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Look out, boys. There’s a new GPOOE™ in town.

I kinda, sorta knew Johnny Manziel was a big deal.  I didn’t realize he’s this big a deal, though.

By one measure — sheer numbers — Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel steps onto the podium Wednesday morning at SEC Media Days as the biggest celebrity college football has ever seen. Ever.

He has played one season, beaten one No. 1 Alabama, and won one Heisman Trophy. Yet you can make the case that no college player in the history of the game — not Red Grange, not Archie Griffin, not Tim Tebow, not anyone — has bathed in the heat of the American spotlight the way that Manziel has.

Maisel bases this on Tweeter followers, which I think is a little silly.  But it’s hard to argue that Johnny Football isn’t sucking most of the media’s oxygen out of the room these days.  I expect ESPN (PAWWWWWL!) will be falling all over itself with Manziel coverage at SEC Media Days.

But still, bigger than Tebow?  Anybody else feeling that?

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Thursday morning buffet

More random bits of college football nourishment for your reading pleasure…

  • John Pennington looks at SEC schools’ non-conference schedules over the past few seasons and makes a good point:  “There are a lot of people who look at Georgia’s talent and the Bulldogs long run of success who ask, “When’s Mark Richt gonna win a BCS title?”  First, those aren’t easy to come by.  Second, they’re especially not easy to come by when you play eight SEC contests and you schedule 10 games in five years against BCS-level competition.”
  • Another day, another law suit against a company selling player images.  When will these amateurs learn their place?
  • This doesn’t sound good.  At all.
  • Michael Felder takes an interesting look at what happens to all those top QB prospects after they enter college.  Let’s just say it’s not exactly a science.  Makes me appreciate what Richt and Bobo have done with quarterback development all the more.
  • Danny Sheridan breaks down the 2013 title odds for you and guess what – it’s all Alabama!
  • Skip Bayless talks to Johnny Manziel about Tim Tebow.  The mind reels.
  • Nifty graphical post about college football drive outcomes.


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We’ll always have Tebow.

Gator fans, you give love a bad name.

And to think this is a fan base that doesn’t pause twice about mocking us for Herschel worship.


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Friday morning buffet

Mangia, mangia.

  • Gary Danielson really doesn’t want to see Notre Dame in the national title game.
  • On the other hand, the rest of the BCS bowls are positively giddy over Notre Dame’s prospects.
  • The offensive genius gets defensive.
  • This blows me away – of the 38 coaches who originally recruited Robert Marve, who starts this Saturday for Purdue, only two are still with the same school today.
  • Cool piece on a guy who may be the most obscure influential offensive mind in college football right now.
  • Once expected to be the offensive line’s sixth man, Watts Dantzler couldn’t even beat out a walk-on to make the travel squad for the Florida game.
  • Here you go, worry warts:  “Ole Miss probably couldn’t have picked a better time to face Georgia.”
  • Just shoot me.  Also, this(h/t Puffdawg)


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Sunday morning buffet

This, that and the other:


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Thursday morning buffet

No fireworks.  Just football.

  • Honestly, I’m surprised Nick Saban has time for this shit.
  • As Georgia Southern looks to move to D-1, it faces money concerns.
  • Brady Hoke says coaches are talking about an early signing date for recruiting.
  • Jeff Long on fans hoping that Arkansas might bring back Bobby Petrino:  “It amazes me that that’s still out there.”
  • Can somebody explain to me why this was considered to be a good idea?
  • The NCAA pulls a last-minute move to put Leonard Floyd’s admission to Georgia on hold.  Is there some reason that couldn’t have been researched months ago?
  • Kevin Scarbinsky thinks the new playoff is going to make the regular season more attractive.
  • Mark Bradley wants to know “why is it always Georgia?”.  Maybe it’s because you don’t pay attention to stuff like this, Mark.


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First down, Perry!

Last night, Rick Perry touched the hem of the GPOOE™’s garment and we’re all the richer for it.

You know at least half the folks sharing the stage with him were mentally kicking themselves for not having gone there first.

I only hope that if Perry somehow finds himself anointed, er… selected as the GOP candidate to run next year for President – proof that we indeed live in an age of miracles, friends – he goes all in at the first debate with Obama, comes out sporting a #15 jersey and eye black with Bible verses and then starts Tebowing every time he manages to get through a debate exchange without stumbling.

With that, Corch will have no choice but to declare Rick Perry the Greatest Politician Of Our Era.


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