doing the rivalry-ing.

Josh Kendall says Georgia is number two on the rival list for South Carolina, behind only Clemson.

The OBC qualifies that a little.

Says South Carolina’s traditional rivals are Clemson, Georgia and Tennessee, but adds: We don’t have a lot of rivals. We haven’t beaten anybody enough times for them to say you’re a rival.”

But not when you mean him personally.  That one still burns as hard as ever.

Bill Stanfill says hi, Coach.


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What kind of fake juice does Steve Spurrier use?

I’m sorry, but when you’ve got a coach whose signature move on the sidelines is tossing a visor in disgust saying that he and his staff have to coach up his team emotionally for a home game against a highly ranked rival, you’ve got a problem.

Spurrier knows two in-game emotions, smug and pissed.  “Rah-rah” is alien territory.


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Monday morning buffet

Get you a plate and dig in.


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“You were always on my miiind…”

Steve Spurrier’s immediate reaction to winning his 200th college game, joining a select group of SEC head coaches:

“Oh, I hadn’t really thought about that, I was hoping to get a win,” he said. “I was worried about going into the Georgia game 0-2.”

You were always on my mind.

Georgia will get his best shot.


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Your Spurrier thought for the day

This is kind of Urban Meyerish, with a twist:

Let’s hope he’s expressing a similar sentiment in a couple of weeks.


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Looking ahead

You had to think Spurrier was tuned in to ESPN last night.  He was.

Sure you’ll wait.


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